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  1. I want to bite/gift Forum Name: KazeMunster PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=48491 I don't mind being contacted? Yes/No: Yes feel free! Special requirements about your gifts? None c:
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    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Wow, those are some really beautiful dragons <3 I hate myself for missing the event...
  3. Finally, my first Captcha! I present to you: CAPCTHA Signing That!
  4. Journal, How annoying the young ones are! They constantly burst into thy door, disturbing thee from thy work. Why can't thee get any peace? Doth they not know that this dragon is enduring such for thy clan? It is for the better of them, doth they not understand? They are too young to comprehend such things, methinks. But still, most of them are frozen ones. They must know better... Enough of this ranting, it is not good for thee. Today I accomplished much work. I practiced thy spell, the one that thy has created some centuries ago. It is very good now, near perfection, I must say. They say that no such thing is perfect, but thy does not agree. Most of thy- I mean my- spells are perfect. Augh, thy- I!- English is not perfect still, though. I (haha, not thy!) will keep trying until I get it. I must create a new spell, it bores me when I have nothing. ~Radieux Scintiller, Magi Dragon
  5. 28th Day of the 3rd Month of the Season of Ice My my, I haven't conducted an update in a while. Before all else, news about Lady Kaze and the... er... world. Lady Kaze has been writing a lot lately- mostly descriptions for the dragons in the caves. She keeps interviewing everyone of us and then writes the information on a notepad. Every hour, she drops off these descriptions written on separate scrolls inside the Description Building. Lady Kaze spends most of her time there too, 'reviewing other people's works'. I asked her why she has gotten all obsessed with this, but she only stares at me, giving me weird looks. I didn't get a straight answer, though. However, Lady Kaze mumbles some stuff when she writes; they give me clues on what this is all about. Most of the time she says 'goal' and 'must do' and 'Terriah'. I didn't get the last one, but I think it's some person. Oh well, as soon as she writes descriptions for all of us, she will stop... I hope. Anyway, a lot of dragons have joined us since my last update. There are... dinos, such as Inky, who now reside in our cave. A purple one, named "Ecarlate Inconnu', a yellow named 'Jaunir Inconnu' and a blue dino hatchling named 'Azur Inconnu'. These creatures are weird. They are especially stupid- gods, they don't even know their gender! It is difficult to put up with such idiotic beings. I cannot stand them, honestly. Aside from the dinos, we have some other Etincelle recruits. Meilleurs Amis, a gold dragon whose genes and.. whatever were manipulated by Scinintiller, has joined us. He is lovely, really. Cijam, that is his nickname, has multiple personalities, every one of them represented by a type of weirdness- obsessive weirdness, nerdy weirdness and so on and so forth. Morrigan, another CB Black, is also new. Everyone is a coward, they won't talk to her in fear that she would eat them or something. Well I spoke to her, and she is quite nice. Those prejudiced dragons- they dubbed her 'Morrigan the Phantom Queen'. How mean. Oh, and another vine hatchling was found abandoned in our garden. She has become the second member of the Vine Army. Cute little dragon. Oh yes, the vampires bit throughout the week. Most of them were failed bites, sadly. Now there is a pile of crushed eggs at the back of our cave. There were some successful bites, however. But they were traded off. I suppose that is all. -La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  6. My personal favorite. Amour Dans L'air ('09 Valentine)
  7. 21st Day of the 3rd Month of the Season of Ice Much has happened since my last update. Good and bad alike. I think I shall start with the pleasant news, and later the not-so-pleasant. Our 'sweetlings', those adorable Valentines dragons, have hatched. The first is named Bonbon Miam, and his brother, Sucre Gamin. They are expected to grow up sometime later today. Also, we have 2 new Dinos in our cave- a purple and yellow one. Inky, our only dino before, is quite happy with the new company, though they will not be frozen in their hatchling state. Both of them are still unnamed. And the last, but not the least, is our newly hatched black hatchie. Like Soir Guerrier, the black is CB. Lady Kaze looks at our cave with admiring eyes. Me thinks she is remembering the days when she realized the dragons did exist, and she had only me as company. Those were rough times, but we enjoyed it... Anyway, time for the bad news. Vallis and Nu bit recently, and failed. Of course, Vallis doesn't care if he killed a poor embryo, but Nu.. oh Nu. He keeps bashing his head on the cave walls, repeating "Why? Why me? I killed a dragon. I can't believe myself.." He's can't accept his failure. I don't really know if trades are good or bad, since we give away one of ours, and in return get another. The egg Vit bit (ooh, rhymes!) was traded off. We have no idea what we got in return, since Lady Kaze says it's a surprise. Vie and some others can bite today, but our cave cannot hold any more eggs. We will wait. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  8. Journal, It has been decided. Artemis, I must say, speaks fluently with a purpose. He defended himself quite amazingly when he was questioned. Based on what we have heard, the vampire is kind-hearted with good intentions. He told us his past, which I must say is quite sad. The poor dragon has gone through a lot. Artemis was bitten just like every other vampire (minus the originals, of course) and was thought to be dead. They got rid of the egg. He was very sick- his shell was soft from being bruised by the strong winds and kicked around by dragons and animals alike. Because of the many injuries caused, the egg was broken into two. It was a miracle how he had survived. 2 days after his "hatching", Torin, leader of the notorious Scanraithe Coven. There he was brought up to be like them; hateful and merciless vampires. But Artemis didn't want to be like them. Secretly, he denied Torin. Only when is forced to, Artemis would drink the blood of a dragon. He didn't kill just to watch them suffer, nor frighten some innocent human. He stayed there because he felt like he owed them something for saving him. But it was simply too much for him. Artemis Cearc is now an Etincelle dragon. He did not choose a coven, but decided to be with Faye Ange. I hope he spoke the truth, because we're actually starting to like him. Such a shame if he turns out to be a traitor. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens
  9. Ooh, interesting! You found a good and entertaining use for the CAPTCHA x3 May I join?
  10. Chicken forever! I personally don't like the dinos, except the hatchies which are adorable.
  11. Continuation. Journal, There were 7 dragons all in all. "I think we've got them all." said a male one in a hissing voice. "Think is not good enough, Amery." said another male, whom I later found out was the coven leader. "Who cares about them others? We have most of the clan." a female spoke up. "We'll be caught if they rat us out!" said a male one behind me in a frightened tone. "Hush, Dillon! You're such a baby. Since when do we worry about getting caught? We'll be gone before they even realize that a cave is being attacked. Right, Artemis?" said the leader. He turned to another male vampire, looking absentmindedly at Dori. "Artemis! Focus!" he screamed. The one called Artemis snapped out of his reverie. "Yes... if we don't take all of them, that is." he said, still string at Dori, who was across the room. "But I want all of them!" said the humongous female. "You heard him, Nibead. We can't take every one, lest you want to be taken by those no good Vampire Hunters." said the femalewho spoke earlier. "Anyway, I want this one..." she stroked Soir, who turned his head in disgust. "You can have him, Ciera, you seductive mistress. I want this one." Everyone started pointing at various dragons in our fallen cave. I watched in horror. They were fighting over us! I shook my head, unwilling to believe the destiny of us Etincelles. While the vampires were bickering on who gets who, Artemis advanced toward Dori. I watched him with curiosity. From where I was tied up, I could hear their conversation. "Where is your sister?" he asked silently. "How dare you do this to our family!" she hissed. There was silence for a brief moment. "Where is Faye?" he insisted. Dori was shocked. Artemis waited patiently for her answer. After a few moments, he spoke up again. "I am expecting an answer, Snowangel." he muttered. What nerve he had! Dori opened her mouth to answer, but she stopped when someone screamed. Faye was standing at teh entrance of the Salle de Rassembler, staring at the scene before her. It took a while before the vampires could comprehend the situation. "Get her!" they all lunged forward. But Artemis was much quicker. In about a second, he was standing on front of her protectively. Everybody was confused, even them. "Artemis, you fool! Get out of the way." Torin, the leader, spoke in his usual low tone. "Nobody touches her." Artemis snarled. "Traitor! Cearc! Traitor!" screeched another female. "That's right, Hecaint, you crazy bird. Do you know how we deal with such offense?" he asked menacingly. Hecaint smiled. "Death! Death!" Faye was afraid. "Artemis? What is happening?" she inquired. I was surprised. She knew this vampire? Artemis' eyes were glowing blood red. He took a step forward. "You can't take on us all, Artemis." Amery smiled. At that exact moment, the vampire ran toward me, destroyed the rope with his teeth, and did the same to Via, Nu, Vallis and everyone else. What happened next was a blur, but I had this nagging feeling that I should side with him. Apparently, that's what we all were thinking of. A battle followed, but it didn't last long. The small coven eventually surrendered after Torin was killed. The Etincelle clan in safe again, but we would have to question Artemis further. He's in trouble, that is for sure. But not so much. ~Vit Buveur 14th Day of the 3rd Month of the Season of Ice What a week this has been! Thankfully, the attack has ended, and we are in peace again. Artemis Cearc has decided to side with us. He has not yet left. I think he wishes to join our clan... hmm, I will think about it. We have questioned him already. Apparently, Faye has been seeing him for quite some time now. He loves her, and she loves him. Classic love story. How romantic. And on Valentines Day! Lucky girl. I suppose she saved the clan. Anyway, time for an update on last week's progress. The pink egg that was a gift from someone in this particular lineage (I shall call the lineage eggs) hatched and grew up. We named her FF Aria. Chaleur and Feu's magma is also an adult now. We named her Pas Eteint. The Valentines take a while to grow up, but one is an adult already. Amour Dans L'air is her name. She had a Valentine egg with Soir, which we promptly gifted to a human without any. The other valentine, Fair la Paire, will grow up soon. Hopefully, they (her mate will be Azur Etalon) get a Valentine egg or two so that we could gift them too. D'or Attrait successfully bred a gold egg with Achever Pur. Lady Kaze might trade the egg though, along with the vampire hatchling Vit bit. Also, it is Valentines Day, and the mysterious yearly eggs have appeared. Lady Kaze managed to get two, and she carried them back to the cave in a silk blanket. They are very pretty... words cannot describe their beauty. Lady Kaze insisted that they be put in my den, and that I watch over them carefully. Or else, she threatened. That is all, I believe. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  12. Journal, That was terrifying! And this comes from a vampire dragon, what more. We are... fine... I suppose. As of now, at least. What a night! I shall relate to you what happened. In my last entry, I see that I was cut off short. Someone grabbed me by my tail and pulled my backwards, making me drop my pen and journal. I closed my eyes to keep myself from throwing up, because the crazy dragon was spinning me around. How strong the thing was! The dragon let go of me eventually, but because of the momentum, I crashed spine first on the cave walls. I could have blacked out, but my systems wouldn't let me. I opened my eyes, and right in front of me, was a vampire dragon... a femme who was twice mt size. I gasped. Usually, female vampires are cunning with a love for culture and fine art. They leave the fighting to the males... but this one was different. 'Different' isn't even an appropriate word! She was muscular and enormous. Bigger than that fool, Joli. She grabbed me and slung me over her shoulder. I winced in pain. Obviously, they don't care a thing about the welfare of others. I could still hear screaming and the thumping of feet. The others are probably unaware... oh my. Every minute or so, a dragon came running here, to the Salle de Rassembler. Then they would gasp, then try to run back, but the pursuer was blocking the way. I wanted to cry, but we vampires aren't equipped with tears. My captor eventually got tired of babysitting me and tied me up, so she could join the others in their fun. Belle sat across the room, her eyes piercing me. "Vit, do something!" she said telepathically. I didn't answer her. I couldn't. After a while, all of the dragons in the cave were gathered.. or at least they thought they did. I counted the dragons, and some were missing. Faye, Brai, the mints and the pygmys except for Banana and Marti were not there. Probably hiding, good thing too. ~Vit Buveur This is pretty long, so I will continue it later.
  13. Journal, I plan on peaking to the leader of the wild coven on the other side of the river, but only when things go wrong, or they do something terribly bad. I prefer being diplomatic over being a war freak. Also, I should tell La Jaune or 'Miss Annie' about the coven and their dangers. I think I would have to lecture her about the 'Wild Ones' too. Hmm... I think I must go now and confront her, before it is too late. Ah well, see you soo- Good Lord! I hear Ailette screaming and D'or too.. I must go and check this out. Oh God. OH GOD. The 'Wild Ones'.. they made it insi- Dear Journal, This time, I will bring you with me, Journal. I will not show you to him, of course! Not with all those doodles and drawings and scribbles littered all over the pages.. how embarrassing. I bet he is here already, no doubt. He always is. How odd.. he isn't here yet. It's been an hour! Where could Artemis be? I tire of waiting, but I must do so. I can't just leave now... he promised he'd be here today. Did he forget about me? Not likely.. Maybe he's busy hunting or something. Artemis will be here. It's been 2 hours... what time is it now? Oh, 1:00 AM. Normally, I wouldn't bother the time as long as I have my Artemis to talk to. But now... oh. Where is he? I need to go back already.. Oh dear. Sigh. Dori would be suspicious if I stay any longer. Tomorrow then. I shall question his whereabouts and how he could leave me all alone in the dark. He knows I'm afraid of it, that naught boy. I'm writing this as I walk home. It's quite a trek, because we meet at the end of the river, near the falls. Oh well, I'm almost home now. I feel heartbroken and terribly scared. I don't like walking home alone in the dark. It didn't matter much before because I always felt airy after my rendezvous with him. Everything is a blur around m- what is that? I can hear screaming from the cave. I must keep you now journal, as I will investigate. I hope nothing is serious.. ~Faye Ange Oh my, what have I done? I post an entry with a different font and suddenly, you are all enlightened! I have brought you to the light! ...Or rather, a new discovery. Sure, be creative with your new found fonts. Thank you, thank you
  14. Dear Journal, Dear me. I was so lovestruck, I didn't realize that Valentines Day was barely a week away! How romantic. Valentines is my favorite time of the year... except Christmas, of course. I am a Christmas Spirit dragon. The Valentine dragons are breeding like rabbits, but most of them failed in getting an egg. I visited the AP to see if I could find an egg there, but all I found were whites and pink with Valentine mothers. Stinks. I've been in the AP Cave for what? An hour, I believe. I didn't find a single egg. I really wanted to surprise Lady Kaze... I bet she'd love one. Instead, I flew back home, without anything in my claws. But on the way back, I suddenly thought of something. There are groups of humans in this place I recently found out called the "Forums". I waited beside one group patiently, and sure enough, a human was holding two Valentines eggs. I ran to her and made it before the mass groups of people could get to her. I asked if I could have one, and guess what? She said yes! The human girl, which I later found out was called "LizzyLuna" handed me the egg. I was so happy! Lady Kaze would be so proud! I carefully cradled the delicate egg, not really wanting to break it or have some other greedy human snatch it. I flew home swiftly and cautiously, then wrapped the precious little treasure in a white blanket. When Lady Kaze got home, I hugged her gently and presented the gift to her. My eyes were popping out from their sockets and I was grinning ever so widely. She was confused, but nevertheless, unwrapped it. You should have seen her face, journal! She squealed and jumped and hugged the speckled egg in her arms. She wrapped her arms around me and mouthed "Thank you!" in her hysteria. On the way to the nest, she skipped and laughed. It made my heart flutter to see her so happy. I felt like a saint or something. If I'm lucky, I might be able to get her one of those rumored "new Valentines eggs" people have been whispering about. ~Faye Ange
  15. Journal, This is bad. It's worse than we thought! We finally identified the cause of the strange feelings and daily nightmares... though we wish we hadn't. There is a clan- rather a coven- of vampires nearby. Wild ones, somewhere across the river. No no, these are dangerous. Perhaps I should educate you about these.. different ones. Vampire dragons who don't live in caves in which other dragons and a human dragon keeper reside in are called 'Wild Ones'. As their name suggests, these dragons live in groups also called as covens and wander around aimlessly, hunting for prey. They don't have a permanent cave to live in. Now what is highly dangerous about them is that they are way stronger than Cave Vampires because they drink more blood than us and actually prey on other dragons. I find the idea barbaric! It's like cannibalism to me. Anyway, a coven of 4 Wild Ones can wipe out a whole cave. That is how strong they are. You see why we are so afraid? If they cross that river, we are doomed! ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens 7th Day of the 3rd Month of the Season of Ice From now on, I shall conduct my updates in an organized manner. I shall do them at the end of the week, which is Saturday. Much better. And while I'm at it, Lady Kaze finally named the other dragons. Baldaquin Planeur (male canopy), Deux Ailette (female bluna), Vif Nageur (male bluna), Mer Fillette (ungendered frozen bluna), Brai Favori (female alt black), Dielle (female vampire), Argent Cygne (male silver), Do'r Attrait (female gold), Yeux Seduire (male gold), Chaleur En (female red) and finally, Froid Cale (male magma). Whew, that's a lot. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan Dear Journal, I met him again, journal! This time, he told me that his coven lived across the river. We talked for a long time, actually. What else had he said? Oh yes, he said that his coven is called the Scanraithe Coven. They travel a lot, journal! He says that his coven hailed from a human place called Ireland. Pretty far away. Until next time, journal. Faye Ange By now you might have guessed which book I've recently fallen in love with.. hmm?
  16. Journal, So I am not crazy. But I wish I was. Those sounds... the odd feeling... I have confirmed it's existence. My fellow vampire kin; they sense it too. We cannot identify it, sadly. But it freaks us out. I cannot describe the feeling... it's dark and sends depressing vibes. It makes us sad. It makes us lose hope. It makes us feel useless. What could it be? Truth is, I wish I didn't know. I want it to go away. For good. But it doesn't happen. It won't. Never will. Life doesn't work that way. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5th Day of the 3rd Month of the Season of Ice I know she has school and all, but the cave does not fare well without Lady Kaze. She didn't even visit us for the past 2 days or so. She says she has an important role in a production, and needs to practice for extended hours. Sigh. I need to teach the dragons to be independent.. there is no progress when Lady Kaze is not around. They act like mindless zombies. Speaking of which, mindless zombies doesn't make any sense. Zombies are brainless, so why add the adjective mindless? Anyway, I'm drifting away. Update time! As of the moment, we have 2 eggs and a hatchie. Quite low for our standards, really. As I said previously, nothing happens when Lady Kaze is not around. So.. our male bluna, and female red grew up today. We froze the bluna Sel and Marti bred too. The gold hatchie and vampire egg are both ER, so they would be growing up/hatching soon. Also, the new red and Feu bred today (yes! success!) and produced a magma egg. All of the mentioned dragons are unnamed still. Lady Kaze hasn't gotten to that yet. Perhaps in the next update. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Journal, Ohh.. what a wonderful feeling! I've heard that word many times before, but it is only now that I understand it's meaning: love. Why, journal? I felt it. I fell in love! With someone no one would have expected me to even like. His name is Artemis Cearc. I met him some nights ago, beside the river. I chose this particular night to gaze upon the stars splattered across the endless sky. I closed my eyes for a while, then felt a presence. Oddly enough, I was not scared. A nagging feeling told me to open my eyes, and so I did. He was there. At the risk of sounding cliche, it was love at first sight. A lone dragon was staring at me from across the river, his eyes boring into mine. He didn't speak at all, journal! When I blinked, he was gone. I went again the other night. I didn't see him, but I felt his presence. He was hiding, and I knew it. "I know you are there.." I said. If someone like Marti caught me in the middle of the night talking to no one, she'd call me crazy. After what seemed like 7 minutes, he appeared.. this time behind me. He only spoke a word, and that was "Hello." It went on like this, speaking only a few words at first, then talking in sentences. On the 4th night, he told me his name. It was an unusual name, but I liked it. He is a vampire dragon, too. If Dori hears about this, she would be hysterical. I will be meeting him tonight, I'm so excited! ~Faye Ange
  17. Journal, I find less time to write in you. Sorry. I shall tell you a fact, my papernacked friend- I will be writing less often. Only when something comes up or I really need to pour out my feelings, I shall resort to you. Anyway, I need someone to talk to. Let us keep this a secret... until I confirm my suspicions. In my very first entry, I mentioned that our race's senses are more advanced and such. Why did I mention this? Because I feel something... and it isn't good. I was awakened last night. There was a vibration in the cave floor, I swear. I asked the other vampires about this, but they didn't understand a thing I was saying. Could I be hallucinating or something? I hope so. The next night, I was awakened again. No, I did not feel any vibrations any more. I just felt... awkward and the slightest bit scared. Instinct, perhaps? Not sure. I hope I was just nervous. I really REALLY do. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens
  18. Journal, Sigh. Giselle bit unsuccessfully. Yes, I believe our incredulous luck had ended. Shame. The next vampire who can bite is Maxinne. She will be able to bite an egg in... if my calculations are right, 9 days. That's more than a week. Adele's hatchling is ungendered still, but it will soon grow up. Hopefully, it's first bite is successful. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Covens 30th Day of the Second Month of the Season of Ice Time for an update. As of now, we have 3 eggs and 1 hatchling. A gold egg, a red egg, a bluna egg and a vampire hatchling. The gold egg is very pretty- Lady Kaze traded a vampire egg for it. The red egg was a gift from one of her close friends, whom I do not know the name of. The bluna was also a trade. In exchange, Lady Kaze gave the other person a gold egg- one of Lure and Blanc's children. She does not tell me much about her trades, but I'm pretty sure the person she traded with was the same person as the one who gave her the red egg. Aside from the young ones, we have some additions to the cave. Our first Bluna, who is female and still yet to be named and a male Canopy who was found as a dying hatchling. Hmm... that is all. Not much happening. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  19. Mine are all French based, just like all my other dragons. I have 3 'covens', and that's how I'm keeping it. The first one includes Vit, Vie, Vallis, Via, Vincent and Valerie Buveur. Their naming scheme is quite obvious, really. French names/words beginning with the letter V. They all end with Buveur. The second coven includes Nuit, Giselle and Audric Etant. No particular naming scheme, but they have the surname Etant. The last one has 2 members. Adele and Maxinne. Their naming scheme is quite tricky, I don't think there's any, actually. I suppose they vampires my vampires didn't bite will go there.
  20. Journal, Luck doesn't last long, I tell you. Our streak of successful bites ended with Adele. After that, it all went downhill. Audric Etent, newest member of Nu's family, bit too hard. The egg cracked open, and the developing dragon died instantly. I could see it in Audric's eyes- he wanted to cry but could not. It was not in our nature to do so.. we do not cry. We are virtually dead. We are empty... sometimes I even wonder where all our consumed blood goes. Anyway, I am drifting away. As I said, we do not weep or such.. the closest we could do to it is make silent clicking sounds. We are not immune to sadness though- we are, after all, still dragons. The next bite was done by Vincent Buveur, the egg bitten by Vallis. It seems like he was not traded away.. perhaps it would be Adele's egg instead? Anyway, Vincent was luckier than Audric. I guess. He took a lone Canopy egg and bit it. The egg was transformed successfully, and we rejoiced. Could are luck have returned? The answer was no. It happened at early dawn- we were all asleep. Not even Lier, our resident guardian, could keep his eyes open for long. We had not Sunrise dragon in our cave. A group of bandits snuck in the cave and stole the vampire egg. How do we know? Cheryl's ear-splitting scream woke us all up. She caught a glimpse of the no good thieves silently exiting the mouth of the cave. We were too late though. Humans- they are fast and stealthy. Or not.. we were all drowsy and weak in the early morn.. especially us vampires. We hoped that all of the eggs and hatchlings were safe- they were the most important. All of them were untouched and all there... except for one. Vincent was hyperventilating. His egg has been taken! Sometimes I don't know what to think of such acts... why? What have we ever done to them? We humbly submit ourselves.. right? They practically own us. They control us. And yet they steal the one thing that is most precious to all dragons- our eggs and hatchlings. I am a very peaceful and democratic dragon, despite me being a vampire. I do not think bad thoughts, but I cannot stop myself from plotting revenge. They have drawn the line! How many times has this happened? Many of our future clan members... lost. Unthinkable. I will stop babbling on and on about this. It is unhealthy for me. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampire Clan
  21. Journal, Apparently, there is luck in the cave. It's all around... not only for us vampires. There were many successful breedings and lucky catches and all. We feel like the luckiest dragons alive. Anyway, back to Earth. Our eggs are now hatchlings- one is Via's, another Vallis' and the last one belongs to Nu. We're pretty sure one would be traded away for a couple of the 'new' hatchlings. Nu and Via won't give up theirs.. Vallis... I don't know about him. He isn't like the rest of us. He broods and sulks most of the time, gives sarcastic remarks and always speaks in a monotonous tone. Via is somewhat like him, but she cares. She's deep and moody- but she knows how to love. I think I will have some trouble with Vallis. ~Vit Buveur, Leader of the Vampires 24th Day of the 2nd Month of the Season of Ice Vit has been saying this lately- luck is everywhere. I have to say that it is true. Apart from the steak of successful bites, some pairs have produced some eggs. Lure and Blanc, in the pat two weeks, have produced 2 gold eggs. One has already grown though, and she is still unnamed. We also have a new silver, still unnamed and a 'Bluna'. Lady Kaze said that among the new species of dragons, the Bluna or Speckled is the rarest of all. We were lucky to get our hands on one. And we are expecting another, actually. More vampires too. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  22. Journal, These past two weeks have been successful. In our cave, we have 8 grown up vampires. 5 of us, including me, bit our own eggs in these weeks. And guess what? All of us were successful in transforming normal eggs into vampire ones. The whole clan is celebrating! It's quite wonderful, really. How lucky we are. In my own coven, we have two new members- Vallis and Via. In Nu's coven, they have an unnamed hatchling. Giselle will be able to bite in a few day's time. Adele's coven have an egg. There is a lonely vampire egg Glacier found abandoned while hunting. When it has grown, it shall choose the coven it wishes to be part of. Well, that is all I believe. We will continue to pray for our good luck. WHo knows when it shall cease? ~Vit Buveur P.S. Tank you, mystic_solara! You made my day <3
  23. Journal, It's been a while, hasn't it? We've been quite busy in the cave. Kaze comes here less often. When I asked her about this, she blamed something called 'School'. The way she described it, school sounded like torture or something. "It isn't that bad, though," she said "you learn things necessary in life. Without school, zombies would have nothing to eat." I laughed at her joke. Despite the busy schedule in the cave, I had time for this though. Finally, after a month's wait, I was able to muster up enough venom to bite another egg. Vie accompanied me to get an egg from the AP. We returned to the cave minutes later, with an egg between my teeth. The chosen egg was a brown one with blue stripes. I knew what is was called- a whiptail- because we vampires often chose this egg to bite. Many vampire clans have this certain rule and that is to never EVER bite an egg with parents who would miss it. The whiptail egg was caveborn, just like the rest of us... all except Nu, because we just found him alone and abandoned. Anyway, I'm drifting away. Everybody gathered to watch me bite the egg. Slowly, I lowered m head. 1... 2... 3. I bit it. Of course I was nervous. What if I killed it? I hated taking the lives of innocent beings. While I pondered the possibilities, everybody stared in awe. I came back to earth when Vie nudged me. She pointed to the egg on front of me... the brownish black egg with a decorative cross smack in the center. I couldn't believe it! I successfully transformed the egg! My happiness could not be expressed in words alone. It was rare for a vampire to have a streak of 2 successful bites. That was 6 days ago, though. The egg I bit is now an ungendered hatchling. Vie takes care of the little dead one most of the time... maybe it will recognize her as it's sire? Or in her case, dame? I don't really care though. Her first bite was a disaster, and she ended up killing the egg. Anyway, she'll be able to bite today. We will see what will be of it soon. ~Vit Buveur, Vampire Clan Leader. 16th Day of the 2nd Month of the Season of Ice Lady Kaze has just gotten returned from school. She hasn't visited for... a week now? I don't blame her though, school can eat up most of your day. There are these new eggs appearing in the cave. 4, to be exact. We haven't seen any yet, because Lady Kaze can't seem to snag one. She's really excited about them. Hopefully she'll be able to get at least one. It breaks my heart to see her come home with her hair in a mess, wounds on her body and a discouraged expression on her face. Maybe I will go to the cave myself and hunt for these so called new eggs. Apart from that major news, we have some updates in our own little clan as well. The CB Black dragon Lady Kaze loves so much hatched, gendered male and grew up. His name is Soir Guerrier, but the frozen hatchlings, whose nicknames always stick, call him Gerry. Everybody calls him Gerry now. He's a very skilled warrior and likes to fly around. The hatchlings enjoy watching him beat up trees for no good reason. Or practice, as he calls it. Its isn't really the best time for a rampage or a war of sorts, but best be on guard. No one will know when something like that could strike... Aside from him, we have new additions to the cave. After nearly a month of trying, Lure and Blanc finally produced their second gold egg. Their first try was successful and they got their wish of a gold, but the following ones were whites. Well, until now. Another new addition is the egg Vit Buveur bit. Days have passed and it's a hatchling now. It will gender soon... I can feel it. Everyone is rejoicing at their success. Vie Buveur, Vit's 'daughter' will bite sometime later today too. Everybody is excited. Will she ruin the happiness, or will she contribute to it? Only time can tell. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  24. 8th Day of the 2nd Month of the Season of Ice It's been a while since I've done an update on our ever-growing clan. With all the festivities and events, it's hard to keep track. Now everything has cooled down a bit, I can resume my daily tasks. Many dragons have joined us since the holidays. Belle Valencha Dusk Dorkface, a purple; the twin Snow Angels, Faye and Dori Ange; Hiver Carillon, winter son of Epoque Aimer and Chute Feuilles; Hungry Banana, a pygmy; Cheryl Dorkface, a white and three new vampires: Giselle Etant, Adele Dorkface and Maxinne. Besides those who grew up, we have currently 2 hatchlings and an egg. One is a magma, like Chad and Feu, one a winter, another offspring of Epoque and Chute. The lone egg is a Cave Born black Lady Kaze pampers. To me, the black egg is just like any other black egg, but to humans, maybe it's much more than that. So.. that is all for today's update. Nothing much has occurred today. ~La Jaune, Leader of the Etincelle Clan
  25. Journal, Oh dear.. distress. Again. The egg Adele bit hatched and grew up recently, and she was named Maxinne Budeur. I have not the slightest idea why she chose 'Budeur'.. it sounds a lot like my clan's surname, Buvuer. Anyway, I'm going off-topic. As soon as she matured and gathered enough venom to bite an egg, she did so. It is customary that we warn the dragon about the consequences of biting. And as always, no one listened. So, Maxinne, or Maxi, chose a whiptail from the AP and brought it back to the main cave. All of the dragons surrounded her to watch. Since we just moved up here from the Dungeons, it was the other dragons' first time to see an egg being bitten. Maxi is an impatient one- she sank her teeth down and didn't release them until 10 seconds later. To our relief, the egg that was once a leathery brown color with blue stripes turned into a smelly, dark brown egg with a decorative cross in the center. Everybody was awestruck, and it was Maxi who broke the silence with a 'YAY!'. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We went out to hunt afterwards. Maxi was reluctant to leave her egg behind, but we made her comply... that was the worst mistake I've ever made. Once we returned, Maxi headed to the separate nest for vampire eggs. She screamed. 'My egg... it's gone!' she wailed. Everybody rushed to her side. Adele tried comforting her, but it was of no use. I asked all of the dragons if anyone took it or if anyone saw it. The answer was, of course, no. Scini offered to help by casting a truth spell upon the clan. She told me to ask again, but the answer was still no. What happened to Maxi's egg still remains a mystery. Until now, she broods in a corner. It's not pleasant to see her like this.. we're thinking of adopting a new egg for her. ~Vit Buveur