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halloweenscroll.png Trading: I use the decline button. GMT+10 time zone.

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    o♞o IOUs o♞o

    Rare_Hunter21 -> IOU a 3G (f) Silver x (m) SW.
    Psych-> IOU an Ice from (m) Gold and a Moonstone from (f) Gold.

    o♥o WISH LIST o♥o

    ♥ Silver from CB ♀ Silver x CB ♂ Chocolate Alt Valentine
    ♥ 3G Silver from ♀ Silver x CB ♂ Alt Valentine CHEQUER
    ♥ 2G Silver from ♀ Silver x CB ♂ Bronze Tin

    o♞o BREEDING o♞o

    "Bloody French Fairytale Lineage" BSA Red x BSA Pink Chequerboard pattern
    "Pheatherwort Quiverweed Lineage" BSA Green x White Chequerboard pattern
    Perfect Checkerboard Metallics
    Purebred Metallics
    Holiday Checkerboard Metallics