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  1. I'm not on for a few days and my timing seems terrible. From what I'm reading snippets of, are these supposed to be this difficult to obtain? I've yet to nab ANY after stalking and seeing only one or two drop.
  2. It wasn't showing up, but somehow clearing history made the other pop up at the bottom. How odd. I don't recall trying to breed them prior, but I guess I did. Thank you! I feel silly now.
  3. Here's a little question, if anyone has had something similar or if there's info I haven't read up on yet, please let me know. I have a Gold Shimmer, available to breed (female). I also have a Thalassa Xeno available to breed (male). When I choose either for breeding, the other mate doesn't show up in the list. Others of the same breeds do, but not each other. Is this an odd glitch? I've hard refreshed and recently cleared my cache, but they still don't show.
  4. Repost from other suggestion topic: I was just searching for a suggestion exactly like this. I support it and would like to see something simple added- even as simple as "Status:Locked" under the breeding option before you even choose a mate. I have to say it's disheartening how many users are all too happy to benefit from the misfortune of another breeder. Saying it helps spread around rares to others is a little callous. Otherwise, the large majority only scold the breeder, saying how easy it is to simply check your limit before breeding. For those of us that get very easily sidetracked, we probably saw a great breeding idea and went to breed it- temporarily forgetting about any other eggs on our scroll. This very thing just happened to me since I had been waiting for the lunar calendar time when gold lunars are bred. Realizing golds were now the color of bred eggs I excitedly rushed to my breeding pair of a cb gold and gold lunar. For the first time in their many breedings (resulting in lunars), I finally got a gold egg from them! ...which was then promptly auto-abandoned because I was locked. It was terrible! My excitement for a finally successful egg was overshadowed immediately by shock. My excitement made me forget to check my scroll and resulted in the drop. An honest mistake given my easily distracted nature. Everyone will just say to breed more, stop whining, it went to someone else... but the first successful egg is special and you shouldn't be punished or mocked by other users (as I've recently noticed is the typical response to anyone voicing a mistake or concern). Tl;dr - something simple under your breeding action, or related, would be a nice reminder for those of us that are easily distracted. I support this.
  5. I think that's exactly it. While I don't have long lineages I've spent years on, like some, they don't look good with the lineages I do have anymore. There also seems to be a consensus that if they'd been a new release, there would have been more excitement than resentment.
  6. I'm going to have to agree with Wahya and demonpuppy here and say Pokemon is not a great analogy- go on a small tangent. I've been a pokemon player for a looong time, getting almost every game as it was released. You interact with these sprites in a vastly different manner as well as having completely different game mechanics. For each new game released (sometimes in less than a year between), any sprite updates are gradual and keep the same "look" and design elements of said pokemon. They're "upgrades" are on a much more consistent scale, with every player having the mindset that pokemon will advance and the imagery will change. Taking something that hasn't changed in (for some people) 7 years and making it (to most of us) highly altered in appearance is a lot different than changing something on a regular basis. The mindsets are completely different between the two games. Almost all you can do in DC is collect dragons and make gorgeous lineages with them. We love that. In Pokemon you're using sprites for completely different purposes where slight sprite changes each game are not inherently important. Plus, if you look at original sprites vs what they are now, the design and appearance is still almost exactly the same. * Many of us don't like these new sprites. We're allowed not to like them just the same as those that adore them. We shouldn't be derided because we don't like them- told to deal with it, stop whining, etc... Our opinion of losing something we cared about is as important as those loving the new sprites and thinking of ways to utilize them in lineages. Some of us will be able to adjust, some won't.
  7. I'll agree to that. Being an artist myself, I try to make my dislike about something worded with specifics or critique in mind, not all out trashing. I was adding to your point the other side of the coin, responding to the dislike, could also be said in a courteous manner.
  8. Ah, yes, those were not made in good taste, I'll agree. That quote is from TJ in response to a suggestion topic here.
  9. I think several of the posts made by those against the new design have stated, tactfully, what they didn't like about the design and how it could improve (granted, many didn't). What I find just as insulting, though, is every frustrated player's dislike being dismissed and then told "Alas, the old sprites have been removed from the code. They're gone and aren't coming back. The ship has sailed." We know there was someone behind the work and many tried to explain why it was that they didn't like the new design, with tact. In the very least the concerns could be responded to in a likewise courteous manner.
  10. We're all being told "no", to anything with the old sprites. That would be a nice alternative, but it sounds like it won't happen.
  11. A lot of that sentiment is probably true for a lot of users that don't much care for the update. I would have felt the same way. For me, since I'm not 100% familiar with the forums, I didn't even know there was a thread to debate the update or design in the first place. So, no, I didn't have ample time to voice concerns over a thread I knew nothing about. *Shrugs* I'm probably not the only one who was unaware there was a thread.
  12. I have to climb aboard the disappointment wagon, too. When I heard, after the Hollies, that Silvers were due for an upgrade, I was overly excited. Over the last while I've been striving to get more CB silvers (of which I now have upped from 2 to 4) since I truly adored their design, albeit flawed. They were simple and fun to look at- while having the benefit of blending beautifully with many lineages. When the Halloween release mentioned the Silvers would be delayed, I was a little grumpy, but completely in understanding. Then I waited... and waited some more. A month goes by and stiiiiill nothing. Hmm. Then, finally today, I see the update and am beside myself with eagerness to see the awaited change to these lovelies. My first thought was that I suddenly had a blurred desktop. They look much "fuzzier" than the old sprites which makes them a bit unappealing at the start. The anatomy got a nice upgrade to fix the old sprites' anomalies, but unfortunately that's as far as my appreciation for them went. They don't seem to have the sharp, cut look to them anymore and look very blurred. Suddenly one of the rares that I had been trying to get more CB's of (though often wildly unsuccessful) has become one that I don't care for much, now, which is a sullen feeling. Seeing that the majority of feedback from players share this same mentality is a bit of a bummer. If it were a more balanced array of positive and negative, that would probably make it easier to tolerate. The new male isn't looking at the female anymore, which was part of the charm. I really liked the feathered look of their manes, which is now smoothed over and gone. They feel more generic and lack the character the original sprites held (flawed as they were). All the better to those that like the new sprites. With a lot of us in favor of the old sprite, that should glean some competition away from snagging them. The Gold and Silvers being the biggest two cave rares to snag, I am all in favor of the golds over the silvers. The golds look well rounded and, well, gold. They're sharp and seem to have a lovely metallic sheen. The new silvers don't seem to have the same metal-hardened look or shine to me. I think if they were sharpened and sized up, head adjusted, and the feathering of the manes was brought out more (like the Undines), they would look more rounded overall. * When I then saw that Splits were updated as well, I really liked the new look. I like the new wing work, but I may be biased since I like anatomically functioning-looking wings. I enjoy the new robust look for them. I never did much with them, but feel I could stand to get some more on my scroll now. The silvers? I can't say I'm as eager to get them anymore, which is disheartening. Thank you for the work all the spriters put in. Not everyone is going to like something and that seems to be the case with the silvers, but that happens.
  13. That's really neat. I like the thought behind it and hope it brings you some happiness. Congratulations!
  14. Yay, congratulations everyone!
  15. Have: Green Dino Egg Yellow Dino Egg CB Thunder Egg CB Golden Wyvern (about to hatch) 3G Silver from Blusang Willing to hatch/influence Want: CB Silver 3:1 CB Gold All CB Pyralspites from Alpine/Coast Offers Always looking for: 2G Golds from Marrow Please PM offers!
  16. Have Yellow Dino Egg (cool down) CB Golden Wyvern (cool down) Want Would love a Coast/Alpine pyralspite CB Silver for both *fingers crossed Nice offers Please PM offers.
  17. Another year and another loss. I shouldn't be surprised, given how low odds were for getting picked. Is it wrong that I wanted to win so I could gift offspring without asking for an arm or a leg? Some trade requests are ridiculously high. Congrats to all winners, though.
  18. Not sure if this was answered or not: How long does someone have to respond if they are a winner, before moving on to the next person?
  19. Thank you! This is actually a really helpful thread. Whether I win or not, it's good to look through some basic etiquette and be polite.
  20. Maybe try drawing dragons from your scroll to pass the time? It's interesting to see everyone planning names and codes. I'd just be content to receive one, then geek out about names. I'm jealous of all of your preparedness.
  21. How I feel while waiting for the announcement and trying to remain calm...
  22. They're definitely better! Ours lived soooo long in a tank. They left their aquatic frog neighbors alone, too. Yeah, my images did that too! I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I thought it was my browser being fickle.
  23. My husband and I purchased guppies to dirty and "settle in" a new tank before we purchased sharks. They proliferated continually and it soon just became our guppy tank.
  24. Have Green Dino Hatchling 2 CB Blusang Hatchlings Accidentally grabbed CB Cheese Egg Chicken Egg 2 CB Thunder Eggs Willing to hatch any/all! Looking For (Someone to want to trade the Cheeeese, ugh) CB Almandine 1:3 CB Silver 1:4 CB Gold 1:All Can also throw in 4G Bronze Shimmer if offered Gold 2G Gold from Marrow Other nice offers. Definitely willing to combine. Please PM offers I don't bite and respond to all offers.