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  1. Fun little factoid I'd thought you'd all like to hear; This year's Dr. Who Christmas special, The Doctor flooded an office building with Pokémon (referring to Pokémon Go) as a distraction in one scene.
  2. Every minor you don't catch DIES. You monster.
  3. Like how the Aether Foundation was assumed the real villain within 20 seconds of it's reveal.
  4. Caught Lunala in the moon ball, and it only took me two tries!
  5. I have discovered the absolute best thing in the games. Wailord can learn Bounce. Bounce is a Flying type move.
  6. Did you trade away your null? Or is it level capped?
  7. Just got to the Ghost Trial and OMG it's a Fatal Frame Parody.
  8. The real question is what those orbs were doing in an antiques shop?
  9. To anyone still saying these games are too easy, I say Power Herb Solar Blade sunny day SWEEP.
  10. I just realized that Pikipek, Trumbeak, and Toucannon are all named after musical instruments, the piccolo, trumpet, and cannon.
  11. Hawii is the RAINBOW State after all.
  12. The RotomDex seems to have a ghost typed bias.
  13. Everything about Salazzle makes me question why this game is rated E.
  14. And they lied about it being a preorder perk, everybody can get one (not confirmed outside the states)
  15. All starters only have a 12.5% chance of being female. Even this one:
  16. I found it Hilarious how team skull is not taken seriously at all. I was speaking with the first trial captain, when the two skull grunts came up to interrupt, the Captain continued speaking like they weren't even there!
  17. He's the Heel Pokémon, Heel Wrestlers are the 'villains' of Wrestling, and dark types fight Dirty. He was dark from the get go.
  18. All I know that Red and Blue are headlining the battle tree (this game's battle facility), and the fact that Double battles is one of the modes means that one of my dreams will finally be a reality, A double battle against Red AND Blue.
  19. So I finally took on Primal Groudon, and I'm proud to say I was more prepared for this fight than any legendary I've caught. I bought 30 ultra balls, 20 revives, and a quick examination showed me that Mega Latios would be the best Pokémon for me to fight it with. I caught Groudon with the first ball I threw. I caught Groudon With the FIRST BALL I THREW. I might never find a shiny, but my luck with legendarys is a legend in of itself. I shoulda used the nest ball.
  20. I was fighting Saturn in Borderlands 2, when it's missile barrage hit me so hard the game froze.
  21. I'm disappointed that it looks like we won't get any new megas. I wanted my mega Hydreigon.
  22. I've detected a pattern with the Fnaf method of storytelling. There's a story thread that seems to lead to a certian plot, but then a new detail comes up that spine everything onto it's head. The second game was presented as a sequel, until the paycheck came dated 1987. I do think purple guy surviving getting springtrapped is thesable, but that jus begs the question of where that present corpse came from. We still don't know what the springlock failure incident was. It can't be Fnaf 4's bite, as anyone who's familiar with a mousetrap can tell you. When the spring suit is in animatronic mode, the trap is already closed, and can't fail. Sister location happens after the closing of a Freddy Fazbear pizzeria, limiting it to taking place after the second game. Prior to Fnaf 2, the location was called the Fazbear family diner. That wall that hid springtrap, corpse and all, needs to have come from somewhere. The wall was most likely built some time before the first game, meaning SOMEONE had to die with it on before then. The wall is not there in the Fnaf3 mini games, at a time when the building was in a state of disuse and decay. We started the story in the middle, and still don't know how it all began. The more pieces we get only reveal how many more we've missed. We need to know the beginning. In my opinion, I no longer think the animatronics were ever haunted. There's nothing supernatural going on. Fnaf is a crossbreed between Polybius and the Terminator. The different modules the Funtime animatronics had, Freddy's voice mimicry, Foxie's variable scent dispenser, are perfect gaslighting tools.
  23. The girl's voice belonging to Afton's daughter came from the girl's voice calling Afton's voice Daddy.