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  1. If you're starting a personal lineage, it can be whatever you like. If you intend to make it a group lineage, you should follow the guide for group lineages een though it's starting as a personal lineage.
  2. So people can get around the scroll lock of only four eggs per user.
  3. Getting what you want, any means necessary, mainly.
  4. How does that make what I said wrong? Your basically repeated one thing I said and only added to what I said. You might want to try contradicting me before you pick a fight with me next time.
  5. The best way to do that is to try to get friends interested, make a banner and make a thread describing your idea in clear sentences. The rest is up to chance.
  6. I support this, though I don't want to fully take the oath, because I breed whenever I want something from the breeding, but don't pay any attention to how full the AP is, what time it is or what commons are common. I don't mass-breed and only do breed when I have a specific need for a type of dragon. (Usually story-related. ) so I think this is a pretty good idea.
  7. Ooh, I love image two. I'll use it. though I really should work on a banner for here, I'm an artist yet I haven't done anything for the site other than edit an egg for my scroll link. (Yeah, that's my work down there, though the egg was taken from the site itself. ) edit: nevermind, too big for my sig. ;
  8. Sign me up, I only have one scroll and it's all I need. I like the idea of showing my progress on a single scroll. Plus I think it makes me feel important to build a common army. My scroll name's the same as my username here. Also don't mind if I try making a banner some time, I like making banners for projects (and need something to do with my Christmas present - A TABLET!) but I think the ones listed are awesome.
  9. This seems like a good idea... I've been raising these annoying and ugly commons for some time. (I HATE ANYTHING PINK AND GIRLY!) I might as well join a project and I like your terms the best. You don't have to keep the eggs and you said nothing about not breeding them. Did you? Didn't read most of the thread. > Wanted to join the Silver Egg thing bt they bore me. You can't release the eggs...
  10. At least you HAVE people interested, I made a banner and everything and the thing still isn't picking up. What'd I do wrong? Jeeze it really sucks when people with connections get the upper hand at everything. >_<
  11. those are called personal lineage projects and the guide explained them on the first page. In case you might've missed it, it's probably on the first or second part of the guide what is allowed of each lineage type.
  12. CB dragons are caveborn dragons, yes, they have no lineage, they're the founders of a lineage if you breed them.
  13. Well not sure if this was asked before since I didn't read the entire thread (pr even all of the first page, really. ) but can you post a lineage project you want to do before you have the eggs to do it? Like, say, someone has a female magi dragon and they still need a male, is it ok to just go ahead and post your lineage thread even if you don't have both starting dragons or even if you have an egg of one of those starting dragons but are unsure of the gender?
  14. Well this sounds like a good idea. I'm new here and trying to possibly become a successful breeder but there are some things I'm wondering about. Why is this important and what exactly does it mean?