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  1. Name: Twistedfate

    User: Qwackie

    Appearance: Because I'm too darn lazy to type it out:

    user posted image

    Bio: Was half-clan, from RiverClan her father came, from ShadowClan her mother. Since queens aren't required to share the name of the father with the med. cat; her mother got past ShadowClan's hatred of the half-claned. The apprentice training was hard, her mother being a traitor to ShadowClan and being outcasted a moon after Twistedfate's apprenticeship. It took more moons than a usual apprentice would be apprenticed to go through training, yet at eight moons, she recived her warrior name; Twistedfate.

    Clan: ShadowClan

    Position: Warrior

    Gender: Female

    Password: StarClan

    I forgot about this and all the events I rped in... meh. Re-joining.

  2. Ugghhh I hate Breezepelt, Nightcloud, Brokenstar, Scrouge, and too many to name. But Breezepelt and Nightcloud are just, UGHHHH!!!!!

    Nightcloud took Crowfeather from Leafpool and just refused they had kits. Must agree.

  3. I keep getting error messages today... and the site went down yesterday.D: I hate lag, maybe the Lagmonster got bored of DC and went to WM. I used to be obsessed with wajas, but DC has taken a lot (two words, not one) of my time away.>.>*stabs*

  4. -Haven't rped in a while, may give this a try...--



    Type:Silver dragon

    Power:Can slow down time.

    Job: Is a hunter.

    Personality:Sarcastic, amusing, annoying, that kinda thing.

    Appearance: Silver scales with a small tint of red on some. Coal black eyes and the eastern dragon body type.

    Age:17 in human years.

  5. One of those dreams where you keep waking up and waking up until eventualy you wake up and you realise its realy time to get up and your late for school blink.gif

    Those dreams are evil. I have dreams that I'm getting up and I'm not up. They are torturus.

  6. Nope, sorry, I don't breed much anymore.

    I have a few selling, if anyone wants some nice cheap banes, I have too many wajas.*sigh* And no one to give them away to.

  7. I'm not much of a breeder on wajas, been playing for almost two years and only have 90 wajas, I'm more for the forums. Though I do have a project, which is taking along time.

  8. -ok, joining.-





    Appearance:Black and white splotches, mainly white. Yellow-ish green eyes. Pink paw pads, a scar across the muzzle


    Bio:Was outcasted from ShadowClan for attacking a senior warrior, usualy travels from one terriatory to another. His parents were rouges, a ShadowClan warrior brought him in when he was of the apprentice age.










  9. I read the Twilight series, didn't really like it, for one, it is an insult to Dracula, which was the secong best thing I've ever read. Secondly, the characters lack personalty.

  10. I'm still saving up for a CWP, but it's hard to in the middle of a stinkin' cave project, I'll just stick to the ocelots, I guess, it's hard to see a cheap waja you like and not buy it... and all the other nice cheap ones, I fail.XD

  11. Waja madness? Yeah, if that's what you're talking about, I do.

    I am qωαcк☠The Messanger, number 64990. If you RP, you'll know who I am.(since more than half of my posts are in the RPs....XD)