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  1. Many many years ago I used to post in forum games a lot. There was the magical thing that was flood control. When people posted before someone because the someone got flood controled, it was called ninjaing. I had a tendency to ninja people. My username is qwackie, like a duck. Ninja duck. I am the eternal ninja duckie.
  2. Ughhhhh Go to sleep at 7:30 am wake up at 3:30 pm it works I guess
  3. hahaha I hate being forced to practice a religion I don't follow. ** So I told her and... Apparently it does explain the way I've been acting and now she's going to give me space regarding him and not question me anymore. That doesn't change the fact that my dad doesn't know about us and that he's still always asking me "you talk to that boy?" or "you wanna hang out with anyone this summer?" and me just dying on the inside because the only person I want to hang out with is nowhere to be found and i can't find a way to contact him. Sure I saved his life he's not dead I saved his life and every day that he's alive is because I saved his life and I should be happy he's alive at least, even if it feels like he really did die since I haven't seen him or talked to him in so long but he's getting help and he should take all the time he needs but at least he's alive and even if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore for whatever reason he will remember that I'm the reason that he's still alive and if I hadn't done what I had done he would be dead and I would be feeling so much worse than I am now.
  4. I should tell them. No I shouldn't I don't trust them But maybe if I told them they'd understand No my dad would just use it against me he's gone anyway It's been 2 months Time to move on I won't do anything with anyone until I hear from him again and have confirmation that it's done, but I won't be so attached either. I said that a month ago and it won't make a difference I still cry every night and I can't listen to Black Sabbath without sobbing. I've tried to distract myself from him but it hasn't done anything. I've been listening to so much music lately and in almost every song I listen to I can hear some parallels to this. "Awaiting word of what's to come, in silent prayers a hope lives on. In the light of the sun I am longing for the darkness." Stop making me do work and clean you have no idea what's going on inside my mind right now. People tell me that they've been in situations like this before but they don't understand. This is my best friend. This is the only person I trust with everything. I am the only person he trusts. And I haven't seen him in almost 2 months. I haven't talked to him in 5 weeks. I miss this person more than the people who talk to me about this can miss the aquaintances, the random guy they were sort of friends with, could ever miss the other people that this happened to. He's not dead but it feels like it is I've even been checking obituaries every week just to make sure he didn't really die. I've tried contacting him, I've tried contacting his parents, I've messaged him on facebook, I've emailed him, I've even tried looking up his phone number even though he already has mine. I've tried talking to people. When Desarae and Derek asked me what happened to him when we were at the mall, Derek said he might have been sent to a long term residence and that might be the case. I just want things to be normal again because I miss my friend
  5. I wish none of this never happened and things were normal and I could stay up all night talking to him and we could hang out over the break and I wouldn't have to spend so much time being shut off in my room away from everyone
  6. the butthurt is strong with this one Hahaha they banned me and Charles and Johnny and Justin and everyone else After that girl harrassed him of course we were going to go off on her. He's a kid and she's a full grown woman, she shouldn't act that way towards anyone, especially not a teenage boy on the internet. And they all went off on Justin. You don't go off on my internet friends like that. Apparently I'm a good troll because I obviously got under her skin. You're an admin on a death metal forum, stop being so sensitive.
  7. It's been a month since I heard from either of them WAIT I KNOW He went to that ward he was talking about and his stepdad can't tell me because HIPPA. THAT'S PROBABLY WHAT HAPPENED I don't know what emotions to feel
  8. I still have his stuff As long as I have his stuff that's a guarentee I'll have an excuse to see him again So stop worrying about it I bought that new guitar to keep from thinking about it Thinking about it won't help me So just stop I'll see him again when I give him back his stuff. It might be months from now, but as long as he doesn't do anything stupid I'll have an excuse to see him again and I should be hopeful about it not sad
  9. I'm probably never going to see him again. Maybe in August when school starts back up he'll be alive and act like nothing happened. Nah he's probably never returning to this place again he'll probably move back with his dad Oh my god What if he moved back already and that's why he hasn't been online
  10. Riverman by Nick Drake Betty came by on her way Said she had a word to say About things today And fallen leaves Said she hadn’t heard the news Hadn’t had the time to choose A way to lose But she believes Gonna see the river man Gonna tell him all I can About the plan For lilac time If he tells me all he knows About the way his river flows And all night shows In summertime Betty said she prayed today For the sky to blow away Or maybe stay She wasn’t sure For when she thought of summer rain Calling for her mind again She lost the pain And stayed for more Gonna to see the river man Gonna to tell him all I can About the ban On feeling free If he tells me all he knows About the way his river flows I don’t suppose It’s meant for me Oh, how they come and go
  11. oh wow He looks like him He sings like him They both played the same style of music he's his reincarnation, obviously Dangit I need to show him this person and make him realize they're the sAME PERSON.
  12. Maybe I should write a song idk
  13. [Lyrics: Alan Duffy / Music: Steven Wilson] Nine Cats by Porcupine Tree The butterfly sailed on the breeze Past a field of barbed wire trees Where golden dragons chased around Pampered poppies on the ground Two silver trout sat way on high And watched a royal samurai Plant two black orchids in a box And strap it to a laughing fox A minstrel bought a crooked spoon He gave it to a blue baboon Who filled it full of virgin snow And watched it in the afterglow Fat toad stood in his ballet shoes Teaching sixteen kangaroos How to skip across a lake They found it hard to stay awake A pharaoh played a merry tune And watched nine cats dance on the moon I didn't know what all this meant I didn't know why I'd been sent. I threw 5 clocks down on my bed The chimes danced out on golden threads And turned to footprints on my wall Sequined tears began to fall
  15. -guitars intensify- I have three in this pic and then I have my brother's broken guitar he gave me, too. One I get around to repairing that one (it's missing pieces-the bridge, the nut, a peg, all its strings) I'll have four. Ha. Hahahaha. Oh god.
  16. Always fun to argue about subgenres of metal with hairy old men on the internet.
  17. Wow, I can play a lot of songs. Bard's Song (in the forest) as well as (the hobbit), Orchid, Solitude, Nothing Else Matters, the intro to Forever, Thousand Years of Oppression, Porcelain Heart, Windowpane, Pantheist, so much more wow.