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  1. Perhaps they mean Nebula dragon- they're not that rare.
  2. Do people just not want Zyus and Magmas? I caught x2 CBs of each and not even an offer yet of an aeon or different zyu like I'm looking for.
  3. I have actually run out of fertilites. Never thought I'd see that day. Usually only use it on new pairs and rare pairs.
  4. Breedable CBs x1 Marquess Ilex | bred for dothefreddy x2 Hershal Kain , Mentha Myth | bred for jumpsnake, bred for Dirtytabs x1; Aurena Spirit | bred to AP x1; Dancer with the Grey Gaze | bred for WhisperingWillows x1; Xenil Northstar | bred for oilbird x1; Xyrie | bred for Soulsborne x2; Northern Tier Magus , Kaze no Suikun | bred for myself x2; Voice of Ilex Forest , Lake of Life | bred for Dark_Angel12345, bred for SilverSimplicity x2; Icy Tranquility , Unyielding Aegis | bred for myself x2 Ghost of Winter's Past , Snowy Reaper | bred for Carmelita Fox, bred for jumpsnake x2 Night of the Meek , Christmas en Camelot | bred for Gluria, bred for myself Will breed 2G holidaykin for free to any CB I have, please check my CB group first to see if I have a particular dragon before making a request. 2G holiday breedings reserved for trade first, request second basis. If I get no offers for my Solstices and Aegises in the first two days, I may be breeding them for myself after that. Holiday Checkers: 3G Frill x Tri Color Snow Angel | bred to AP 4G Frill x Tri Color Snow Angel | bred to AP 3G Gold Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer | bred to AP 4G Gold Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer | bred to AP 5G Gold Wyvern x Ribbon Dancer | bred to AP 3G Winter Magi x Gold | bred for myself 3G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 1 | bred to AP 3G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 2 | bred to AP 3G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 3 | bred to AP 3G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 4 | bred to AP 3G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 5 | bred to AP 4G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 1 | bred to AP 4G Frostbite x Rosy Wing Solstice 2 | bred for myself 3G Ice x Blue Wing Solstice 1 | bred to AP 3G Ice x Blue Wing Solstice 2 | bred for myself 4G Ice x Blue Wing Solstice | bred for myself 3G Silver x Rosy Wing Solstice 1 | bred to AP 3G Silver x Rosy Wing Solstice 2 | bred to AP 4G Silver x Rosy Wing Solstice | bred to AP 5G Silver x Rosy Wing Solstice | bred for myself 4G Sunsong x Rosy Wing Solstice | bred to AP 5G Sunsong x Rosy Wing Solstice | bred to AP 5G Avatar of Change x Rosy Wing Solstice | bred to AP 4G White x Rosy Wing Solstice 1 | bred for myself 4G White x Rosy Wing Solstice 2 | bred to AP 4G Silver x Mistletoe | bred to AP Breeding on request, feel free to message me What I Need: 2G Winter Magi from Tri Color Snow Angel (traded by WhisperingWillows) 2G from White x Tri Color Snow Angel (traded by WhisperingWillows) x2 3G White from Rosy Wing Solstice checker unrelated to her and other pair traded for 3G Sunsong from Rosy Wing Solstice unrelated to her and her traded for 3G Silver Lunar Herald from Rosy Wing Solstice unrelated to her 2G Frostbite from Solstice unrelated to all listed pairs above traded for 3G Ice from Blue Wing Solstice gifted from rinoa, thanks~ 2G Blue Wing Solstice from Ice unrelated to other pairs (traded by Gluria) 2G Rosy Wing Solstice from GoN (found) 2G Rosy Wing Solstice from Indigo Lunar Herald traded for Also Interested in: Rosy 2nd gens/checkers from Silver Lunar Herald Pacified 2nd gens/checkers from Celestial
  5. @blackdragonqueen You appear to have only bred the pair on valentines. Breeding on a holiday doesn't count for compatibility because dragons cannot refuse on a holiday breeding.
  6. @RealWilliamShakespeare Could we please stop finding fault with the dragon itself. The Balloon dragon is in the game and its lore already states it can float. That isn't changing and just because you find it 'silly' isn't a reason to not give it a BSA. I don't even like the dragon, I have 0 of them, but even I'm not gonna say it was a mistake.. the only 'realism' involved with making a BSA is if the dragon itself is actually capable of the action. And I did offer a proposition for how it makes the egg float, no magic involved- it can just pick it up and float while holding the egg. Simple, easy, not magical. And I think it'd be better than a dragon holding it that has to fly because flapping wings and being shaken around can't be good for the egg. And putting an egg in a tree? Anything still connected to the ground will shake in an earthquake.
  7. @olympe @Vain.3805 Can we please not argue about the science of balloon dragons? Their descriptions doesn't even say 'air'. It says a gas. Just let's pretend they can somehow fill themselves with helium. They float, lore says so, this isn't about how they float- it's about if the BSA is a good idea or not.
  8. I think the very simple solution would just have it carry the egg. Sure most breeds with wings could do that too, but not as gently. As for arguing over the realism of Balloon dragons themselves.. they're already in the game- and we still have 'joke' breeds. You can't convince me that dedicating 7 dragons to a power rangers reference and 4 to a harry potter reference aren't jokes.
  9. I don't really see too much of an issue with it succeeding. We still have hatchling limits if we somehow manage not to kill everything.. at which point you're either keeping the hatchlings, or trading them for a few eggs that are too important to you to EQ.
  10. Well, if I remember correctly, the older sprites had a strict color limit. Maybe every sprite that permission is granted for should just get a color/shading 'face lift', so to say.
  11. Not sure what all the film discussion is about, but I will say I am one of the people very pleased with the Red update. I think it's been needed for years. I'm not gonna say every old sprite needs to be changed. To me, dragons like the Whites still hold up. But Dorsals, Vines, especially alt vines.. they need work. They've never even received any form of touch up, unlike the Purples. Dorsals and Vines are in major need of more colors and shades, and in some cases anatomy tweaks in order to meet the current site standards. Also.. there's the Holly. The Holly already did get a color revamp, but sadly the anatomy was not fully fixed. I find most issue with the wings.
  12. This may be a counter to earthquake, but I actually think that's a good thing. Right now nobody uses EQ because it affects everything on the scroll and most people are bound to have something hard to replace out of 8 eggs, so it's too risky at any given point in time to kill the on thing that matters. Being able to target only, say, 5/8 or whatever would make EQ more usable. I'd gladly EQ the commons I've got, but I wouldn't want my important lineage eggs dying, so I just never use it.
  13. Obviously people want them. Wouldn't be asking if they didn't. I know enough people who will do things in games just to get the trophy. @Fuzzbucket I said I find lineages fun. I think you missed that part. I said others don't.
  14. I think lineages are fun, but I will say they are certainly not fun for everyone. I've known for years that if you don't find lineages fun, this game pretty much has nothing else to offer you.
  15. I'm assuming that's way too high with what he's said. 1.5k, 2k, 2.5k, etc sounds more reasonable, but I'm gonna say we're not gonna see anything for a while.
  16. Ah. Does that count active users, or all users ever? I wouldn't think it'd make sense to count people who only played once 10 years ago, but again I could see people not having 2,500. I don't myself (but I'm close).
  17. How many people are around 2,500? 5,000 I can see being too much but I'd think 2,500 isn't that absurd a leap from platinum. (if not maybe 2,000).
  18. High gen prizes really aren't hard to get. If anyone would need I'd breed for them. The ones I have are of no use to me. You don't need to raise CBs or anything, unbreedables are just the unfortunate outliers here. I don't agree with the market's raise requirement, but it's not a reason to not include prizes. As far as if they should or shouldn't be in the market because they're 'prizes'.. they really should be. I don't see a point of randomness. The first prizes were given away not by random chance, but to winners of a tree decorating contest. Maybe people who participate in holiday events could be given 'event vouchers' and once you collect enough you could buy a prize? I could see you getting one voucher for each main holiday, valentines, halloween, and christmas, and having an egg cost 3- or having bronze be worth 1, silver be worth 2, and gold 3.
  19. Dragon_Arbock

    Dead egg

    Hm, if you're sure nobody else has access to your account and didn't abandon the egg for you, then this might be a glitch.
  20. Dragon_Arbock

    Dead egg

    Assuming the scroll with the same name is you, you have a bronze trophy, so you should be able to have 5 eggs. So that doesn't make sense. Did you have 15 growing things at the time? Having too many hatchings can prevent you from being able to have full egg slots.
  21. I have to wonder.. the possibility is supposed to be highest at the moon- maybe the value is so high it overflows to a negative number when you breed two together?
  22. Not saying it would have to. Would be a lot cooler if DC had its own calendar and year length, but I get why it doesn't because it's easier not to. But either way if it's summer in the north it would be winter in the south so I wouldn't know how you'd be able to breed a spring or autumn in that case out of season. It's just something I'd like to know. I'm not against the idea of the suggestion because I am a dumb who forgot to breed a spring mate for my aransi this year, but I'd like to understand how it would work.
  23. Well, it's not just earth. Any planet should work this way.. They could have different lengths of seasons, or erratic seasons (the moon stabilizes our planet's tilt so we don't wobble)- but any spherical planet with a tilt will have seasons, where one part of the planet faces a sun, and the other hemisphere faces away. Now I'm not quite sure what happens when you have a binary star system, but I'm pretty sure DC world only has one sun. I'm gonna assume the alpine thing is because the forest biome itself doesn't have seasons, which is.. weird. Alpine is just the place we throw all ice-related dragons it seems.
  24. Yeah, but I'd assume these dragons come from parts of the world that do have the 4 seasons. And seasons are more than just what the weather looks like. Seasons are meteorological based on the tilt of the earth and the length of the daylight. It snowed here too, but it is still meteorological autumn. Though I guess we have the problem that meteorological autumn and calendar date autumn don't quite match up. I do think this concept does get iffy though when we talk about visiting the tropics. The equator of a world doesn't really have seasons because the equator cannot be tilted away from the sun.
  25. If this happens at all I think it should only be able to bring back eggs of the opposite season- as in, if it's say, winter in the northern hemisphere, it's summer in the southern hemisphere. You could do it based on climate visited, but then it becomes 'climate dragons' and not 'seasonal dragons'.. so I'd say just make it based on hemispheres.