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    I don't really think that was called for... Anyway I have a similar opinion on sexism. I believe that there should be gender equality in the workplace, etc. but feminists go about it the wrong way a lot of the time. I tend to see two extremes from my personal experience. There's those who I like to call the PETA of feminism and then there's those who won't say anything unless they're engaged by someone else on the topic. The "PETA" of feminism tends to be extreme in their measures and it gets nothing but laughs from the general public, if it gets more than weird looks anyway. They stick out because they demand equality in ridiculous and ineffective, even counterproductive ways. These people are the cause of kitchen jokes, etc. Guys will say these simply to piss off feminists if they know they can get a rise out of a certain person. I'll admit to finding it funny under the right circumstances, especially if the feminist it was directed at deserved it. Being outspoken is one thing, but there is a line between outspoken and just downright ridiculous. The other end of the scale won't say anything until there has been a transgression that does violate one sex's rights. Although their protest is taken more seriously and is more effective it doesn't combat the problem at its roots. From what I've seen of sexism it comes from people's upbringing in most cases. Excuse my politically incorrect terminology and generalizations, but the "rednecks" of my town and area tend to be much more sexist than those who are "middle to upper class." There are, of course, standout exceptions, but there are supposed to be outliers in any given section of society. I had an argument with my ex girlfriend about this the other day. She wants gender equality, but she isn't all that active on the front. This discussion was after a particularly nasty encounter of hers with an anti-feminist teacher we have. I don't think he's really against females, I think he just likes to poke fun at those who think they're not being treated fairly when clearly they are. (He's a math teacher and the issue that came up was female scores being lower on a particular test. The answers are the answers and we all got the same education during class. More girls tend to stay after to ask questions to the teacher, so logically and literally speaking the girls have a general advantage on a level playing field. There are arguments for and against females in science and math, but I won't go into it, because frankly its another debate in and of itself within feminism and sexism.) Back to the story. She complained that the teacher is sexist and we got into the timeless debate that is this thread. We both want gender equality but we have different opinions on what that is and how it can or should be accomplished. She wants instant results like many of those in my generation; we're all about instant gratification. I'm the weird one out in my generation. I'm highly conservative in most issues, but if you have to measure me on a political scale I really don't go to liberal, conservative, statist, or libertarian. I would go off on my own, instead of left right, up down I would go into the page or out of it if that makes sense. I believe in moderation when it comes to change. I accept that there are gender equality problems and that they need to be addressed. I do not believe that there should be instant change, because it would upset the balance of the economy, among other things. It may be a terrible example, but there is the example set by slavery in the United States. Revolutionaries like John Brown caused huge problems. He may have been a martyr, but he also caused as much harm (if not more) than good. For those of you unfamiliar with John Brown he led a slave revolt (a violent one). He wanted instant change and he was put down just as roughly as he handled it himself. Those who called for the gradual end to slavery and gradual transition into treating black humans like every other human got results. They came too slowly, but they did come. It's a similar issue with feminism. People don't like radical change, even if they say they do. We like slow change if we change at all. It took a long time for the US to elect a black president and we have yet to see a female president. Along with that there's the issue of religion. We haven't had many denominations, much less other than Christian leaders. Gender equality will only truly come with moderation and slow change. The ideal world would have never created these problems to begin with, but we have to deal with them and this seems to the most efficient way to me and with the least conflict between multiple parties and viewpoints. Beyond the point of moderation I would like to see a united front for gender equality. If there is a public face for equality I don't see it in the media and that needs to change.
  2. I haven't shot in a LONG time, but I probably still have my compound bow downstairs somewhere. I started with a 20 lb bow when I was 5, upgraded at 12 to a 75 lb and haven't touched it in just under 6 years. Considering my recent physique change I would need at least a 120 lb draw.
  3. They're highly desired by a lot of people, but everyone who can catch them tend to ask too much too. I've seen someone offering 5-6 of them for a CB metal. That's not how it works generally. If a person can catch a CB metal they're probably going through multiple CB blacks in a day, even passing them up for better stuff. I know one person in particular who was literally throwing them to the AP if they caught them accidentally. I managed to make a deal with them for a few CB blacks, an IOU, and gave her a temporary password. She caught 4 within 2 hours, quickly fulfilling the IOU. She has roughly 40 CB metals the last time I counted. I'm always happy to have more CB blacks, cause I've only ever caught one on my own, but people who have them don't ask for things I can provide generally. As for tinsels: If it's over 5th gen I won't take it unless I don't have the line. Tinsels are very, very low on my priority list, so I usually ask that no one offers tinsels.
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/lUNor *jaw drop* Looking to trade that for a 2nd gen gold from red, PM if interested.
  5. The building predates those laws, so it is exempt to my knowledge, just like a car from before seatbelts were required doesn't have to have them. I read the ADA requirements and it does not appear as though old buildings have to comply with new regulations. The fact of the matter isn't really space, rather where the power is. We don't have power at that end of the store that has the capacity for working with a power door. We have power, but it would have to be rerouted several feet, which would mean tearing up the ceiling and rewiring entirely, because no electrician wants to deal with the mess up there. The door lock is not electronic, it's an old style dead bolt. I'd like to point out that the pharmacist knows all this because he had an electrician do an assessment. Furthermore the customer in question can open the door on her own, but the few times she hasn't had someone open it for her she's complained about it. I saw her open the door on her own and with relatively little difficulty. We just go out of our way to keep her happy and not complaining.
  6. My sister has the same problem with Norton which came installed on her computer when she bought it. Someone told me that a registry entry needed to be edited to remove every last trace of it, but I don't have any formal training with computers, so besides not knowing how I would also say I wouldn't recommend it cause it can seriously screw up a computer if done wrong.
  7. My friend used to use 100% DEET and that worked really really well (but it's also supposed to be really bad for you). My best solution to date is smoke. I'm not talking about a cigarette, I'm talking about a campfire. Stand in the smoke and let it get into your clothes. They leave me alone for a few hours afterwards if I do that.
  8. Category: Breeder with the most dragons of a single breed Title of Record: Breeder with the most Sunstone dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): spyro76 Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/spyro76 Proof for Record: I've got 98 adults, see scroll link, they're sorted by breed Category: Breeder with the most dragons of a single breed Title of Record: Breeder with the most red dragons Name of Submitant(forumname): spyro76 Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/spyro76 Proof for Record: scroll, sorted by breed What has changed?: now have: 174
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    Most years where I am we get a meter minimum, sometimes up to two, but this year we don't have anything, it just rained and wiped out what little we had.
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    We've gotten enough snow to start opening the ski centers, but only enough for like 2-4 trails.
  11. Yeah, all I have to do is look at my prom pics She was sick that night and looking awful.
  12. I've gotten relatively lucky with CS before. The only bad experiences were with EA and with Dick's. I bought the fifth HP game as a download from the EA online store (now Origin) and installed it. It froze constantly and they really couldn't help. Their excuse was that I was running Windows 7 and that they didn't support it yet, but their website said that it was XP and above. It didn't say anything about 7. I just gave up after 3-4 weeks of trying to get them to do something about it. So it was stuck on my hard drive until I manually uninstalled it with the registry, because the uninstaller for the game didn't work on 7. >.> It was a pain in the ass. My bad experience with Dick's was quickly resolved. My Callaway driver broke. The head flew off when I hit a ball (clean hit, nothing to cause it) and they told me they wouldn't replace it. They said it was my fault and that I had probably wrapped it around a tree, because that's how that particular break usually came to be. It's a driver, I mean come on, you don't hit a ball anywhere near a tree with a driver! So we appealed to the manager who said the same thing, then called my golf coach, who was present at the time of the break. He came down to Dick's to try and help (really nice guy) and we eventually threatened going to the regional manager, because my mom went to high school with him. They gave in with that threat. Never buying another Callaway again and I've avoided giving Dick's business whenever possible. Got my latest driver used at a Golf Galaxy (custom fitted) and it is absolutely perfect, couldn't have asked for better service or a better club. It was cheaper than new, and the shaft was perfect for me (it had been redone for the previous customer, who had used it maybe once or twice) and there was a brand new grip on it too.
  13. This is win. I haven't worked customer service officially, but I work in a three person store, so we all handle PR stuff and I've only ever had two really obnoxious customers. I work in a pharmacy and we had this guy come in one day with a script. There was clearly something up (drunk, high, or something) and he gave us the script to fill. He told our pharmacist that it was going to be through worker's compensation and gave us the information. Our pharmacist examined the script and found out that comp wouldn't allow it to be filled for about a week. He told the man that he wouldn't be able to fill it until that date and started to hand the script back to the man. Meanwhile he had explained why he couldn't fill it and that if he wanted to pay the cash price he could, but that comp wouldn't allow us to fill it just yet. The man shoved the script back into the pharmacist's hand and told him to fill it. So we have it filled and we bring it down and ring him out at like $70 because it wasn't covered. He stopped me and asked why comp didn't cover it. I tried again to explain that comp wouldn't cover it yet and he basically threw the bag with the medication at me. The pharmacist (also the owner) tried explaining it again and the man accused him of being too lazy to call comp. (He called comp twice with the man watching and even had the man talk to someone on the other end for a minute.) He proceeded to say that his doctor had warned him about our pharmacist (that he was a lazy and good for nothing pharmacist and a dead beat dad too) and that he had better put that script through comp or he was going to call his lawyer. We still had the script at this point so the pharmacist gave it back to the man and unpackaged the meds and asked him to leave. The man stood in front of the pharmacist's station for another minute, swore and demanded that we put the script through comp. The pharmacist told him to leave or that he was going to call the police and finally the man left. Our pharmacist later told us that if it had been a controlled substance script he wouldn't have given it back (but it was just for an antibiotic, so it really wasn't a big deal) The only other rude customer I have has a bit of an excuse. She's in a power wheelchair and has trouble opening the doors. Every time she comes in she tells us that we have to put in a button on the door for it to be handicap accessible. I understand that it's a reasonable request, but the way that everything is set up it isn't possible and every time she is coming to the door we send someone up to open it for her. We haven't been beaten to the door even once, but she still complains. Other than those two we only have generally really nice customers. It's nice to work in a small town where people care about each other
  14. Tools -> Clear Recent History -> Everything (select what you want deleted and press ok)
  15. I'm surprised I'm the first to point this out, but Battlefield: Black Ops isn't a real game... Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 are real, as well as Call of Duty Black Ops but not B:BO. Infamous 2, Uncharted 2, SOCOM 4 and Battlefield 3 are my favorites.
  16. Ribbons: 2 and 4 Angels: 2 and 1 Bucks: 4 and forgot to breed the second one Holly: Still growing up, can't breed this year
  17. Snagged one today through a trade
  18. I've had an IOU for one since '09. Needless to say I don't think I'm getting one.
  19. I know how it feels, I'm at 7 months as of yesterday.
  20. I don't think I'll be taking IOU promises anymore. I've had mostly good interactions, but I have an outstanding IOU for a Holly that has gone unfilled since '09. I'm almost 100% positive I'll never get it, but here's to hoping.
  21. Clarity as to being done with each other is one thing, but as to why is another beast. I'd say if you're broken up with (generally speaking) don't kick the bee's nest. If you get the "It's not you, it's me" speech and you don't believe it, I'd still advise on leaving it be. There isn't a nice way to say a lot of the things that could be the problem, but at the same time it could be relatively harmless. (given I haven't had the time to read most of the previous posts I'd like to add that this might be completely unrelated, but I find that it's a decent bit of advice anyway)
  22. Work the larger muscles first. Biceps are for show, you need a strong core and legs first. Then work on upper body in terms of back and shoulders. Finishing touches should be arms. Endless curls, etc. won't get you anywhere. Many of the Marine ROTC programs around this area require their recruits to run 3 miles in under 19 minutes, they've got to be somewhat similar. Looking good/buff/whatever does not mean strength. My SCUBA instructor is an ex-SEAL and he's fallen out of shape, but I've seen pictures of him when he was at his prime. He looked like a regular guy, plus ~15-20 pounds of extra muscle. He's never been a particularly big guy, but for a demonstration during class he tossed a kid (~120 pounds) into a pool like the kid was a rag doll. edit: Sniper isn't an easy route either, arguably harder than just standard SEAL training. The disqualifying factor for me is vision, mine's terrible. I grouped 5 shots within a quarter sized spread from 200 yards a few times, (I've never been able to try longer shots) but that was with glasses. Being a sniper requires complicated on the fly math, including trig. The simplest of range problems in physics is d=vit + 1/2at^2 (this doesn't account for anything really, just gravity, not air pressures, etc). Bullets don't fly horizontally ever, they arc in a parabolic path and that has to be compensated for. Up to a certain distance point and shoot works, but on the longer shots, SEAL caliber shots, everything comes into play. Flight time, windage, angle of the shot and the Coriolis Effect (assuming that it actually is a long enough distance, I've heard of the best snipers taking it into account and that it makes a few inches difference, but I won't trust it until I see the math) can cause a bad shot.
  23. If I had the physical characteristics and a quarter of the ability needed to be a SEAL I'd be signed up already. Even the best of the best fail out of BUD/S. SEAL Team Six is a favorite book of mine. My friend's father qualified and passed BUD/S, but then his son was born and he was severely injured in a training exercise, which was the end of the beginning of his career as a SEAL.
  24. I don't really know what to say, it's a pretty typical occurrence for people to say that relatively quickly. The quickest usually say "I love you" within a couple months in high school. The record at my school seems to be 2 days... but we all knew that that wasn't love at all. In any case most "experts" say that you should be well enough acquainted with someone to know if you love them after 6 months or so. I'm with soullesshuman, there could be personal issues involved.