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  1. I have no idea who any of these new users are lul
  2. Awwwww look at the little elf! Wait. I'm in jail. GUYS WHAT DID I DO.
  3. Hmm anyone have any tips for GAINING weight? I've lost a lot of weight and I haven't really been eating much at all and it's worrying. Anything I could eat that's not absolutely unhealthy but can help me gain maybe 10 lbs? I weight around 105 right now and I'm 5'3". My bmi is like, 18.6 and anything below 18.5 is considered underweight, I don't want to lose too much or anything.
  4. still no news.... This is worrying
  5. lol at when you get people arrested at your school for beating up your friends
  6. ugh I want to sleep but I can't stop thinking and then the fact I can use the internet on my phone isn't contributing very well to my situation
  7. wow here I am and I'm an acne faced teenager and when I joined this place I was 10. IM 15 ITS BEEN FIVE YEARS
  8. Friend of the Devil by The Grateful Dead
  9. I Feel the Dark by Opeth I feeeeeel the daaaAaarrraarrrk.... When I seeeee..... Yoouooouuouuuuu
  10. This place is bringing me a mild feeling of nostalgia
  11. I'm a vegitarian. For the most part, anyway. Occasionally I eat fish, so I guess that'd make me a pescatarian? I dunno. .-. Well, I don't really like meat. And ten there are apparently a bunch of people who think that waving bacon in my face and going "BUT IT TASTES GOOD" will make it taste good to me, haha. It's a bit annoying.
  12. Dude Looks Like a Lady, totes Judas Priest?
  13. From what I just listened to, Firth of Filth Uriah Heep
  14. Your dad's been abusing you? What? WAT? OH HELL NAW. Man, if I could let you stay at my house for awhile I would. I'm glad you've called the cops on him and stuff, but Derder, dude, you're kind of awesome and I like you a lot and I don't want him to be doing anything to you
  15. Huh. I got ISTP on the first. Second: Most Likely: ISTP or Second Possibility: ESTP or Third Possibility: ISTJ I used to get INTP on all of them before. Guess my personality's changed?
  16. I've never been a fan of Egyptian history, really. I've always found the Dark Ages , medieval history, vikings, stuff like that fascinating. Northern European stuff is really cool to me.
  17. How much hate can one man feel When his kingdom is crumbling How much pain Can one mant take When his future is melting Eyes of fire blast his brain cursing heaven an hell Nothing barred just asking why No answers to be heard Fire eyes, curse the skies Thanks maker for questions unanswered Falsify, disposition died You detest the faker Eyes, lies I curse the skies Tell me something Tell me why Terror reigns, I'm in pain Why, Why, I curse the sky Tattered times and Brainwashed minds Cluttering up his thinking Boiled hate just can't wait There's no more self control Eyes, lies I curse the skies Tell me something Tell me why Terror reigns, I'm in pain Why, why, I curse the sky Iced Earth - Curse The Sky