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A huge thank you to Akreon for my lovely avatar. Check out her awesome web comic, Off White.kalista.png stopbsl.png

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    CB Bright-Breasted Wyvern (Male)
    CB Deep Sea
    Nebula (CB Male or a Blue female from Ice/Blue Nebula cross/checker)
    CB Nocturne (Female)
    Red (CB Male priority but will accept all)
    CB Ridgewing (Tan)
    2nd gen Shallow Water
    CB Swallowtail
    CB Winter

    Rare and Up:
    Black Alt or CB Regular
    Gold (CB Female priority)
    Ice (CB Female priority)
    Silver (CB male most wanted dragon on wish list)

    Would prefer CB, especially for all commons, and will I usually only swap commons for other commons. For uncommons and up, I may also accept 2nd gen purebreds or stair steps, unless it's a metallic or a holiday, in which case, I'll take what I can get. ^ ^

    IOUs/Breeding Requests:

    Note: Any inbred dragons on my scroll are rescues from the adoption page and *are not* available for breeding requests. The same rule generally applies to cross breeds, but I may make an exception in certain circumstances, such as rares.

    If you're interested in an egg from my purebred Stop BSL lineage, please PM me for details. For information on Stop BSL bloodlines, please click the link in my signature.

    IOUs Owed to Others:
    ~Mercury - 1 EG5 Tinsel x EG4 Ice/Blue Nebula checker (No interest 6/29)
    ~Sinsdaemn - 1 EG5 Tinsel x EG4 Ice/Blue Nebula checker
    ~Infinis - 1 EG2 Gold x CB Ice
    ~Coyote - 1 EG2 Gold x CB Magma
    ~Myouki - 1 EG2 Gold x CB White
    ~Kaoto_Susanao235 - 2 2nd gen Whites from Winter Magis, 2 2nd gen Whites from Walkers (1m, 1f from each, unrelated. 2/4 sent. No interest 6/29)
    ~TheGrox - 1 CB Swallowtail, any gender
    ~Immorta - 1 EG3 checker from Silver x Marrow (3/18/13 - SUCCESS! Trade Sent)
    ~GoldenPhoenix - 2-3 CB Dark Mysts
    ~Tayiadragonbite - 1 SS4 Tinsel from Soldier or Adonis (Still trying - so sorry for the wait!)

    NOTE: Irish, (my CB Gold), is now unavailable for breeding requests until IOUs are filled.

    To those waiting for a Tinsel egg, SUCCESS!!! I have finally managed to breed a 4th gen Blue Nebula for Estel! Cross your fingers they don't refuse, and get ready for some shiny eggs!

    To those waiting for a Gold egg, Irish isn't being terribly forthcoming with eggs. >.< I'll continue to update the list as IOUs are filled, and I won't be taking new ones unless he starts to breed a little more consistently. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

    IOUs Owed to Me:
    ~BloodyKisses123 - 1 CB Vamp
    ~Sinsdaemn - Stairstep Gold Tinsel from Spun Silk
    ~gogetassj4dp - 2nd Gen Ribbon Dancer x CB Purple Ridgewing
    ~Silence2 - 1 EG2 Silver from Amadeus x CB Blue Nebula
    ~Karobb - Generously gifting a 2nd gen Ribbon Dancer x CB Gold. Thank you so much!
    ~zengardens1996 - 4th gen Tinsel egg from Bronzen Queen
    ~Kaoto_Susanao235 - 3rd gen Silver Tinsel from Norok Vahlok
    ~GoldenPhoenix - 4th gen White with Spriter's alts in lineage
    ~MikaIkeda - 3 Red hatchies, non-inbred (1/3)

    IOU References: