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  1. You just wrote what was on my mind the whole time. *lol* Ok, but they´re way to pretty, cute, shiny, beautyful and amazing to make omelet out of them.
  2. @ Nimrodel: Thank you. And I wish you good luck with your egghunt! @ Kwiggy: Thank you! Happy eastern to you too and enjoy the great easterdinner later with your family.
  3. Finally! With this catch I´ve got all 38!!! YAY!
  4. That´s exactly what I tought this year when the Sweetlings were released.
  5. So with this little egg I´ve got 37 of 38
  6. this little fellow is my number 35
  7. aww...you will find it. *cheers for Nimrodel* The while you can look at mine...but no touchy. *lol*
  8. Awww I´ve just got one of my personal favs. Take a look at this nice little fellow 34/38
  9. Oh i love it. *lol* And of course it will get a special place in my heart.
  10. @ Nimrodel: Ohhh look what I found in your basket --> egg number 33 . Come on you just hid it there only for meeee to find .... right?
  11. 32nd egg: tha allmighty avatar egg.
  12. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA I´ve just got the SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN That makes 31 eggs in mah pwetty basket! *happydance*
  13. *lol* now that´s a good hidingspot
  14. 30 eggs so far...and still...I need moooooore!
  15. 29 eggs in my pretty little basket. *lol* Everytime I find a new egg I keep saying to my roommate " *squeee* looooook this one is so pretty ans shiny and it's MINE, so stop staring at it!" Ooooohh... @_@ ... and me wants the deep blue one with the glowing swirls!
  16. Yay!!! Just found my 25th egg in Asandria's Easterbasket...uhhh now I have a "potato egg" *makes a happydance* Thanks to Asandria's generous basket.
  17. Uhhh 18 now [Gollum and Sea gull mode ON] MINE MINE MINE!!!....*strokes one of her eggs with a crazed look in her eyes* My preciousssssss you are all MINE MINE MINE!!! [Gollum and Sea gull mode OFF] [EDIT] Thanks to Fortune86 's Scroll where I just found another one.