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  1. I assume the fact that you were probably successful has nothing to do with that opinion? Had this been a one-off for last year, I'd have agreed, but since it was brought back this year, I think it should continue to be brought back every year as a tradition - perhaps, as Guillotine says above, with different surrounding nonsense.
  2. Has it been confirmed that the game will return at all next year? My impression is that this was a one-off. I appreciate the advice though - although if they can't be traded this year, I'm not sure if they could be abandoned either. I'll keep an eye open, though.
  3. ...How unfair. I normally don't like to give TJ grief over things like this, but some warning would really have been appreciated. I'm not laughing at this 'joke'. Thanks for the quick answer, though.
  4. Out of interest, if you get eaten are you permanently unable to get an upside down mint...?
  5. The Dark Luminas aren’t new. Their Spriter mentioned that the lights and darks were designed/sprited together, and lights released first for some reason. The current state of affairs was the originally intended one.
  6. It was back before the Frills were introduced the first time.
  7. Well, Here is her DeviantArt, but I can’t contact her through it as I don’t have an account.
  8. Yeah...isn’t there some contract that has to be signed that the sprites on DC can only be used here in DC?
  9. Sock has never been the only Global Mod. The most active/helpful, yes, but never the only. _Z_ is a global mod as well, and has been for a good many years now, and I swear to god there is/was another as well.
  10. Because he tried fast retirement and got mobbed.
  11. Although Kila and Neph DID make several alts, the Black was indeed originally meant to be Kila's, before she switched to the brown to give hers as a gift.
  12. The 'no offspring' limit on the BSA is also something that would never happen, as TJ has said he doesn't like to limit how others play the game. IE, he wouldn't want someone to be forced to never breed a dragon they might want to change on a whim - that's why there has been no such limitation on the Aegis's. ...This is, again, ignoring that it's Kila's request that the Sweetlings stay the way they are. Why they were changed at all, I have no answer, but changing to give everyone both just...is never happening, being realistic. Not to mention that Neph - the other Spriter behind the Sweetlings - might have been part of the decision too.
  13. Something that I think a lot of you are forgetting is that the Black Alt was Kila's Spriter's Alt that she gave up. Giving those affected by the auto-abandon glitch her alt was Kila's idea - not TJ's - and his original desire to retire them altogether suggest, to me, that he regrets that decision now. The reason TJ is so unwilling to allow Black Sweetlings to breed true, or reappear through a BSA or the like...is possibly because he sees it as a disrespect to Kila to say 'I know you gave up this sprite as a gift to a group affected by a glitch...but I decided everyone can have your gift. Sorry!'. Not saying he does, mind you, but it's a possibility. It's very possible that TJ would love to re-release them...but feels as though he can't. And no amount of pleading or begging or demanding will change that; even if Kila isn't here anymore...it's possible he just wants to cover his ass in case she does come back - or there could be legal ownership issues involved..
  14. I would imagine so, yes. You can get a CB Vampire by biting a CB Egg, so there's no need to have them drop in the biome.
  15. How do you collect new costumes?
  16. Why does TJ have four Dusk Pygmies if the sprites are the same? Doesn't he only do that if he they have dimorphism?
  17. I would, personally. I think it sounds like a fun little thing to look back on.
  18. I'm deliberately staying out of the actual conflict here, primarily because DCs fanbase (as a collective) kinda sickens me in how ungrateful it can be - both towards staff and each other - and this discussion is bordering on descending into nothing more than harsher worded variants on 'my point is better because I say so and you suck' - something both sides are guilty of (although another reason for not getting involved is that I legitimately see both sides here - I've used discord before, and agree it's easy to use, but likewise I find the IRC homely and don't even have a brick phone - I don't have one, period, although not by choice). But yes, Fuzz's point does stand, because RoD literally said everyone has a phone and could take Discord with them when that, frankly, isn't true. I agree that an older phone, like Fuzz, or no phone, like me, means that even IRC wouldn't work on-the-go...but RoD was, indeed, wrong, and Fuzz was correct to point that out.
  19. I assume because they protect the weak and fight injustice.
  20. That's...incredibly selfish, and also not the point. Regardless or not of whether or not I agree with the whole thing, the Black Sweetling was Kila's alt. It was the one she wanted and put her time into for herself, and selected personally as the reward she wanted for a job well done. Yes, she got the Chocolate alt. instead, but that doesn't invalidate what she did - it compounds it. As I recall, Kila and Neph made several Sweetling colour sets, and eventually, with TJ, selected the pink one for the site, and the Black and Rainbow ones for themselves. They could have given the users who lost their one-time-release-not-merely-extremely-rare-all-year-round-eggs nothing, or one of the unused palettes. But no, as a personal apology to all those people who may have had plans with lovers or friends or what-have-you, and got up early/stayed up late to catch the new Dragon, Kila decided to gift them her own chosen alt. and select another. She didn't have to do that. She could have just given the affected users the Chocolate alt. or one of the others (there were upwards of ten, if I recall correctly), but she wanted the apology to be more personal. It's disrespectful, and immensely entitled to see a gift like that and say 'no fair, me too'. I mean, on the whole, there are a lot of good points either way, and if it came down to TJ putting it to a flat vote, I'm not sure which side I'd ultimately be on, but claiming Kila's sacrifice is an invalid reason is just sickening, and a symptom of the greater problem of the staff of this site not getting anywhere approaching the level of respect and gratitude that they deserve. Speaking of Kila, it's her you'd have to convince, not TJ, as I believe he's said he'd never change it without her consent? I know he's said that regarding the Snow Angels and Solstaces (and the reason the Solstaces did change was because Odeen allowed them to, whereas the Snow Angels remain the way they were designed to be). It's the same thing with Gemshards when people complain about the way they breed - they were designed to breed the way they do, the creator doesn't want it changed, so that's that. Asking once is all fine and good - Odeen was responsive in the case of the Solstaces - but repeatedly hounding TJ to violate the wishes of someone who put so much work into the site...is just wrong. Hypocritically enough, I've even seen some of those same members say that they'd be very angry if TJ changed the way their dragons work, whilst simultaneously hounding him to change the way others' work. Funny, that. ... And suddenly I remember why I never post here anymore.
  21. I think 'The artist that gave up her Spriter's Alt wants them to remain exclusive' is an understandable reason. One that can be questioned or argued, maybe, but it's perfectly understandable reasoning.
  22. So, I'm trapped in the Cultist's Grotto? Every time I try to leave, I just get redirected back there. Like, I type 'GO WEST' and it DOES take me back to the Entrance Tunnel...and then I type GO SOUTH or EXAMINE LEAVES and it says I'm back in the Grotto, and that those command are invalid. Help?
  23. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
  24. Three artsy photos of me; one with my step-mom when she visited me here in the UK, and one of me cosplaying as Keima Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows for my then-girlfriend (not that I don't cosplay on my own - I do).