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  1. send help i dont know what to do lmao THIS BED HATES ME I swear I didnt even set it down there (actually how even do I remove furniture ??)
  2. OH OHMY THE FRILLS THE FRILLS ARE GORGEOUS IM SO HAPPY I HAVE A MALE AND FEMALE OMG TIme to breeeeed themmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Females and males have different patterning Im in love aeirgnejt I can get bright pinks now A once unobtainable being for me lol !!!
  3. Im weeping because frills !!! FRILLS ARE BACK YAASSSS Im so excited omg.
  4. Is it just me or is the female sprite larger than the other two and the first male smaller than the others ?
  5. Did anyone figure a name for these guys ? Ive been calling them Comets lol.
  6. Considering april fools ettiquette states that jokes made after 12 in the evening make the one attempting to pull a trick/joke the April Fool themselves. thats all lmao. enjoy this info. Im not sure TJ would like to be the April Fool.
  7. Ive seen about 20 in the past hour. I cant grab any. edit:// so it lagged so hard and I sobbed in agony b/c it felt like another uber lag 0 egg i want to cry I finally got the 2nd egg Ive been trying all afternoon for.
  8. Blargh anytime an hourly drop happens if I click another biome or refresh the page LAAAAGGGG Its awful and very aggrivating :c I have one of these guys, and nabbed an undine but still.
  9. ;o; DC wont load any biomes for me. Just laggg
  10. I am now scroll locked in both eggs and hatchies... This is a first, so many graves and Desipis's ahhhh atleast I've now caught up with those that I missed. Also, first time I've seen such a back log of Halloween dragons ?? I don't think this has ever occured before has it ?
  11. I need to stop haunting the AP ... Ive got more than enough halloweens and Ive managed to bring up the number of graves and desipis that were nada to 4 or 5 each ... Im not even sure how many I have now ...
  12. I am in loveee with these guys, sadly I only caught 3 but there's always next year (I have 0 desipis's or graves starting this year, now I have 4 of them each and that can only expand next year 8D ) uvu Now to go think of some Irish word related names muhahahaha
  13. No Influence I don't mind so much what gender it ends up being ! owo PugWub is so very gender neutral ID
  14. Day: 2 (day 1 for me I missed yesterday ! ) Location: MURP I think Its cave bred ?? (I wasnt really paying attention lol) My Dragon: Copper Visiting Dragon: Shadowwalker Attempts: about 10 by now but with very little changes A shadow walker comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more sweets. anddd A shadow walker comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of sweets, but left to find a dragon with more mana. Are the only two status' things I have been getting
  15. isblrjhnrsy THANK YOU I JUST REALISED YOU CAN UNFOG LOL Its in an ER site Im wary about putting it in a 2nd one but if it ensures survival then I may as well >.>;; I will do the basic rules stuff thanks !! EDIT:// Laughing because PugWub just hatched ID By god thats the fasting hatching dragon Ive ever seen lol Edit. 2.0 I named it The Great and Might PugWub haha
  16. xO Ohgod I was busy with school and didn't notice my prize egg had arrived ! Are they usually fogged ?? https://dragcave.net/view/pUgwb ID I didn't even choose a code because I couldn't think of one but Im highly amused by Pug so Im gonna name it PugWub >w> Im sure my email said I was a 2nd place not too sure really haha ! I just sort of squeed for abot an hour because I didn't do much of the christmas event at all owo I think I played 3 times
  17. Managed to grab 1 , happy enough with the one Copper <3 I remember seeing these guys adults before Oh they are just so pretty as adults. Also I snooped around and found old pics of them somehwere.
  18. Third hourly drop attempt at catching crimson eggs. Nothing. Over 150 people each time trying to grab the eggs.
  19. ;u;'' Im happy I atleast got the normandy egg ;u;'' Ive got 19 eggs
  20. Lol my internet was off for the past 2 days because the company decided it was going to have a holiday and shut off my families internet. YAYY Now to catch a majority of the eggs today ;A;'
  21. YAYY <33 I should be in bed but ohwells <3 I got all 40 :3
  22. Some of the old ascended sprites that were made for that topic are viewable on deviantart aswell.
  23. Is it just me or on the Misfit pygmies adult description there is a problem with the word dragon ?
  24. Loving the new dragons <3 Happy 5th b-day Dragoncave ~