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  1. Psst, Star Ocean is developed by Tri-Ace. Squeenix merely publishes. I've played some Dragon Quest games. To North Americans they're pretty bland, but in Japan they're all the hype. <.> And I haaaate Toriyama D:
  2. RAMMMZAAAAA. You badass mothafugga, you. I totally need to replay Tactics. It's one of my top five favoritest FFs. >.> Speaking of abusing the naming feature... Cloud = Chocobutt Barret = Mr. T Tifa = MegaBoobs Aerith = An Hero Red XIII = Furry Cait Sith = Pussyfart Cid = Fuck You Vincent = SuxUrBlood Yuffie = Narutard YESZ! Edit: I dodge the censors yet again!
  3. So... speaking of FFWiki, how 'bout that Dragon's Neck Colosseum they have, eh? The world's gathering of FanDumb and Unpleasable Fanbase are let outside of their cages to wage war! I think I vandalized that page once. And got away with it. Even the admins know not to enter that hellhole. Hai! It's-a me! Lurk lurk lurk lurk lurk... ... I didn't get into X-2, btw. I never liked X either. =/
  4. It's funny in FFIX when the screen turns black and then only the party leader is left. How eerie. o.O My main parties I can think of off the top of my head... Terra, Celes, Relm, Strago (lolwut) Cloud, Vincent, Yuffie Squall, Quistis, Irvine Zidane, Garnet/Eiko, Freya, Steiner/Vivi Uhm... Tidus, Yuna, Auron Everyone in XII except Vaan. He's only level 11 in my endgame file.
  5. I'm headed for Oerba, right now I'm fighting Hecatoncheir... The game is getting really hard, and I know it'll just keep getting harder. ;_;
  6. I finally got myself a PS3, and I did three things when I did. Bought the two cheapest, but still awesome games, Mirror's Edge and Eternal Sonata. Watched Advent Children Complete. And started playing FFXIII. ACC... what can I say? Wow. Just wow. Why they couldn't do this 5 years ago is beyond me, but I can finally understand what the fuck is going on the whole time. The added scenes, the lovely revisions, the better animation, an actual reason for Denzel being there. It's all darn awesome. Now ACC is my favorite game-based movie evar. Srsly. Currently on Chapter 5 in FFXIII. I can ignore the extreme linearity because the game's graphics are so sexy. *drool* Hope is adorable by the way. Lightning, I think I'm in love with you~
  7. I gave up on Re:CoM. Really, grinding is a pain, the computer is a cheating ***. I just give up. Plus, Namine's replacing voice actress is terrible. She's so monotone.
  8. It's more like constructive criticism. And I wholeheartedly agree. She isn't trying to bring anyone down, she's just trying to help improve the site, but has become impatient since nothing is being done.
  9. If Nobodies don't exist... They why are they there? They're made of physical matter. They interact with normal people with no problem. If they're a soul and body, that means that they exist. What, you're telling me "existing" is figurative? You know what, forget it. This whole subject made people's brains assplode from the pure ridiculousness of it. =/
  10. Played Phantasia, Symphonia, and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, and gave up when I realized how much they suck (Ugh, the voice acting! IT BURNS!). You'll have to pay me to play another one.
  11. I saw FFXIII action figures at freakin' Wal Mart today. They only had Vanille and Snow though. And they're too expensive. <.<
  12. The game says that there was once a Replica project planned, but it never got through. So they really only made Xion and Repliku... Unless they pull another out of their a$s in a future game. o_o
  13. Oh, even if they make it, the fans will hate it. Final Fantasy rivals Sonic the Hedgehog in the most unpleasable fanbase.
  14. Haha. The two (or was it three?) FFVII sequels so far haven't fixed any plot holes, but instead added a truckload more of them. People have been demanding a "true" sequel (an RPG, the entire main FFVII cast be playable again, ect ect) for years now. Remember when FFVII was ported to PlayStation Network? "OMMMGGGGG, EFF-EFF-VEE-EYE-EYS REEMAYK U GAAIIIIZ, LOLOLOLZ. LOOK, " I'm serious. That was my nephew's reaction. I had to beat it into him what the hell "Tech Demo" meant.
  15. Zexion is quite popular, just for the wrong reasons. He's rather flat personality-wise, but he has cool hair and is a silver-haired bishounen. Yaoi fangirl trap ahoy! My favorite is Xion, personally. I know she's quite* on the Xarmy-Sue side, but somehow I still like her. =/ *understatement
  16. If Wikipedia isn't lying to me, it appears BbS will be out in the 'States on June 1! 8D I played the series in this order: KH II > KH I > CoM > KH II (a few years later, and I played through the whole thing, and actually understood what the hell was going on) > Re:CoM > 358/2 Days > BbS is next~ *cough cough* I dun like Axel much anymore. Like they always say, fandom abuse kills interest.
  17. I already bought FFXIII. But I don't have the PS3 to play it on. That reminds me, I've had a copy of Advent Children Complete for several months now. [:
  18. You know what the creepiest part of Snow's Shiva bike is? Where the heads are located. Or the fact that they have heads on the bike form at all. I mean, Transformers at least had the point of hiding them.
  19. Wait, what? They're gonna remake AC again? Or are you confusing it with Advent Children Complete, which came out last year? ACC had a Versus trailer that came with it, btw. But it was nothing new.
  20. Everyone at mah school are Zelda nerds. <.< But then there's the large group of Xbox 360 nerds. At least I have a small pretty big group of friends that waste their lives playing everything. And I mean everything. Like all of us here. ^3^ Tsk tsk, when are they gonna start revealing more about Versus and Agito XIII?
  21. Ha... If I lived in a bigger city, there'd probably be a huge party going on at the local game store. But noooo. I live in a backwater town, and PS3s are still so darn expensive. Ah well, birthday will be in a month, who knows. I hope FFXIII won't be ruined by its linear-ness, more-of-a-movie-than-a-game-ness, and flat character-ness. It has amazing music and graphics, though...
  22. I'm a newbie there. I kinda suck at taking care of these things. o.O;;
  23. I feel like listing all the ones I own. 8DDDD Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Final Fantasy Origins Final Fantasy III DS Final Fantasy IV Advance Final Fantasy IV DS Final Fantasy V Advance Final Fantasy VI Advance Final Fantasy Anthology Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (I have the limited edition of the original, and Complete on Blue-Ray.) Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Dissidia Final Fantasy Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Mah favorites are IX, Tactics, XII, VI and V, in that order. Yeah, BE JEALOUS, BIOTCH.
  24. http://www.gamesradar.com/f/why-final-fant...092110430183032
  25. I really want Terra from FFVI to be in a KH game. Buuut. There already is a Terra. <.< Maybe they'll do what they did with Rikku, and just not say her name? ...Terra, Celes, and Relm as floating pixies? x.X But I did notice that "Riku" and "Rikku" are spelled/pronounced differently in Japan. Riku is リク Riku, while Rikku is リュック Ryukku. Just a little piece of trivia.