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b4thechange.gif25k56cl.gif 124eq35.gif Sortinghat3.gifCheck out the earliest posts DC remembers me making - music-relatedLolchen.png 28.gifLooking primarily for: 1 cb male blusang, 1x cb female vine, cb gold, silver & stripeRest of the wishlist is on my profile.

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    - a 4th gen or lower tinsel (any of the three, EG or SS or spiral)
    - an even-gen silver or gold
    - a 2nd gen red stripe from white stripe parents (contact me to see if I have relatives of them already)
    - an even 3rd gen green stripe with red stripe parents from white stripe parents Or two more 2nd gen red stripes.
    - a 2nd or 3rd gen Golden Wyvern from (a) Winter Magic parent(s)
    - a 2nd gen flamingo from BBW mother
    - a 2nd gen Trihorn from Cave Lurker

    - a red or green dino
    - a male gold wyvern
    - a male black
    - a female alt nebula
    - a male Spring
    - a female Autumn
    - a male blusang
    - a female red dorsal

    If I have something you'd like, pm me about it. Chances are that I'll breed it for you :)

    I breed pb even 4th gen: daydream, deepsea, horse, moonstone, purple ridgewing, stripe, sunstone, tangar
    pb even 5th gen: albino, spitfire, sunsong