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  1. Lol

    • Write an essay that's due Thursday
    • Write an essay that's due next Monday
    • Write an essay due November 15th
    • Finish graphing some bs data for something idk
    • Meet with an academic advisor to change my major and then meet again to sign up for my classes for next semester by November 15th
    • :)
  2. 5 hours ago, Marcus Pheonix said:

    There was totally a double post :P


    Aww my mods messed up and my follower had to leave, I liked him!

    Found a new orc follower, a girl this time, though she doesn't have the badass armour.

    are you talking about Skyrim? cause if so you should totally checkout the interesting NPC's mod. The followers are amazing. It's only on PC though

  3. Here's a bit from the rock collection.

    That big milky and smokey quartz geode was found locally, then the weird one on the bottom right is some coquina found at the beach. The thing to the right of that is a calcite geode, also found locally. The yellow quartz in the back was found locally as well lol. Then there's a rose quartz and an amethyst chunk, a piece of petrified wood, and a pretty big clear quartz point.

    I'm a geology major I like rocks.

  4. I prefer classical guitar and I'm in the classical guitar ensemble for my fine arts credit even though I'm an earth science major lol.

    I have 4 guitars at the moment, Tomi (my classical), Olli (my electric), Vali (my steel string), and my brother's old craptastic $60 walmart guitar.

    My classical is an old Chateau rosewood guitar and I love it

  5. I'm 17 and unable to vote but this election is terrifying to me.

    This is the state of the world that I'll have to become an adult in, and anything that hits the economy will greatly affect me, especially with student loans and such. I really disagree on a lot of social issues with Trump, but Hillary winning is equally is frightening. Seriously. I would not want World War III to start when I'm about to start college. Jeez.