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  1. So, I just bred 19 Lumina x Lumina pairs and got 0 eggs. Not even dark luminas, just nothing. Is there a time of day the game gets confused and doesn't know what to produce or is this just really unlucky?
  2. People have always done there 'walls'. They help ratios, and they'll be gone in a few hours. Just be patient. If anything I wish we could look through more 'pages' of the AP instead of just the one.
  3. Well, in theory the ratios should stop that. Breeding commons to the AP is actually a good thing because it makes them show up less in the cave.
  4. There are a lot of breeds that can breed other things, though. If you wanna play with colors, I do suggest just making a breed designed around the concept. Fire Gems, Gem Shards, Siyats.. all things you can make color-changing lines with, more dragons like that could be more fun. But I stress making it a new breed, not changing the breeding behavior of current dragons.
  5. But the dragons are not raising them, and the dragons don't care about the lineages. We are. We raise them and we are the ones who record the lineages and wouldn't be confused like that. There is no adoption in this game, even turning an egg into a vampire doesn't make the vampire the new parent. The old parents do not disappear on the lineage page.
  6. I still do not see how you could confuse a dragon for the entirely wrong breed. Maybe you'd mix up two of the same breed or something, maybe confuse your black and alt black's parentage.. but you can't confuse entirely different breeds.
  7. We would never purposely record the wrong lineage information. If I could do that, I wouldn't just stop at giving dragons the wrong parents. I'd have 20 CB tinsels and shimmers and would never have to finish a project ever again. Why would we need a dragon to switch an egg when we could do it ourselves, even? What does this concept actually accomplish? Why do you want to be able to breed Z dragon from X + Y when you can just go catch or breed it elsewhere. And if it's being switched, where is it getting the egg to switch it with? What happens to the original? If you want more hybrids, again, go make a DR concept for new hybrids.
  8. I do not get the idea of switching the eggs. The dragons you breed the egg from do not raise the egg. The second we touch the egg, the parents have already refused it. You can't just give a green dragon a vine egg to raise, because it wouldn't even raise its own egg after we've got our scent on it. Once an egg has been touched by a human, the human’s scent rubs off onto the egg. The mother dragon then will reject the egg and no longer be able to tell that it is her own. We are the ones raising the egg, and I believe we'd be smart enough to know the eggs were switched, so I don't see even that working.
  9. The 'writing' here is an organ. It's on the skin. The skin is an organ, it's not writing. This isn't writing. It's not ink. It's proteins produced by the skin cells that make colors in patterns that resemble runes, but they're not real runes and they're not ink. I don't know if you're thinking the patterns are tattoos, but they're not. They're natural.
  10. *facepalms* Nobody did. The runes don't mean anything. The scripts don't write them. They manifest on their bodies naturally, and is a sign of their magical proficiency. The markings just so happen to look like writing. This is called mimicry, things that just so happen to look like other things really evolve in nature. It says so right in the dragon's lore "Script Dragons are named for the markings along their wings and sides that look almost like calligraphy. The patterns correspond to no known language, and are slightly different on every dragon." See, means nothing, no ink involved. If you can't understand that, sorry, I can't help you. Go talk to the creator of the dragon, TCA.
  11. @Malurosa Dude, the dragons don't write. They cannot write. They are born with these markings that have evolved to mimic magic runes. They do not have ink (and runes aren't made with ink anyway, they're usually chiseled into rock or carved into wood.. not written with ink). The dragons do not have the power of ink, not that blending other dragons' colors has anything to do with it anyway because other dragons aren't made of ink either.
  12. No, these dragons have a lore. Go read their description. They have absolutely nothing to do with ink. you can go ask @TCA yourself. If anything the script name and markings is a reference to magic runes. Not writing.
  13. Scripts are not related to ink. They are named after the runic patterns on their side. Nothing to do with ink or mixing colors..
  14. Being element of change would mean 1/3 of all dragons could do this, by your reasoning. Sorry, but that's kinda a poor reason. I agree with those who have said this is just a desperate search for a BSA and a dragon to fit an idea.
  15. Well, I think a lot of us see deadlines as 'cheating'. Maybe it's true if this as actually put in we'd see it the same. I just don't see the need for it when we already have real hybrids. We have plenty of cool ways to make lineages where the descendants are neither parent A nor parent B (Avatars, Xenos, Zyus, Coppers, actual hybrids, Alts, etc) I guess I don't see why we need a BSA that takes a normal dragon and makes it this. If the BSA made an entirely new dragon, that'd be cool to me, or even if it made a different colored pre-existing dragon (like a purple Red or something to that effect), but just taking a Vine and making it the child of a Black and an Earth is just eh, very eh to me.
  16. @angelicdragonpuppy Eh, I don't really know. Some dragons actually don't breed any Avatars at all, so I don't know what went on behind that scene. It is possible some of the creators refused. But you mentioned Flight Rising before. FR was always designed to work that way. DC was not. We have actual hybrids, so if people want more Red dragon + Blue dragon = some dragon colored purple, then I suggest making a new hybrid, not magically altering or switching eggs. After all.. if it's just a switch I'd sure love it if the BSA could give me a 2nd gen prize (see this can easily be taken too far).
  17. I'm pretty sure you need an artist's/concepter's permission to change the breeding capabilities of a dragon, though. You need permission to make hybrids, after all. And if breeding two things results in something that is neither A nor B.. then it is a hybrid. I see no need for this concept, and as far as 'swapping' eggs go, then it's not actually those dragons' child and shouldn't have them in their lineage.
  18. Eh, I put all my CBs in their own group, so that does the job, but sorting and searching for things could be improved in general.
  19. Well, let me phrase that better. Related, yes, but I highly doubt a royal blue and a white are carrying the genetic material to breed a water, for example. You're not gonna get that unless somewhere back in their lineage they have a leviathan ancestor. Kinda like you're not gonna breed a great dane from a chihuahua x yorkie mix
  20. I see no need for this. None of these dragons are even genetically related. I could see if a dragon was a breed that neither of its parents are, but maybe its grandparent was, but I can't see this just coming out of nowhere. If you want more hybrids, suggest more hybrids, but not existing breeds being made retroactively 'hybrids'.
  21. I go on the trading hub, see someone trading an alt black.. it's from one of my pairs that I bred to the AP. Not really bad luck cause I didn't need one from that pair, but I guess bad luck that the person who got it wants to use it for profit not keep it.
  22. Oh.. the ratios are that bad? I was thinking someone would have gotten a stripe by now. Well hopefully soon it evens out.
  23. What color do stripes breed from siyats? Wiki doesn't seem to say.
  24. Was test breeding to see what pairs I like siyats in. Male blue siyat x female hellfire refused, and didn't think to try my purple siyat to a female tan ridgewing. Guess gotta wait til next week.
  25. That only let's you catch 6 extra eggs though. And that's also meaning egglock for 2-3 days unable to grab anything from the AP which doesn't help that blocking situation there either. At this point I'd say just make it a free for all and people who can't compete should be able to buy from the market.