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  1. I'm in love...


    with botanical tattoos right now. I turn 18 in seven months and I'm thinking of getting a baby's breath tattoo... and maybe a tattoo of a succulent... or a cactus. I just really like plants.

  2. I joined when I was almost twelve, I'm seventeen now. I was also quite cringe-worthy. I thought I was so mature yet I was very much in my "I'm so random" phase. Oh god, dark times.

    I've been posting on these forums throughout my most formative adolescent years...I'm afraid of what I might find if I read through my oldest posts. Heck, I'm embarassed by the stuff I posted a year ago, let alone five years ago.


    Qwackie, in the name of nostalgia, I have to bring up an interaction between the two of us that I still remember to this day. In a thread along the lines of "what are you afraid of" or "what do you hate", I posted something like:

    "I've got four words for you. B. U. G. S."

    to which you responded

    "Those are letters, not words."

    I guess I was sensitive about my grammar and I decided that clearly you hated me, had it out for me, and I think I responded like "I was TRYING to be funny, GOSH"

    Idk why but I still remember thinking that you hated me?? why was I so easily offended??


    Ahh I remember being a frequent poster in CPA and I had like no friends on the forums so I just randomly "glomped" people in an attempt to socialize.

    Ffs I've humiliated myself so much on this website but I keep coming back.

    Gosh I don't even remember that hahah. I didn't hate you though hahahah, I was probably just messing around.

    Oh god, I had my annoying random phase on this forum too. I remember saying stuff like "i ish ebil" oh god oh god nooooooo.

    I also went through my edgy emo/scene phase as a member of this forum, and my weird goth phase. Gahhhhhhhh. So embarrassing.

  3. All my dragons lost their names and I'm too lazy to rename them, olol.


    I joined the site itself in 2008 (I WAS NINE!!!!!!! IN FOURTH GRADE!!!!!!!!) and the forums when I was 10 hahaha. I'm 16 now.

    I've actually been signing in and visiting places I used to frequent. The Endless Forest, wajas, neopets, powerpets, here. Although signing into neopets this week was a bad idea because all the filters are down, haha. It's weird. And cringy. I really don't want to go back and look at my old posts anywhere.

  4. My hair's to my hips right now. Super thin from some hair loss from vitamin deficiencies (oops) but it's growing back. The short sections of regrowth are annoying though.

  5. Disillusion by Witheria


    Struggle without a cause

    Suffer for a reason unknown

    Do your time. It's do or die

    No voice. Just one vote to give

    It takes a mind unique

    To find shelter in the dark

    In deep water the final rest

    Where coldness is no more

    Just let go the world of hurt

    And reach out for the dark

    Alone upon the shore

    The water cold and deep

    Not so lifely shallow

    With love it can swallow

    Welfare society

    False security

    Illusion of privacy

    Chaotic destiny

    The continuum to exit

    The parasite to escape from

    The sun to extinguish

    The stairway leads down into the dark

    And I ran through the fields

    Trying to forget

    The disillusion of hope

    And the vanishing glimpse of life

  6. omg I don't think I've had such a good week before. The only thing that would make it better is if I could actually get a chance to talk to him in private about what happened to him but I don't think I'll get a chance to. I'm glad he's alive, at least. And back and safe.

  7. I have so much tea. Currently, my favorite black tea is Irish Breakfast,favorite green tea is matcha (I like making lattes out of it), favorite white tea is white raspberry tea. Rooibos tea with almond milk and a little bit of vanilla is great!

  8. I weigh 98 lbs and I'm 5'3", I've been losing weight pretty rapidly cause I haven't felt like eating since I've been really stressed lately... It's annoying. I'm a vegan for ethical reasons and I'm not gonna change that just for the purpose of gaining weight. I'm stubborn hahah. I weighed 121 in March.

    I heard that eating peanut butter by the spoonful helps gain weight, I've yet to try it though. Honestly, the past 5 months I've been living off of coffee and minimal food. It's unhealthy and I know it is but I've been focusing on other things than health. I dunno.

  9. Wow I really miss him a lot. Haha, Dylan's whining his date friend has been grounded for a month and how much he misses them. Me? Nawww. I haven't been whining to random people on facebook about what happened to my boyfriend. That's just stupid. Dae wasn't grounded. He almost died. It's annoying that he keeps whining about what happened to his date friend when he knows what happened to Dae and that's just stupid.