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  1. Thanks for the warning. Was about time to change my password...
  2. My favourite one was "You're so beautiful, gold dragons get jealous! -From Dawndust"
  3. I snagged a Copper hatchie from the AP, went to check its lineage - and itis CB!! o_O
  4. AWESOME! What a nice Birthday surprise as my birthday is also May 22nd! Can´t wait for the new eggs!
  5. Wow, the new eggs look soooo awesome and the hatchies are adorable! If only I could get my hands on a holly then my Christmas would be perfect. Happy Holidays to all of you and have fun!
  6. Finished all my cooking and baking for the raffle and now I just can´t wait for the new Holiday Dragons to arrive!! Stalking the AP as well, but there are many many past Holiday eggs. So I decided not to breed mine yet. But I am happy to see that there are definitely more Holly eggs this year - although I am way too slow to catch one. Well, will keep trying! Happy Holidays to all of you and good luck hunting and cooking!
  7. It´s my Birthday today and TJ gave me a new egg release as a present! YAY! Grabbed two new eggs and bred two of the new Hibrids!
  8. YAY, new eggs for Birthday! And it´s my Birthday today!! HOpe I´ll catch some new eggs
  9. YAY. Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I caught my two eggs within a second (which I find a little strange, never got them that fast) and now I can try my luck Holly hunting. Good luck everyone!
  10. I suppose all HOllies are a myth, I haven´t seen one yet and I am stalking the AP for years (as it feels). But I have bred one of my Snowangels with a Sweetling, I just like that pairing. It gave me 3 eggs, unfortunately I can´t see any owner on the eggs pages. So if you caught one of my Beauties (their parent´s family name is Casmodian) I´d appreciate it if you´d PM me. Thanks. Good luck to all for hunting the new eggs tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Don´t have a Holly And I haven´t even seen one in the AP so far. And trading for one seems impossible as everyone just wants CB Metalics (sometimes even multiples) or Neglecteds or similar high-valued Dragons for their Holly or they just want a blood swap. Looks like I will never get one. *sigh*
  12. Well, almost Christmas and I haven´t bred any of my past Christmas dragons. NOr have I seen a Holly in the AP. What a pity. I guess I´ll just have to be content with catching me two new eggs and give up hope on ever getting a Holly.
  13. Wow, awesome! I always loved Balloon hatchies but now they are even cuter than ever!! *huggles them* Really nice idea!
  14. I have never seen CB Gold CB Silver in the Cave. And then there is - of course - the elusive HOLLY I just cannot get and the Neglecteds. But besides those I am only missing a CB White... - just checked my Scroll and found that I do have CB White without knowing...
  15. Wow, I finally have two of this year´s new eggs. And I have to say a big THANK YOU to all those really generous people around here who PMed me and offered to gift or trade me one or more of their new eggies. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! Thanks again!
  16. They look awesome as always! Really good job spriters. Unfortunately, I wasn`t able to go online last night and completely missed these :-( Now I am stalking the AP but have not too much hope of getting one or even more. Seems my last chance will be trading
  17. Really great idea, I like it. But I am close to going crazy. I have all 39 objects and just need the final one. I am in the stupid ballroom and whereever I turn - nothing. Can`t find my way anywhere.... Help? EDIT: just found it. YAY
  18. AlexiaLea

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    YAY, finally. And I already locked myself with 7 nice eggs.... as expected
  19. YIPPIE!! I love DC and TJ!! *kisses*
  20. Whoa, the adults are really amazing. and soooo cute! I cannot decide which I like most, for they are all awesome!
  21. I am happy I caught mine yesterday as today I am totally hung over. It`s my birthday today and we celebrated all night until 5 a.m. ... I love those cute littlte eggs and hatchies, couldn`t have hoped for a better DC birthday present (for me and DC)... Enjoy everyone! I will be off soon to celebrate some more and have some cake :-P
  22. Wow, the hatchies are all cute. And tiny ;-) Hope they won`t get lost in all that chaos and with so many people running around trying to catch them :-P
  23. Ha, just locked myself with 2 crazy-swirled eggs, 1 heavy tiny egg and one brightly colored new egg. I had hoped to get a pearly one but that will have to wait I guess. Good luck to everyone who is still hunting!
  24. Well then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DC! It is also a nice early Birthday surprise for me, cause I am turning 30 on May 22....
  25. I have all dragons on one page because I dislike having to switch to another site. And I sometimes look at other people`s scrolls, mostly to check on my dragons offsprings. Or when I am in the trading section I check what those people have on their scroll that I would like. Mainly I do check on the eggs and hatchlings and then I scroll rather fast down, only stopping when I find something intersting (like a Dorkface or some rarer dragon)