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  1. It's their breed-sort name. When you use "breed sort" you may notice that they don't sort where they should, would they be sorted after their public name. There are quite a few dragons which don't sort by their "public" name when sorted by breed: Avatar of Change sorts as "Lugiaavatar" (sorts between Avatar of Destruction and Avatar of Creation) Avatar of Creation sorts as "Lugiaavatar" (sorts between Avatar of Change and Lumina Dragon) Avatar of Destruction sorts as "Lugiaavatar" (sorts between Guardian of Nature and Avatar of Change) Day Glory Drake sorts as "Glorydrake" Dark Myst Pygmy sorts as "Pygmy-DarkMyst" Coastal Waverunner sorts as "Coastalptredrake" Crimson Flare Pygmy sorts as "Pygmy-CrimsonFlare" Gilded Bloodscale Dragon sorts as "Bloodscale" Golden Wyvern sorts as "GWyvern" Gold-horned Tangar sorts as "Tangar" Guardian of Nature Dragon sorts as "Lugia" (as a reference to Pokémon) Imperial Fleshcrownes sorts as "Fleshcrownes" Night Glory Drake sorts as "Glorydrake" Misfit Pygmy sorts as "Pygmy-Misfit" Neglected Dragon sorts as "Sick" Nhiostrife Wyvern sorts as "Twister" Nilia Pygmy sorts as "Pygmy-Nilia" Red-Finned Tidal Dragon sorts as "Tidal" Shallow Water Dragon sorts as "Goldfish" Shimmer-scale Dragon sorts as "Prize 2012" Spotted Greenwing sorts as "Greenwing" Tinsel Dragon sorts as "Prize 2010" Two-Finned Bluna sorts as "Blunas" Two-headed Dragon sorts as "2head" Two-headed Lindwurm sorts as "2headcrypt" Water Dragon sorts as "Light-Blue" Yellow-Crowned Dragon sorts as "Suncrowned"Dinos Blue Dino sorts as "Yoshi-Blue" Green Dino sorts as "Yoshi-Green" Purple Dino sorts as "Yoshi-Purple" Red Dino sorts as "Yoshi-Red" Yellow Dino sorts as "Yoshi-Yellow"Holiday Dragons Valentine's Day Valentine Dragon sorts as "Valentine 2009" Sweetling sorts as "Valentine 2010" Rosebud Dragon sorts as "Valentine 2011" Heartseeker Dragon sorts as "Valentine 2012" Arsani Dragon sorts as "Valentine 2013" Radiant Angel Dragon sorts as "Valentine 2014" Halloween (Vampire Dragon is the only Halloween dragon which sorts by its given name "Vampire Dragon") Pumpkin Dragon sorts as "Halloween 2009" Black Marrow sorts as "Halloween 2010" Shadow Walker sorts as "Halloween 2011" Cavern Lurker sorts as "Halloween 2012" Grave Dragon sorts as "Halloween 2013" Christmas Holly sorts as "Christmas 2007" Yulebuck sorts as "Christmas 2008" Snow Angel sorts as "Christmas 2009" Ribbon Dancer sorts as "Christmas 2010" Winter Magi sorts as "Christmas 2011" Wrapping Wing sorts as "Christmas 2012" Solstice Dragon sorts as "Christmas 2013"
  2. UPDATE: The comlete list on the first page is back up-to-date.
  3. Check your PM's. I'm so curious if TJ will add more ToT's aaaaaand if there's going to happen anything more at the traveling carnival. A sea monster halloween dragon *le gasp* this would be so awesome!
  4. Sorry for the absence! *searches for a deep hole she can hide in* Thank you to all who helped to put the list back together!!! Lots of love and "thank you's" to you guys. I will see to it that the list in the first posts will be up to date in the next few days. (including the new releases) Thank you for your patience.
  5. If the first row of your 2014 Trick and Treat items looks like this: - your current total is 44 items. ( you have the duplicate glitch pumpkin) - Your current total is 43 items. ( you have no duplicate glitch pumpkin)
  6. I will update the list as soon as I get back from my vacation.
  7. I forgot to post that my other GoN x Carmine attempt also resulted in a Carmine egg.
  8. The winners have been emboldened Acorn VS Aero Akuma VS Alabaster Ambrosial VS Amour Propre Anathema Dragon VS Ancient Luminescent Angelfish VS Antarean (can't decide since I like both) Aposematic Water VS Apple Mints (both varieties) Aquamarine Dino VS Archipelago Arctic Bat VS Arctic Fox Argent Bat VS Argon Armoured Western VS Artistic Assassino VS Auroral Flareback Austral VS Azure Azure Glacewing VS Backflip Banana Pygmy VS Bane Barb-Tailed VS Battle Bear VS Bichir Biped VS Black Capped Black Dino VS Black Ray Lindwurm Black Shuck VS Black Tri Blackphase VS Blade Blazeback VS Blind Bloom VS Blossom Angels Blue Rose VS Blue Screecher Blue Tongue VS Blue-Streaked Bluver Pygmy VS Bog Lich Boreal VS Briar Brown Dino VS Bubble Bull Wyvern VS Bulwark Butcher VS Cactus Pygmy Caldera VS Calligraphy Caped VS Cascade Dancer Catkin VS Celestial Imitators Cerise-Winged VS Chameleon Channel-Light Dragonet VS Charcoal Charred VS Cherry Chi-Wing VS Chickadee Pygmy Chimeric Amphiptere VS Chocolate Tipped Cielarch VS Cinderwing Amphithere Citrus Wyvern VS Cleaner Pygmy Cliffhopper VS Colibri (can't decide since I like both) Comet Amphiptere VS Common Coral VS Coral Reef Corn Wyrm VS Corrosive Spitter Cowardly VS Crawler Pygmy Crescent-Tailed Moonflier VS Crystal Song Cyan VS Daedalean Dancing VS Dark Weaver Darkwing VS Dazzeltail Dragon Deathbringer VS Deep Cave
  9. Bred my Carmine with a GoN, they produced a Carmine egg.
  10. That's exactly the expression I wore my face when I read your comment and hatchling code.
  11. I think it's to early to tell their rarity. And since DragCave doesn't has an official rarity system we can only assume their rarity after a few weeks.
  12. I'm normally not someone to critique on a freshly released dragon...but that's exactly what's bothering me too. To me the stripes are not really flowing with the body (muscle) and wing structure but instead look quite "stiff". It gives me the feeling that they're hiding the detail which lays beneath them... But besides the stripes I really like the Blue-Banded dragon!
  13. Added the new sprites from the July release to the according posts. Blue-Banded [img=http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/80/Blue-Banded_egg.gif] - S1[img=http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a2/Blue-Banded_hatchling.gif] - S2[img=http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/33/Blue-Banded_mature_hatchling.gif] Carmine Wyvern [img=http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/af/Carmine_Wyvern_egg.png] - S1[img=http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/12/Carmine_Wyvern_hatchling.png] - S2[img=http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/8c/Carmine_Wyvern_mature_hatchling.png] Cassare [img=http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ce/Cassare_egg.gif] - S1[img=http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f5/Cassare_hatchling.gif] - S2[img=http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/78/Cassare_mature_hatchling.gif]
  14. Thuban, who braught this topic up, is colorblind, that's why she said that it will be quite hard to differentiate these three from each other while AP hunting.
  15. I just hope they're not neutral. Nope, no information here about that...I'm as clueless as you are. But TJ wrote in his announcement that: He also provided this snipped of information:
  16. I'm really curious if the new July dragons will be able to produce Avatars.
  17. Thank you JOTB and Nectaris for the sprites! Hmmm, if they will be able to create Avatars once they're grown?
  18. Maybe "The Book of DC Records" (<- link to the thread) can be of help with that, since it lists users which have the most dragons of a certain kind.
  19. Most healthy breakfast ever... blueberry muffin and a coke.
  20. Bumping SockPuppet Strangler's post. I'm also super curious about the Encyclopedia and when it may get accessible for everyone!
  21. I'm happy I'm not a beta tester ... because if I weren't happy I wouldn't be a beta tester too. Therefore congratulations to all beta testers who are able to test the new feature!
  22. UPDATE Updated the "Avatar breeding (3rd gen or higher):" list: When you breed an Avatar to an other dragon they produce either an: Avatar x "normal" dragon Avatar egg of the same kind as its Avatar parent Avatar egg which the Non-Avatar parent would produce Egg of the same kind as its Non-Avatar parent Avatar x Avatar Avatar egg of either the fathers or mothers kind (2 different avatars) Avatar egg of its parents kind (avatars of the same kind) Avatar x GoN Avatar egg of the same kind as its Avatar parent Added to the "Neutral Dragons: (only produce non-Avatar eggs)" list: Pillow All known breeding attemts resulted in Pillow eggs so far. (At least the ones people have send me lineage links of)
  23. UPDATE Added the following dragons to the "Neutral Dragons: (only produce non-Avatar eggs)" list. Albino Bright Pink Dorsal (purple & red) Heartseeker (since it's not their season they refuse) Pink Sweetling (since it's not their season they refuse)
  24. That's what I keep asking myself too. Never checked my e-mails so much on one day.