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  1. Portal 2 skin?! *squees so hard*
  2. Holy shizz. This is so awesome it rocks my socks. Too bad I'm not as active here as I used to be...
  3. Depends on the continuity. The Archie comics has several (Sally, Mina, and Fiona just to name a few). There's Elise from the-game-which-shall-not-be-named. And that's not getting into popular ships... Shhh, I secret ship Sonic x furry!Elise. Pairs off well with Shadamy. Shaaaaade~. I want moar of her. She was a rip-off of Lara-Su, but in a GOOD way. She fixed all those darn issues with Lara. I can picture Bean the Dynamite having a cute kiddy-crush on Wave. Seems just like him. <3 One last thing~ I appreciate when Tails' mechanical skills aren't totally blown out of proportion and is running around doing nothing but being Sonic & co's tool box. He has other redeeming qualities, you know? Luckily Sonic Chronicles fixed this.
  4. First I killed a Shallow. It was a hatchling I meant to freeze, he grew up accidentaly. Unsuccessful. I then tried one of my many extra Vines. He kept dodging the killing blow. Unsuccessful. Tried another vine. Success~ Now have my first Zombie, a male. Now trying for a female or a hatchie. I'm not that desperate for it, so I can always wait 'till next year.
  5. Favorite characters are Mighty, Shadow, and Espio. (I also love to Honey the Cat, cookies if you know who she is.) Heh, I love how on every forum you get completely polarizing views on the series from different people. IMO, I have the Nostalgia Filter turned off, so I have a neutral view of the whole series. The older titles were fun. Not as OMGFUKINTEHBESTGAEMEVAR as everyone makes them out to seem, but fun nonetheless. The Sega Saturn mostly produced crap, so nothing memorable there (R.I.P., Sonic Xtreme). Sonic Adventure, however... that game has aged. Horribly. If anything, it's broken. Blame me for playing the DX version, but I see very little good in it. The only Sonic games I played after SA were the Sonic Advance games (they're awesome and need love), Sonic Battle, Sonic Rush, and Sonic Chronicles. As you can see, I've avoided the main console games. I may give SA2 and Shadow the Hedgehog a try someday, but we'll see. You can't pay me enough to play Heroes, '06, or Unleashed, though. Just no. Sonic Colors looks very promising, however. I might even get both versions. Who would've thunk it. Not into the comic series. Way too many characters + Mary-Sues (there's actually a character named Mary-Su. Ha).
  6. DoC holds the place of the worst FF game in the whole franchise, IMO. It's like they were trying to suck out the success of Devil May Cry...
  7. Hai guise, remember me? Genesis is a creep. This is turned up to eleven in fanfiction where he's a sex crazed lunatic. D: Nggghhh... I mean to get The 4 Heroes of Light, but eh, financial issues. I ADORE the art for that game and the main characters are freggin' adorable. <333
  8. Er, were you playing it on the NES? ...Am I the only one who has?
  9. I wants a Freya plushie!! ...And a Fratley one if they even exist. >.>
  10. Assassin's Creed. I fail at stealth so bad I'm surprised the game hasn't told me to f*ck off.
  11. I still say Sonic R is the worst of them. =/
  12. Poor FFVIII. All it wanted was to be a little different. :< Speaking of which, Zelda II has become a recent favorite of mine, black sheep or not.
  13. I see someone's been reading TV Tropes. ...I'm one to talk. I lurk this page.
  14. So i herd they released new Versus XIII screenshots... http://scrawlfx.com/2010/06/high-res-final...iew-hit-the-net Smexeh. On a random note, Freya <3
  15. I recently played Chicken Shoot for the Wii. It plays so much like a Phillips CD-I game that I had to gag. The game comes with a plastic gun. You put the nunchuck near the bottom, so that the Z and C buttons can be pushed as the trigger and the Wiimote is put along the neck of the gun (plus, getting the wires all sorted out in that thing is hard shit.) But here's the catch: you shoot with the B button, and reload with A. The nunchuck has no purpose whatsoever. So the game is about a billion times easier to play just holding the Wiimote on its own. Yeah. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Then there's the motion controls and the horrible graphics-- *is knocked out with a brick*
  16. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. It ruined my childhood. Well, maybe not as much as the countless Spyro pr0ns on the 'net, but it still did. And Big Rigs. Everyone should know about Big Rigs.
  17. I like the scythe girl. I totally be playing as her. She even looks like some genderbent of Vincent. o.O
  18. Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Attempting a 100% speedrun. Going okay. :>
  19. Ho . My PC most definitely couldn't handle that. Good thing I have my trusty PS3 to deal with un-comprehensible graphics. But then again, I can't afford MMOs regardless. I <3 the Miqo'te. The Lalafell are adorable too. I've been playing through FF Tactics: The War of the Lions for the first time in years for pure nostalgia. I only wish there were more of those remade cutscenes with high doses of eye-candy... I yearn for more. T-T
  20. And just for the safety of minors I shall only link to this one. Oh shi-- I stretched the page.
  21. Dawn of Mana. It's an old one that's been collecting dust for years. I just wanna beat it. >.< Not that it's a good game... it sucks hard, actually.
  22. Ah yes. The naming system in the original Final Fantasy. On the NES I just went ahead and gave my four noble warriors fittingly brave names... ROFL, PWNT, LOLZ, and HAXX. Guess who was named HAXX. Guess. ...Yeah. My first time playing FFI was on FF Origins, and back then I had trouble coming up with names with no defauts availible. So who do I ask for inspiration? My mom. Her idea of a warrior name is "Slash". So I've stuck with it ever since. :] Out of habit I also name White Mage "Star" (it was a name on one of the screenshots in the manual). And before I'm done here: Dang.
  23. Bioshock on PS3. Now I see what all the hype's about! I love it, though I'm not a big fan of FPS...
  24. Has 8bit Theatre finally ended? For real this time?