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  1. I think I had an albino rabbit before and a baby tortoise(I dunno what kind). Is that considered exotic? I really want to keep something rare or exotic, but my parents won't let me. D:
  2. Can I request for a Palkia and Dialga? Thanks ^^
  3. yay! I can see this topic perfectly! EDIT: closest post I ever made in News sections
  4. I never thought youll get a badge for splash!
  5. I never actually thought that they'll be easy to catch! got 2 of the sea and 1 with the markings on it. I guess i'm lucky. *cant wait to see them turn into adults*
  6. CardCaptor Sakura I don't watch anime often.
  7. still havent got one but... good luck to me and anyone!
  8. I think overall, it's easy(well, except for zombotany 2) Still trying to get the golden trophy though.
  9. It's a very awesome game. I love repeating Dr. Zomboss' Revenge.
  10. The sunsong is so beautiful!
  11. Finally got that pretty swan egg! *cuddles it*
  12. so.. we can keep them? forever?
  13. i have only one saw on the cave EDIT: i have a lot of them now!
  14. i want a sun but my computer is sooo slow i'll try my best to get one *goes to the cave*
  15. Thanks a lot Leany for my siggy banner and the new SilverLila banners!
  16. sorry for double post but here's a pic of the new male dragon: http://dragcave.net/view/v61d Its soo...awesome!
  17. what's doable? Is that a typo or something (sorry can't understand english well) and i would like to request a siggy banner(if you're not busy). im getting tired of my little scroll links Colour schemes:any good colors, prefferably purple Size:maybe a bit smaller than the kirby fan club banner What do you want the banner to say:Angelviolet What pictures would you like me to use:female purple adult
  18. Um... Leany can you change the female purple's picture in the second SilverLila banner to the new sprite? and may I request two more banners for The SilverLila lineage? What do you need the banner(s) for: a lineage How many would you like: 2 (f you're not busy) Colour schemes:silver and purple?or any good colors Size(s):small What do you want the banner(s) to say:SilverLila lineage What pictures would you like me to use:the 1st one would be veerry small.maybe a picture of a silver hatchy?The second one is about size of the first silver lila banner. then a picture of a male purple(when it we know what they look like) and a female silver?
  19. I play spore... on the DS and I loved it immediately as soon as i played it. I kinda love adventure games where you can create your own character.
  20. i take the oath ill try my best to follow the breeding oath