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  1. Qwackie

    Song Name Game

    Red House by Jimi Hendrix
  2. Qwackie

    Song Name Game

    Devil's Blood by Watain
  3. Walking Away by Streetlight Manifesto
  4. Tfw you really like sludge metal and doom metal and stoner rock and depressive black metal and cold wave and goth rock and goth metal and metal metal metal sad music and you're already sad and can't find anything happy so you're listening to power metal and it's really cheesy.
  5. Qwackie

    Song Name Game

    Legalize Drugs and Murder by Electric Wizard
  6. Haha watch him not even show up tomorrow.
  7. Why is my skin breaking out the day before I see him for the first time in a month?
  8. I'm hungry. :| When was the last time I ate again...? Oh right. e___e Yesterday.
  9. Owwww my everything is in pain.
  10. ... My doctor recommended you call WIC because they think that you're starving me because you're poor? Hahahaha no you're just starving me because you can.
  11. Being at school is plenty of social contact for me, I don't want to be near anyone for atleast a few days. Isolation helps calm me down.
  12. Oops wrong thread. The Hobbit by Blind Guardian
  13. The ninja rubber duck needs several hugs and He-Man right now. Since there is no available hug partner I'll snuggle my cat and watch He-Man by myself.
  14. oh my god song get out of my head. A FRIEND OF THE DEVIL IS A FRIEND OF MIIInnne~ no no no get out of my head. Wow I should fix my eyeliner.
  15. Over The Hill and Far Away, or maybe The Islander. Hm. Deep Purple?
  16. At the moment really messy and dark and cozy. I have a three guitars, two amps, an unorganized bookshelf, a broken computer on a desk, a chair that's covered in schoolwork, a pile of tablature and sheet music on the floor, a nightstand that has more books on and around it than my bookshelf, piles upon piles of music. No clothes though, except for my jackets which are all thrown in random places.