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miryana.jpgSigNDSmack.gif ARK2-1.gifTel'aran'rhiod Lineage: 7/8 CB Female Albino, 7/16 CB Male Swallowtail, 6/8 CB Female Ice.Wish list: Low Metallics, 2th gen black from CB Silver x CB Black, pretty lineages.

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    Oct 20 IOU: Karobb : 6th EG Gold (Avarice'Amnell x Cheshire'Amnell)

    Everyone can PM me about a request. Everything you see on my scroll is open for breeding (some rare ones are not ;-) ). But some of them have set partners....just PM and ask nice and you will get a positive reply.

    what i like/wishlist:

    (3th gen) white stripe from white stripe X gold
    low gen thuweds
    even gen lineages
    CB gold/Silver (lolz)