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Full wishlist is in profile. I'll breed anything on my scroll for free on request; just send me a PM! :3 I accept IOUs.Flight Risingedit_zpsc289805f.jpgdctranslationbannerb_by_diaveborn.png2v9t93o.jpg

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    Swedish means six hours ahead of cave time; if you think I'm ignoring your PM or offer I may just be asleep. :3

    I am always willing to breed for free on request; just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do! I have no problem with IOUs when it comes to trading or breeding.

    Needed holiday dragons/holiday mates:

    2G Hollies (Holly x Any)
    2G Yulebucks (Yulebuck x Any)
    2G Valentine '09 (Val '09 x Any)


    2G PB Black Alts
    CB Blusang Lindwurm
    CB Coppers (All colours)
    2G PB Dark Green Alts
    CB Golds
    CB Golden Wyvern
    CB Pinks
    2G Shimmers
    2G Tinsels
    CB Reds
    CB Tan Ridgewing
    CB Silver
    2G Silver (Male Silver x Female Whiptail)
    2G Whiptail (Male Silver x Female Whiptail)