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  1. I really appreciated the 'build another' feature. Here's my fort at the moment, though I do not think it's very creative compared to some on here; Meanwhile AP hunting, finding some nice 3rd gens, but I don't have the ability to breed 2nd gens now to continue it before next year, unless I get lucky and find some. Guess gives me something to breed for next christmas.
  2. According to the breed sort, this is going to be blue-winged. I didn't even think to check when I picked it up, just assumed it'd be rosy. (If that's so, I hope you don't mind if I freeze it, @purplehaze )
  3. I always wonder if it bothers people when I change my dragon's names. Some of my holidays were named by a younger and less concise me. Changed some of the longer names to be shorter, but still have the same meaning. Example 'Magic of the Northern Tier' to 'Northern Tier Magus'.. that shouldn't really bother anybody, right?
  4. Yeah, I was gonna say.. at the end everything will be automatically repaired so damaging doesn't really matter. It's just in good fun.
  5. What I've done so far is just make a bunch of canons. Once I'm max level and have decent supply of materials, then I'll bother with making it look nice. (I too noticed I can't scroll, and I do not actually know how to do it on this laptop since page up/down doesn't work there.)
  6. Regardless of the game, I'd like to say this has been a very good christmas. Lots of generous and helpful people on here when it comes to trading and gifting dragons. Thanks to any who have helped me. That being said, I also have a CB tricolor Snow Angel, and a CB mistletoe left to breed (though I'm locked so if anyone needs a 2nd gen from either of those yet, I would need something held while I breed).
  7. I don't even care for the encyclopedia itself, but going on the trading hub and trying to remember which breed is which year is just not very user friendly. I support giving them official names just based on that. Like, for example, change Solstice from 'Holiday 2013' to 'Holiday Solstice', and it'd be good.
  8. Ey, stuff like that is why I'm afraid to really take aegises from the AP. At least people on the forums you can know if they intend to keep as one type or the other, but throw in dragons under outside control and it's a shot in the dark. (of course people can kill dragons too, this whole thing is risky but we have no choice)
  9. Yeah, um.. I was level 10 last night, now I'm level 3, and lost several of the cannons I built. I want to play the game, but not if I'm gonna lose progress all the time.
  10. I don't like to complain, but the game really doesn't work still. I think my fort got swapped with someone else's.. The new hatchlings look amazing though.
  11. Yeah um.. I do not think this is my fort either.. unless we can de-level and some of my stuff is gone. I was lv 10 last night and now it's lv 3. What's going on @TJ09 ?
  12. And this is why Snow Angels depress me. https://dragcave.net/lineage/VwG7j I can't keep this. Can we please have a way to get colors other than our own? :/
  13. Sadly game might have needed more beta testing. Laggy for me, and I can't seem to 'target your weapon'.
  14. I can't figure out how to 'target your weapon'.. clicking on anything does nothing.
  15. Caught my two already. Actually interested in the event this year too.
  16. @purplehaze That would be a problem. I wouldn't be surprised if someone new who doesn't know they can't breed hasn't already done so.. and since they can be traded, unlike the market glitch, it might affect other people. (also thanks)
  17. I saw someone mention that already. I wonder what happens if you breed them.
  18. So I managed to get a 2nd Gen Silver Tinsel x Solstice prizekin. Getting a mate for that is gonna be fun. Love the pairing, and love Solstices in general, but yeahh.
  19. Maintenance? Thought that's supposed to be at 3 am..
  20. Heh, @purplehaze I caught a Snow x Solstice and remembered your signature- I caught a sibling to yours. So, not helpful, but sadly amusing.
  21. Siberian Khatru, I guess there are very few Yes fans
  22. @Biscuit19131 No, you can't do that to others' dragons.. and the eggs will be there for two weeks after death.
  23. The hatchling lock. Holidays are the only time I ever hit that limit. All those low time eggs, but alas.
  24. Missed a 3G Solstice checker from a CB alt black. Ah well, can't get them all (just thought it was cool).