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  1. Yeah Finally have an egg from them http://dragcave.net/lineage/tDXdb
  2. This! I totally missed the post and would have had all tokens if i knew. I only miss one and would have loved to have all colours to decorate with.
  3. YES YES that would even be more amazing but a lot of people don't have CB Yule's I would really like that horse in an Alt form
  4. Gosh i really would like to make something like this Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Ohh really liked today story!! Saw one of the christmas carol movie's just a few days ago with the kids And i really don't understand how i could have missed it yesterday but i just really adore the new horse it's beautifull!!
  6. this is sooo much fun, a lot of sprites are just gorgeous with the new colour or decorations. I also really like the storybook idea and getting to read a part every day.
  7. Hi, Just send you a PM. First tinsel is on the way (other tinsel decided to first do a no interest, and then refused the 2th rosebud i tried ) so it took a while but finally there
  8. My hubby and i really love the Zelda games!! I think we have almost everything from NES to Gameboy, the 64 and WII (and yes everything is still working ). We even collected the walkthrough books and special edition stuff. Now the new game is coming in 2 days can't wait to play it.
  9. I have 3 IOU's running atm. If i promise something i update the persons name and what i have to give them in my profile and i also update it in my file that i use for breeding.
  10. Another no egg produced week for me
  11. Thank you!!! I already have a partner in mind for this one
  12. WOW i just love these....but the description is mysterious to me : Shadow Walkers are wary creatures, though on dark Autumn evenings when the leaves fall to swirl in the chill, rain damp air, they may be seen drifting out from the shadows. but they will be visible the whole year around???
  13. Hi, Is there anyone who could create me a tinsel fail with perhaps gold tinsels in it as a partner for This little beauty?
  14. What ever you do......Do not dump the Thuwed!!!! lolz I think you could try to put an IOU in trade? A lot of people who like thuweds would like offspring of the one you have. So maybe you could ask for a hatchie of the new halloween dragon for a promis (IOU) for an egg of the thuwed? Just an idea ;-)
  15. I was just on one fansite (posted like a page back) in between that time i checked eggs....when i saw soft shell and owners who had aid on i put in there name and got the sick eggs unchecked. That where 19 people in the time between the last post and this one. the new eggs seem to already get sick with 124/100 (saw a lot around those views) but also a lot with above 300/250. It would be so sad if a lot of them would die because you just can't get them after today
  16. Just now i went to one fansite and took a lot of eggs that where sick out of the hatcherie. And most of them (6) where new players but i also had one player with 7 and another with 5 eggs. So please people do not put your eggs in today, they are getting sick really fast. And yes the players had accepting aid on
  17. The "longest drop"is at xx:00 then every 5 minutes so xx:05 xx:10 till the next xx:00 drop
  18. TJ his eggs should hatch any time now.....at 4 days
  19. I tried the same and was thinking the same as you are doing now....but other people where reporting they where catching eggs....so i tried something else and refreshed on the 5 minute marks and clicked...and that worked and i saw at least 1 or 2 of the 3 eggs
  20. Yes they do but they drop when the time changes...so you only have to be like 1-2 seconds behind to refresh and the eggs will already be gone. Like Fortune86 said also make sure your clock is timed with the DC one...or use some worldclock you can watch.
  21. What i did: - Use firefox - uncheck load images and java in options - then place your mouse where the word egg is going to be. - And then watch the clock....when the time changes to xx:05 / xx:10 / xx:15 etc refresh and click - for the drop on the top of the hour do the same but when you miss an egg don't move your mouse but use backspace and refresh again.
  22. Are they dropping in all biomes in the 5 minute drops? Because my computer is loading really fast but i don't see the eggs anymore......i did before but not atm
  23. Ehmm lol that's what i'am saying.....it's still not easy for people and that is frustrating....but before the biomes i wouldnt even think about hunting the first few hours because there where soooooo many people in the main cave.
  24. But before the Biomes there where the same 900 - 1100 people hunting in the cave at the same time The first few hours of halloween / christmas / valentine are always crazy
  25. It will help to look in all the biomes, earlier when one was without eggs they where still dropping in some of the others