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  1. The fact that it reminds me of Hatoful Boyfriend was enough for me to figure we're human as well.
  2. What kind of egg is it? Are either of you trading CBs that you're already at your limits for?
  3. Have: 2nd gen Sweetling from Silver | teleport Want: 2nd gen Sweetling x Daydream 2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweet x Silver (preferably unrelated to my pairs- message me to be sure) 2nd gen Soulstone from Daydream or White
  4. Not my thing. Art's nice, but really only do these events for the badges. I like that ones that are more community-interactive.
  5. Have: 2nd gen Radiant Angel from Bronze Tinsel | teleport Want: 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel Bloodswap of pair above 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from garland 2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweet x Silver (preferably unrelated to my pairs- message me to be sure) PM me
  6. 10 minutes then I'm breeding them to the AP, so if anyone wants.. well, last call. bred them (feels like there's hardly anyone around this year).
  7. Well, I have a few CBs left, so I think I'm just gonna take requests to breed. I have Rosebud x1, Heartseeker x1, Aransi x2, Radiant Angel x1, Heatstealing x1, and Mutamore x2 available to breed. First come first serve, PM me.
  8. Have: 2nd gen Radiant Angel from Bronze Tinsel | lineage Want: Bronze Tinsel Bloodswap of pair above Also Have: CBs to breed: Rosebud x1 Heartseeker x1 Aransi x2 Radiant Angel x1 Heartstealing x2 Mutamore x2 Want: 2nd gen Silver from Sweetling unrelated to my pairs (if unsure, ask me via) 2nd gen Sweetling from Alt Sweet x Silver (preferably unrelated to my pairs)
  9. Have: CBs to breed: Rosebud x1 Heartseeker x1 Aransi x2 Radiant Angel x1 Heartstealing x2 Mutamore x2 Want: 2nd gen Silver from Sweetling unrelated to my pairs (PM me)
  10. 10 minute warning bred all but the two that are on cooldown til tomorrow and the reserved ones. My CBs might be up for offer tomorrow, but depends on how much room I have.
  11. Most likely gonna breed all my unspoken for checkers to the AP in an hour, so if anyone sees anything they want/need, claim now.
  12. My obsession wth naming my CB Valentines after Evanescence songs is at odds with me giving them good names. Several of the male breeds I just didn't bother with the convention but this year should be female again, so on no. And I assume they mean tomorrow night, since release at midnight.
  13. Without the Mask Where Will you Hide Can't Find Yourself Lost in Your Lie Wow. Slapped these names on some frozens because I'm surprised they were still available and I need to do something good with them. Guess Evanescence is way out of vogue now.
  14. I'm mostly confused why the artist's word mattered then if he ended up not listening. Hope we can get a black and red valentine someday because I really do like the color (and there really isn't a predominately black dragon with red accents at all otherwise)
  15. @angelicdragonpuppy Could this be them? https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/216363-verse/
  16. Not to start something, but I thought sweetlings were supposed to breed like they always have. Now alt owners can get pinks? I thought that decision was reversed cause the artist said it was most fair to leave it how it was before..
  17. If anyone wants any of my checkers, let me know. Gonna breed them to the AP either tonight or tomorrow.
  18. Have: CBs to breed of Rosebud x1, Heartseeker x1, Aransi x2, Radiant Angel x2, Heartstealing x2, Mutamore x2, and Soulstone x2 Want x2 2nd gen Sweetling x Silvers unrelated to these PM me
  19. AP seems to be slow-moving. Keep picking up the same eggs.
  20. Is TJ late, or..? I guess he is cause I see eggs in the AP
  21. It's not hard even on proud mode, and there is no critical mode this time. If you want a challenge, your only real option is exp zero.
  22. I am extremely disappointed with KH3- and no, I'm not someone who was hyped up and expecting some crazy 100+ hour game and everything under the sun. I was prepared for it to be mediocre after Dream Drop Distance, and yet I was still majorly let down. Without spoiling anything, the plot is awful, and doesn't answer any of the questions it raises, or even some things that were heavily advertised. There's also retcons and pointless plot twists galore. The worlds are few in number and some that really should be there, since they're in cutscenes, are absent from being playable. The gameplay is clunky and filled with too many gimmicks. Normal gameplay is okay even if there's sometimes too many commands going on where you accidentally pick the wrong one. Normal gameplay is overall too easy, and there's no critical mode to even play. Now, the times the gameplay changes.. are awful. Being forced to use a robot with permanently inverted controls is a struggle. The new thing with the focus-shotlock thing where you teleport is awful, and they have the nerve to use that in a bossfight too.. The series is notorious for this kind of thing and minigames you are forced to win to proceed with normal gameplay, but it's no more fun here in an already mediocre setting. The awful story is really the worst thing about this game, but the gameplay itself is unenjoyable to the point that I just looked up the rest of the cutscenes and I feel like I wasted my money. I liked KH, really liked BBS when that game came out, even liked CoM.. but I guess I should have known after DDD had to justify itself with time travel and retcons that KH3 was doomed. It's more fanservice than 358 which existed just to take advantage of the popularity of the Org. Bringing back the Org was a bad idea (and I liked the Org, so I guess it's the fault of all of us fans they went in this direction).
  23. @HeatherMarie The killing is the risk, yes, but even if it is successful you can still lose the egg. I would think that's punishment enough. It also means I'm not willing to 'breed' for others because I could very well lose a whole day of progress on something else. Killing itself needs a rework anyway. Chances of reviving zombies aren't high enough. Killing a GoN makes you permanently unable to summon a replacement.. etc And as far as not wanting the wrong color dragon in a progeny goes, just reminds me of those people on FR who complain about unnamed offspring. Doesn't change anything about the dragon itself. But killing a hatchling isn't as bad as killing an egg. I'm usually never at my hatching limit. Egg limit is a lot bigger of a deal. And again, you could have fogged it to death, or killed it as an adult. Kill action is almost unnecessary for anything that isn't an adult.
  24. ..if you didn't want then why did you breed them? And @Starscream why do you want everything in this game to be hard? It's not supposed to be a hard game.. Regardless I think the fact that it can be repulsed is even more of a reason to lessen the death penalty, because the BSA has two negative outcomes, not one.
  25. I would like to point out there's a reason nobody uses earthquake or purposely tries to kill an egg either. The penalties are too high across the board. I say 5 hours because that's how long it takes before you are able to abandon a CB egg., there's no reason to ever choose to lock yourself for 24 hours vs 5 hours (and generally why you'd never use the 'kill' action on an egg either). Sure it would be nice if odds got raised, but since that's based on ratios I don't think that'd happen?