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  1. Ants - they freak me out. it's ok to look at them, but if one of the crawl up on my foot, arm..whatever.. touch me in any way i'll probably pass out. Blood tests - not afraid of blood, not afraid of needles, just blood tests. last time I had to take one I cried for hours before and after, almost hit the nurse because he took the test before I was calm. haha, i'm actually so afraid of it that you can poke me in the arm where most blood tests are taken and i will faint. seriously.. Heights built by humans (tall buildings, bridges etc)- yeah, thats a weird one. I have no problem being on a mountaintop looking down, or climbing a three and look down etc. But heights built by humans, that totally freaks me out.. even climbing a ladder is incredible difficult for me.
  2. Got my two eggs ...Really quick too. Just woke up, signed in, clicked two eggs, voila! Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. hurrayhurrayhurray! with the teleport i probably actually got a chance at a gold :')
  4. Probably not going too giving them names. Besides one of my ridgewings, I havnen't named anyone of them for ages. I'm terrible at names anyway, so I guess it's for the best anyway
  5. woah! The adults are awesome! I love them! Can't wait 'till my hatchlings grow up
  6. Catching eggs for a few more now before I go to bed. PM me if you need help!
  7. I'm still catching for anyone who needs help Just send me a PM
  8. I'm still open for catching eggs if anyone need help Just send me a PM.
  9. Still catchin PM me if you need help.
  10. I'm free to catch now. Send me a PM anyone who needs help
  11. Aw, you're very welcome. It's actually my first time catching for others, I never thought it would be so much fun! Get a kick everytime the "get code"-box comes up!
  12. I'm still catching, so if anyone needs help, send me a PM.
  13. I sent you a PM a few minutes ago Meden
  14. Think I'm lucky today 4 eggs for myself and 8 eggs for my friends.
  15. Yay! caught my 4 eggs in just 10 minutes! Happy Halloween/Samhain everybody!
  16. yeah, not that many with that name ^^ hehe, weeell, everybody say it different, but I prefer e-seh-leen or ees-eh-leen. (some of my english friends actually have problem pronouncing it right, so they just call me icecreamgirl )
  17. My real name is Iselin, so just added -osaurus so it sounded like a dinosaur. It's a joke that startet with my friends a loooong,looong time ago. I betted that i could put anything before -lin in my name or anything after ise- and it would sound cool, so someone asked me why I never tried with my whole name. so then the nickname iselinosaurus was made
  18. my first kiss.. my first boyfriend I was 16. Was visiting him, playing videogames and such. We weren't a couple, so I took a chance, laid my arms around him and gave him a kiss. It was ok the first time, but the second time we bumped teeth.. got a bit awkward for some minutes(or.. many.. like an hour or something), no one said anything, just stared at the TV D:
  19. Fluent in English and Norwegian. And understand and write(obvious, they are so similare to Norwegian) Swedish and Danish. Also understand some French, but thats not much
  20. Prefer a PC, for the reasons Syaoransbear said. ...and I don't understand what linux is doing in the poll.. its a os, not a computer.
  21. got about 20 more males than females....hm, now that I'm aware of it, I gotta fix that :')
  22. I don't care. I'm not interested in any linages or anything. I'm just collecting the dragons because I think they look nice, and it's something cute and fun to have in my signature on forums.
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    The Embers are awesome!