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  1. Wow it stormed for hours and I WAS TRYING TO SLEEEEEEP and now I'm really tired. D:
  2. I don't really snack very much. I just have a few small meals throughout the day. I don't get hungry but my doctor wants me to eat more so I have to eat a lot, haha. I usually eat a little miso or egg drop soup, crackers with cream cheese or hummus, yogurt, vegetables, boring stuff hahaha.
  3. Qwackie

    Song Name Game

    You Are Here With Me In This Sequence of Dreams- Woods of Ypres
  4. SO MUCH WORK it's the second to last week of school and I'm not seriously failing that many classes or anything. Honestly. How do I have a 79 in that if I did all of the work, turned it all in, was there everyday, and I make a serious effort to not fail it? And how the heck do I have a freaking EIGHTY-THREE in English? I'm rather confident that my grasp of the English language is stronger than that of some of my fellow students... Oh wait. I'm a slacker. HAHAHAHAHA I HAVE A 103 IN SPANISH II. ONLY FRESHMAN IN THAT CLASS AND I HAVE THE HIGHEST GRADE. That's probably because everyone else smokes pot, though...
  5. The Bard's Song (In The Forest) by Blind Guardian
  6. It's been 25 days already wow... Just seven more. Ugh.
  7. Hugs, metal, my guitars, my cats, sleeping, warm things, the internet. I'm a simple person.
  8. You are Here With Me (In this Sequence of Dreams) by woods of Ypres
  9. Lady In Black (Uriah Heep Cover) by Ensiferum
  10. Awaiting the Inevitable by Woods of Ypres
  11. Wow it's been a long time since I talked to this particular person in my contacts list.
  12. Dark Are The Paths to Eternity by Dark Funeral
  13. Hope Leaves by Opeth I love this band so much oh my god.
  14. Wow I'm terrified that my life is going by so quickly. I'm almost done with being a freshman what is the rest of school goes by this quickly? Will I stay in contact with the people I hang out with now? Where will I go to college? How will I get a job when I'm lazy and have social awkwardness? What if my boyfriend has another episode and he doesn't get help and he actually dies? What will happen if he dies?