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  1. Whenever I try to have a nice day of doing nothing and I want to listen to some nice doom metal and just hate humanity I get headaches. Ffffft.
  2. Beautiful Death by Wintersun My face turned pale before the cold eyes of death My body was frozen by the stare from the dark I don't want to think of anything, but there's storm of thoughts in my head I wasn't prepared for this, 'cause I'm not ready to die Nothing could have prepared me for this ["Only way out is through window of dreams" backwards] Nothing but blood so red and deceased Nothing but pain, I fall on my knees Tormenting demons, I suffer and bleed Only way out is through window of dreams The rain whips the lonely and crushed soul The dark clouds are closing fast, the wind is blowing the colours of life away The growing shadow will darken my dreams, and with the fire inside me it feeds I'll be screaming in the stars when it's over Storms are raging on the path to home, once so silent and calm The desperate glare of the dark light is cast on the fallen one And when the illusions sigh no more, the journey to new dream will carry on 'cause life is just a beautiful death Life turns a new and strange page They will try to take everything away from me You'll never know the future Save me from the rain Tell me what matters in life, if anything I'm struggling with sickness They will try to take everything away from me Are you trying to hide from the end Save me from the rain Save me from the end `Cause life will always be withering away from us I want to be alone with you And I'll give my heart to you, before I go 'cause life is just a beautiful, beautiful death
  3. So... I can't gain weight? I'm trying to eat more and stuff but I can't Gain Weight Maybe if my eating we're more consistent but... Well there's my family. Tbh I'm tired of hearing melodramatic angsty teenagers rant about their lives or being "lawl suicidal and anorexic lawl" for attention because umm well so many of my friends have horrible lives. My parents don't let me eat. My best friend was molested. Two of my friends have been to mental wards this year. One last year. And those people that pretend they have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and psychosis and say "IM PSYCHOTIC" are honestly the worst people because I know so many teenage girls that all fit the same description (both physical and personality) and they all annoy me so much because these are real things and I wouldn't wish them upon anyone, and there they are pretending to have these things because their favorite anime characters have them. It's not funny It's not cute It's rude It's offensive Don't romanticize everything that's wrong with the world You don't live in a Shakespearean drama You live on earth with real people and we don't want to put up with your crap
  4. Hahahahahahaha I'm not writing the essayyyyy I'm gonna drink tea and relax
  5. Unfurl by Katatonia At city centre 9 pm Just like you wrote And I try to think about Snow coming in Just like before I will be on stand-by Releasing the vapor Into the lung Letting the wings unfurl And for a moment I feel young I call on the bird Unfurl It’s time to chose side now That’s what you said When we talked on the phone So white our eyes You are still Are you paralyzed
  6. A Desolation Song by Agalloch Here I sit at the fire Liquor's bitter flames warm my languid soul Here I drink alone and remember A graven life, the stain of her memory In this cup, love's poison For love is the poison of life Tip the cup, feed the fire, And forget about useless ****ing hope... Lost in the desolation of love The passions we reap and sow Lost in the desolation of life This path that we walk... Here's to love, the sickness The great martyr of the soul Here's to life, the vice The great herald of misery In this cup, spiritus frumenti For this is the nectar of the spirit Quench the thirst, drown the sorrow And forget about cold yesterdays... Lost in the desolation of love The passions we reap and sow Lost in the desolation of life This path that we walk... Lost in the desolation of love The sorrows we reap and sow Lost in the desolation of life The path that we walk...
  7. I have to write an essay I HAVE TO WRITE AN ESSAY D:
  8. I literally had half of an entire cake. It was around breakfast time that I ate it but it lasted the rest of the day, haha.
  9. I've been really getting into black metal and doom metal lately. Used to be that I mostly listened to power and folk metal, but I've been exploring the depths of random Norwegian bands from the 90's and some more recent bands and I love them. Right now, my favorite band is probably Opeth. Mikael Åkerfeldt is amazing. I like all of their albums, even their very mellow, non-metal, progressive rock album Heritage that a lot of metalheads seem to hate. But I like it just as much- if not more than- their more death metal influenced albums like Deliverance. Agalloch and Woods of Ypres are also at the top of my list right now. Too bad David Gold is dead, Ypres is becoming one of my favorite bands. They're like... Type O Negative mixed with black metal... David Gold and Peter Steele's voices were nearly identical, haha. Speaking of Type O Negative, I've been listening to then a lot too. Again, too bad Peter Steele is dead too. The black metal I've been listening to is mostly DSBM, I've really been getting into Xasthur and Leviathan lately. As for the more stoner sorts of doom metal I've bee listening to, Electric Wizard is totally dope and you guys should check out Dopethrone. Yes. That's an actual name of a song.
  10. hungry hungry hungry play guitar guitar is good guitar brings more success than eating or sleeping guitar makes you feel good guitar is more important than your final you're taking tomorrow shhhh thoughts don't be distracting must guitar guitar is good play guitar
  11. why am I always either hungry, sick, headachey, irritable, or completely hateful of everything around me all the time I mean come on can't I just have a day just one day where I can go someplace warm with someone that I don't hate and we can marathon lord of the rings and play skyrim and eat pizza and cake and make stupid jokes and stuff I mean that's just something that sounds really nice right now I need friends
  12. I fall asleep on my side or stomachs and usually wake up on my back. I don't move around very much, though. As for dreams, I usually am aware that I'm dreaming, but too lazy to induce a lucid dream. Dreaming to me is like watching TV, versus the more cerebral effort that is being lucid, haha. I usually have a lot of pillows, but sleep on top of my arm. It's weird. I use two blankets, usually, and I sleep with a stuffed panda I named Eddie Poe. Ha. I'm weird. I usually wake up anywhere from 6:15-6:45 AM on weekdays and 11AM-12PM on weekends (or breaks...) When I actually sleep depends on how tired I am.
  13. I don't want to do work I just want to sleep
  14. Loyal to No One by The Dropkick Murphies.
  15. I'm probably going to regret this later, but I'm not doing this work. I don't care if I fail this class. I don't care about anything anymore really. I don't care if I have a 17 in this class and I have a 1.6 GPA for the rest of my life and I never go to college and I fail school and life. I don't care anymore. I just don't. It bores me. I'd rather do something meaningful that I enjoy with my life than sit at a desk with a bunch of money. I don't want a typical life. I don't want kids. I don't want to get married. I want to do somethin I enjoy. I dknt care about bills or my health or my wellbeing. I want to be able to be happy without money. Maybe my parents are right and they should get me tested for all of these mental issues or whatever and I have ADHD like my mom does or something. But nothing. Holds. My. Interest. If something interests me I can spend all day doing it and I won't get bored. Frustrated, hate everything, but I won't be bored. If something doesn't interest me at all, I'm not going to waste my life doing it. So. this class.
  16. I'm so glad the only AP class I'm taking next year is one on something I'm actually interested in. Because I currently have a 17 in this one for not doing any work at all.... Ha. Ha. Ha. .-.
  17. Cheese pizza. Vegan pho. Miso soup. Egg drop soup. Gnocchi in tomato sauce.... Or cheese sauce. Cream cheese, avocado, and celery sushi. And caaaaaake.
  18. Veggie burger on flatbread with all the cheese ever... Nothing else, really.
  19. I don't use a desk anymore. Yay for phones I guess? When I use a desk for when I'm gaming or whatever, I usually have quite a few cups from tea on it. Not much trash though.
  20. Showers. Baths just seem like a waste of time I could be on the internet or something, hahahaa.
  21. Qwackie

    Song Name Game

    Nightmares at Dawn by Xasthur
  22. "active 3 hours ago" I'm going to stab someone.
  23. Heavily modded Skyrim.... Mostly just derping in around in cool looking armor, posing, and marveling at the new lighting mod I downloaded haha.
  24. Suicide Cargoload (Carry That Weight!) by Woods of Ypres