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  1. Maybe it's just me, but I have a bunch of vampires, but there's no fun in even trying to use them. No other breed has such a penalty on the site for trying to reproduce. The chance of a successful bite is so low that around 75% of mine end in failure. Being locked out of an egg slot for 24 hours seems rough to me. I get that exists for stopping you from just killing CBs you grabbed, but 5 hours would be sufficient enough.
  2. I know I can't 'control', but I remember the time when the AP had to be one page or you couldn't grab things from the cave.. it seems a bit ridiculous to me that now one user all by themselves can fill the AP for a whole day. It would be different if the AP shuffled or something, but nah, it's time-based.. Like.. low-time eggs are great and all, but not great enough for me that I can't be disappointed by seeing a wall of a breed I don't particularly like.
  3. I really do wish we could see at least one line of a different breed. Nocturnes are really not my thing.
  4. Nah, they rip down buildings here. Just did it a few months ago. And ultimately yes, we do have to just take it, though personally I've never thought any of the changes ruined lineages for me- but also I'm not talking about changes like the nillas. that's dimorphism the artist wanted to to, not a revamp. Revamps would preferably keep the same pose, but just fix anatomy and shading.. not be a new sprite altogether. Edit: Just to really illustrate my point, here's something I did a while ago for a contest; It is the same sprite, but with improved shading (Aggron's Emerald sprite shaded with the palette of the BW sprite). See how the right one has more depth? Actually, sprites are small. There's only so much detail you can put in. The bar can not keep being raised infinitely higher. The modern sprites are almost all at level close to the ceiling of what is capable with spritework.
  5. History can be documented elsewhere. This isn't a museum as you liked to say. This is growing and changing website. Cities don't stay the same, they modernize. Websites that want to remain relevant modernize too. It's good to not forget the past, but there are places and ways to remember the old without getting in the way of the presentation of the website. That's pretty much all there is to it, and the fact that we've already had some revamps points to the large possibly of the remaining getting the same treatment eventually.
  6. It's not even that we hate these things- but if you or I want to make a dragon, It has to meet a quality standard that is currently higher than what some of these sprites on the site actually meet, and I don't think that's very fair at all. There is nothing wrong with shading and anatomy fixes. Revamps are good.
  7. Hm, the only thing I can think of is do you have a bunch of notifications you haven't read on site? That was a problem someone had before. If not that, might need to get TJ's attention.
  8. Pretty much this. I just want to see the older dragons get a face lift. However, if an artist decides they want to give their dragon dimorphism or something, that's different. That's not what I'm asking for, but it's happened before because the artist overrules us. But the two are different issues. Basically I want to see more updates like the Vampires got, the Silvers got.. etc. The Gold update was needed, but I would have liked to see them keep more details of the original, like the scaled underbelly. Updates like the Golds where the dragon's design changes is why I can understand people being wary.
  9. @Stormcaller Try on a different device or in a different web browser? People have been reporting corrupted cookies.
  10. Humans are animals. Eukaryotic, motile, multicellular organisms no different from most any other mammal. Really should be asking if we're better than any other life at all. But as for what I think, I have no respect for the people who kill things just because they can. We needlessly kill, abuse, and destroy. And we do overbreed. Having more than two kids is just outright irresponsible. Can we survive? For now. We can keep going on as we're going, and step on millions of other species so they die before us, but after we've done that, and ruined everything, then we will also die. We only have one earth. There's nowhere else for us to go, so maybe we should think about that before we keep doing what we're doing.
  11. I do think we need consistency. If we'e going to hold dragon requests to such a high standard, then the art already on the site should meet those standards as well. Old sprites are suffering from a smaller color palette, and that limits shading depth and style, regardless of if anatomy is even a problem (like I personally think the Whites only need more colors). Of course there have been some updates that I think have completely missed the point. I don't think the Holly sprite gets by with just a color update. That anatomy is still awful, especially on the wings. We can't just making things more shiny, they need to be fixed, and we can't keep the pose 100% if it's not anatomically correct to begin with. We wouldn't allow a Dragon Request to have bad anatomy, bad shading, etc.. so we can't allow on-site sprites to be that way either.
  12. I haven't been able to breed anything for days now. All new pairs, but no available fertilities.. I can't risk having things refuse. Why didn't I know I needed more purples? And nobody seems to be wanting to trade hatchlings of them anymore either.
  13. Any chance we could get a yes or no on this? The discussion itself has pretty much stalled out otherwise.
  14. 110?! I only have 34.. Of course I don't use them for every breeding, just new breedings, but my luck is terrible and when I don't use them, my dragons usually refuse, like what just happened (but was only with CBs so I can replace).
  15. I'm being overrun with pairs I cannot test breed because I've run out of purples for fertility again.. how many do I really need here?
  16. * Request: Lineage details: 3rd gen Black from Black x Bluewing Solstice checker Looking everywhere for this, let me know if anyone has a 2nd gen bluewing solstice from that pairing who'd be willing to help, please.
  17. What'd they have up for trade? Honestly what I'll do a lot of the time is try and see if the trader has a forum account and PM them directly.
  18. Hm. I haven't had issues with viruses in years, and I'm pretty lax. Someone got my email, but that was because my account details got hacked on the website's end (like in one of those big database hacks). I just changed it and continued on. Also in most cases if you get a virus that bad you don't need to replace your whole computer, just the hard drive. Annoying, but if you keep backups, not too costly. But yeah, as people said, common sense, don't click things you can't trust, and run some scans every so often. I've done more damage to my laptop by overheating it running a minecraft server, but 9 years later and two hard drives later it still works enough to web browse. (Ironically I had a newer laptop but killed that with a few drops of water and a motherboard is a lot less fun to replace).
  19. @bluedragon1139 Well, could always try a different browser, but I'm not really sure what's going on there.
  20. @bluedragon1139 That shouldn't be happening. Try updating your browser or starting it in safe mode to disable all addons? Must be something you have installed.
  21. Anyone else having a good Night of the Nocturne? I already have 7 other unfinished projects but every year I allow myself to hatch an egg, and I got my first multigaze. His colors were awful, but after only one scatter I got this! He's gonna be beautiful
  22. @purplehaze Quick google search says they are now Minkerbell
  23. I'm not really sure why I get my hopes up anymore. Never any luck for me.
  24. Well, I was gonna wait until all dragons were grown, but I'd like to be able to rearrange my scroll sooner than later, so.. if you see a few fogs when clicking links, that'll be why. Anyway; 3rd gen Silver Lunar x Solstice - thanks @Daiyachiri 4th gen AoC x Solstice - thanks @Natayah 2nd gen GoN x Solstice - @LadyAmlaruil2 found this after accidentally auto abandoning my own, so extra thanks 2nd gen Gaia x Garland - @Spring Dragon very nice pairing 2nd gen Aegis x Aether - thanks @DominiDraconum 2nd gen Frostbite x Solstice - anon, but contribution to my hoard always appreciated 3rd gen Sunsong x Solstice - @Kelkelen appreciate the pretty SA kin 2nd gen upside down Mint x Mistletoe - stormyboggy (not sure of forum name) 2nd gen Aether x Solstice - @Drakkena550 another nice aether pairing 3rd gen Frostbite x Solstice - thanks for my favorite pairing @CrystalLunaDragon 2nd gen Snow x Solstice - thanks @HPhaeton 3rd gen Gold Lunar x Ribbon - @tjenni cool pairing 3rd gen White x Ribbon - (also tjenni) 3rd gen Nebula x Ribbon - anon 4th gen Autumn x SA - @angelicdragonpuppy unexpectedly pretty pairing 2nd gen Celestial x Solstice - anon 2nd gen Frostbite x Solstice - another pretty anon 2nd gen Snow x Solstice - anon 3rd gen Soulpeace x Solstice - awesome find descended from an honorable mention CB hybrid, thanks @Imago 4th gen Winter Magi x Gold - thanks @rangerlucy 2nd gen Witchlight x Solstice - thesearemydraggons 2nd gen Gold Lunar x Ribbon - anon 2nd gen White x Ribbon - also anon 3rd gen Stripe x Solstice - thanks @Nakuru 2nd gen Aether x Solstice - another nice anon 2nd gen Gold x Solstice - 42 (not sure who on forums) 3rd gen Sweetling x Solstice - from alt base, very pretty @bloodonmyfangs (though might be hard to continue) 3rd gen Nihostrife x Solstice - anon and 3rd gen Frostbite x Sosltice - thanks @11th
  25. The artists I'm pretty sure do not want people editing their sprites- i don't think you'll get permission from every single artist who have ever worked on sprites and it wouldn't make sense to exclude only some breeds if permission was granted for others.