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  1. I should do my work but everyone's being too louuud
  2. Weed culture. Stoners never shut up about weed. Oh my god. People who romanticize depression and eating disorders. Suicidal ideation isn't beautiful, self harm isn't beautiful. Starving oneself isn't beautiful. Get help for people who are going through things like that, don't encourage them... People who think immaturity is cute. No. Stop it. My brother's girlfriend is 17 and constantly acts 5 because she thinks it's adorable. It's the most annoying thing... Especially when she comes over everyday and I need to do work and she won't shut up... Oh my god.
  3. I like so many bands... Right now, my favorite is Opeth. Behind that is Agalloch, Burzum, Orchid, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian, Earthless, so many. Heck I'll just say my favorite from each genre. Power metal- Blind Guardian Black Metal- Satyricon Doom Metal- Orchid Folk Metal- Ensiferum Death Metal- Opeth (although I love their clean albums too...)
  4. I've never actually reached level 100, I to pleat on all of my characters and always give them skillsets that match their roles. Plus, I play on the PC and I have a mod that brings back choosing your birthsign at the beginning of the game and choosing classes, as well as racial bonuses and weaknesses. My current character (on a heavily modded playthrough) is a Breton bard male named Jacek DeFiore. I have a mod that adds playable (and weaponized) instruments, and I currently have him decked out in armor from The Witcher. He's actually my first male character, come to think of it, and very fun to play as. I have him wandering around with Serana right now, bashing people with a lute, singing at inns and long houses, and causing mayhem. I'm working on maxing out his speech and illusion right now. I dunno, but roleplaying characters makes the game way more fun to me, I did it in Morrowind and Oblivion too. My morrowind character (or atleast the most memorable one) was a bosmer woman named Rilaneth who worshiped Baan Dar, the Bosmeri/Khajiiti theif god. She joined the fighter's guild in Balmora as well as the theives guild, but eventually the game made me choose between them. So she went along with the theives, joined house Hlaalu, learned the ways of the Dunmer, and worked with Caius Cosades, eventually discovering that she was the Nerevarine and all that. It was really fun, as it was my first playthrough and all of the decisions my character made had a reason behind them. In Oblivion, I've played that game so many times that I forget most of my characters, but the most roleplaying heavy I had was Araila Demitri, a vampiric Breton nightblade. She came to Cyrodiil to murder a former love interest, I think that was Timothy LaRouche, haha. Got caught in the act and thrown in prison, went through the tutorial, and then she went and joined the Mages Guild in order to increase her skill in destruction so that she could kill him more quickly. Yeahhhh. I joined the Dark Brotherhood on that character and then had Vicente give her the Dark Gift. When I got the quest for the cleansing the DB, I just didn't kill any of them and had her run away from that life, I even used to console commands to change her name and appearance. After that, she began the Knights of the Nine to seek repentance. After visiting the way shrines it had her do the Mages Guild, Fighter's Guild, and some of the main plot to increase her fame, then finished the KotN. She was basically a lightly armored paladin, haha. Oh, and then I did the Shivering Isles after I did the main quest.
  5. Oh god I hope you're actually safe wherever you're at and if you don't get out soon I can visit you. Wow so we're both having health issues at the same time too, here I am fainting and rapidly loosing weight and having a recurring strep infection in my spleen and you.... Well, you know what happened. I'm worried that I'll have to hide everything that's going on so that I don't worry you, but then you'll get mad because I hid everything and I didn't tell you I lost weight. And I know you're concerned with my weight because you don't want me to starve myself or anything, but dude I'm more worried about you getting better. My issues are my important. Yours are. And that's even if you trust me because it's sort of my fault you're at where you're at, but I think it's better for you to be there than dead. If you're mad at me, I think you'll get over it once you realize I sorta kept you from dying. All of these melodramatic teenagers whining about their little relationship issues and this is the crap we're dealing with. Wow.
  6. I really enjoy stoner music. Dunno why, but sludge metal and psychedelic rock are just really relaxing, haha. Uh, obviously I don't smoke drugs or anything. I just like the music, man.
  7. Qwackie


    I love the smell of smoke. It's weird. But when someone's family smokes or they smoke and then their clothes smell like smoke and I can smell it on them, I just really like that smell. Like my boyfriend's family smokes and he constantly smells like it. I love the smell of leather too. For perfumey scents, I really like coconut, vanilla, and bergamot. Not together, haha, but on their own. In fact, I have some bergamot essential oils that I put into my shampoo and conditioner so my hair smells like it.
  8. A Neuro Daily drink, a handful of cashews, and a little cheese.
  9. I play classical guitar... Been wanting to try electric for awhile and I own an electric and a crappy amp, but never really play it because it weighs a lot.
  10. Qwackie

    Your Theme Song

    Closure by Opeth.... Heal myself, a feather on my heart Look inside, there never was a start Peel myself, dispose of severed skin All subsides, around me and within There's nothing painful in this There's no upheaval Redemption for my pathos All sins undone Awaiting word on what's to come In helpless prayers a hope lives on 'Cause I've come clean, I've forgotten what I promised In the rays of the sun, I am longing for darkness
  11. Banned for having a rabbit that pees on you!
  12. Sorry sir, would you like the atom bomb instead? WAAAAAITER there's a severed limb in my soup. Again.
  13. Herp derp translucently pale car selfie because I have no shame.
  14. Qwackie

    Least favorite bands

    Pop. Oh god. Metalcore. I'm so tired of hearing about Black Veil Brides, Of Mice and Men, All Time Low, so many other bands... Blood on the Dance Floor too. Oh god.
  15. "I'm not entirely sure why I have two tails but LOOK I HAVE A COOL HAT"
  16. Banned for banning Lagie after banning me for banning Lagie! D:
  17. Qwackie

    Favorite songs

    Right now.... Well, the list is sure to change, but.... MOVE by Leftöver Crack I Feel the Dark by Opeth Closure by Opeth Isolation Years by Opeth Lady in Black by Uriah Heep Black Mass by Electric Wizard Capricorn by Orchid Last Breath by Ensiferum Black is the Color (of my true love's hair)- various versions
  18. (@Mellwen I haven't been very active since around 2012, except a post here and there. I have no idea who these half people are haha.) You have a scroll
  19. It was 44 degrees F (6 degrees C for everyone else), then get warmer by noon. Not warm enough, though.
  20. Banned for mentioning the horrible thing that was flood control in your signature.