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  1. I'm so glad the remaster is going to be separate from the base game on Steam.

    Like, those 200 mods I have look pretty great... it would be a shame if something... happened to them. Btw anyone on the PC version of skyrim should really check out Interesting NPC's. The followers are great and aren't like most of the custom followers on the Nexus that never shut up and just repeat the same dialogues over and over, and they have unique commentary on quests and unique location banter. I've been playing with Rumarin as my companion and he's seriously amazing.


    I've actually been replaying Oblivion as a Dunmer thief and member of House Indoril and it's pretty great. In lore, the Nightingale that seduced Barenziah to steal the staff of chaos from Arena was a member of House Indoril (and was also Karliah's grandfather) so I decided to base my character's backstory off of that.

    I also have a Breton Spellsword to do the Knights of the Nine with.

  2. If you like the world it's in, I'd check out the original Neverwinter Nights (it's probably like $5 on steam) and Neverwinter Nights 2 and Baldur's Gate I and II.

    I couldn't really get into the MMO version tbh

  3. My native language is English, the only other language I've formally studied is Spanish, which was terrible, but my grandparents are native Spanish speakers so I do understand some.

    I picked up some Gaelge (Irish Gaelic) from playing Duolingo and listening to Celtic Women hahaha. I know some Swedish and German from Duolingo but it's not as good as my Gaelic.

    My boyfriend's family is Finnish and he tried to teach me some but it's so freaking weird. Peruspalveluliikelaitoskuntayhtymä is an actual word!!!! HOW DO PEOPLE SPEAK FINNISH? I'm "Finnished" with that language.

  4. Aquarius sun

    Libra moon

    Pisces ascending

    Sagittarius midheaven

    Scorpio Mars

    Gemini Venus

    and that's all I remember off the top of my head haha. I literally have no earth on my chart.

  5. Succulents!

    They're super easy to take care and propagate.

    I loooooove succulents.

    I'm propagating some Ghosty graptopetalum and some California sunsets right now. I got a moonglow crassula too, but I got it at home depot and it had root rot when I got it so I had to behead it and replant it. It's not doing too great. sad.gif

  6. WHY has NASA changed the signs? Are you sure that's not a spoof?

    I'm still Virgo, thank goodness.


    Appointment went well, but not well enough, so I'm going back on Friday. rolleyes.gif


    P.S. Always check Snopes!



    Toppage, page 745. cool.gif


    That would make me a Capricorn and I'm literally the definition of a stereotypical Aquarius. No thanks.

    That would also change my entire chart/make my moon no longer in Libra and my rising no longer Pisces. No thanks. I refuse.

  7. This thread is super old but I'm so in love with Dragon Age honestly. And ignore my post for spoilers from DAO, that game's old but I guess some people may not appreciate it.


    I just finished a Mage playthrough of all of the games and DLC's. Elven Mage Warden named Aoife, Mage hawke, and Dalish Mage Inquisitor.

    With my Mage warden (the first Mage I actually finished as), I played as an Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer/Battlemage spec and totally annihilated everything. I had a party with Shale, Zevran, and switched the other spot with Morrigan and Wynne. That was also the first time I managed to play through the whole game on nightmare. I made some pretty questionable decisions I'd never made before on that playthrough, like sparing Loghain. And I actually ended up being friends with Loghain (I even got the friendship dialogue with him), whereas Alistair had about -10 influence by the time that play tough was done. I used the feasts at gifts to raise his approval to get his quest and harden him, then used feast day pranks to get it back where it was before and let him hate my guts. Then I got to Awakening and became best buddies with Nathaniel Howe and Anders. Anders' approval even glitched and at +100, it showed Love instead of Friendly lol. I spared the Architect and burned Amaranthine to the ground and then lived happily ever after with Zevran.


    Then I got to DA2, and that was pretty decent. Very short, but decent. My Hawke was a Force Mage/Spirit Healer named Brennan and my main party was Varric, Anders, and Fenris. Aveline bugged me. I just left Fenris home on all the Mage quests and still got his friendship to +100. Carver became a Warden, Anders was spared, and I sided with the mages. Sebastian hated me and decided to retake Starkhaven, I could never get Avelinems approval up or down enough because one minute she would approve, another she'd disapprove. Oh well. Hawke and Anders ran off like Bonny and Clyde and their pet Justice.


    My Dalish inquisitor, Sulahnera, hated the chantry, was best friends with Solas, literally got Vivienne's hate dialogue the second time I went to Skyhold, made some pretty pragmatic decisions that I won't say in fear of spoiling the entire game. I romanced Cullen on that playthrough, because Solas makes me angry for reasons and I wanted to see what his dialogue would be with a female Mage warden import.


    I literally finished all of those playthroughs in 2 weeks. Now I'm doing a City Elf female named Maeve that hates humans, is best friends with Morrigan, Sten, and Shale, and is romancing Zevran. Pretty chaotic neutral, makes choices out of necessity without really caring what happens. I actually killed Isolde. Had no regrets for slaughtering everyone in the Arl of Denerim's estate and absolutely hates humans. Alistair and Wynne absolutely hate her guts so far.


    I've had tons of wardens though, I just really like seeing the different endings. Sparing Loghain actually made me really, really like the guy, especially after reading the books. *spoiler* and that made the Into the Abyss decision so much harder.


    Among the 500 wardens I've had, the other ones that stick out are my Dalish Warden named Dahrana, who romanced Alistair (yuck) and kept him as a Warden and made Anora rule alone. That was pretty fun, but I really don't like Alistair that much so it was kind of cringey to romance him.

    Then there was my Aeducan, Firah, who hated Trian and hated Harrowmont and hated Dwarven politics. That was really fun in the Orzammar chapter. Otherwise, pretty lawful neutral sword and shield type character.

  8. My dad's Mexican and my mom is a mix of a lot of things. Primarily French, Irish, English, and German. I only really know anything about the French and Irish though.


    The French comes from Phillipe de Lannoy, a Huguenot who befriended Puritans in Belgium and went to Plymouth on the Fortune, the ship that came right after the Mayflower. He was a nobleman from a Catholic family that stretches back to William Longsword and his father, Hrolf the Walker (later Rollo of Normandy, my ancestor is on the Vikings show lol), but abandoned it to sail to Plymouth. From there, I'm also related to FDR and Ulysses S. Grant. Fascinating.

    The Irish side is from County Galway and the O'Flaithbheartaigh (TRY SAYING THAT 5 TIMES FAST). They ruled a portion of Ireland for 600 years. All the un-Anglicized names give me a headache though.

    I know a little about the English, but only enough that I know what regions in England they came from. Something really old about Edwulf's Settlement near Hereforeshire or something to that effect.

    My grandfather is a genealogist and I find all of it rather fascinating honestly.

  9. *snug* Hello again smile.gif I'm thirty this year, so if it helps I'm also having an existential crisis along the lines of "Most people my age are well into their careers, have houses and families and pets, and I've only just started my real job."

    at least I have the luxury of everyone my age having no idea what they're doing yet biggrin.gif haha, it's pretty crazy.