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  1. Lets be honest... who's really going to "Expunge" one of their zombie dragons? Even if for x reason you didn't wanted a zombie dragon, would you really rather have it removed? Even more useless than the "Splash" and the "Earthquake" BSAs.
  2. That potato is really nice, thanks for the link!
  3. Should I really eat a potato? The only two valentines I have say so. "I hope this Valentine's Day You eat lots of candy And sometimes a potato."
  4. Luvly, thanks for another great event TJ, spirters, and contributors. Happy V-Day everyone!
  5. ZOMG. Got my two. Easiest DC holiday so far. Thanks a lot TJ, spirters, involved people for another wonderful holiday on Dragon Cave. Have a merry Chrismanukkahwanza and a happy new year everyone.
  6. There goes another two hollies... Oh well, I still can go decorate my wreath.
  7. Amazing! The "Dress-up"'s are super! And so are the stories and the decorations. Thanks for another nice X-Mas event TJ (and spriters, writers, helpers too).
  8. The hatchlings are really cute!
  9. Anyone else noticed the "BOO" & "GHOST" codes in TJ's eggs?
  10. ...and that was the last one. I finally got my 5! Thanks TJ for another Halloween event.
  11. 2 blue, 2 orange. Mission accomplished for me (at least for now). Thanks TJ for a new release!
  12. awsum thxbai (Nice update, thanks TJ!)
  13. I have been giving a lot of 7's since they are pretty much the same tree than the last one.
  14. Only seen the heart tree, and a tree that only had 4 ornaments.
  15. My first 10 to the most cluttered tree I have seen so far! It makes me wonder how people could do that?
  16. Thanks for me not doing that, I gave a 7 to the tree that had a heart.
  17. Have yet to see something creative... Only average and over cluttered trees.
  18. Many are overlapping the gold star with the eastern dragon... It looks, weird.
  19. Nobody has used my idea... YET. Seen some nice ones.
  20. I hope the editing bug is fixed... wow... bugs, bugs, why we don't just call plague control.
  21. Thank goodness I finished mine. But... I hope this is a temporary error or something.
  22. Awesome TJ! Thanks for a wonderful X-Mas on DC! BTW, this was the easiest holiday I have experienced (less than 5 mins. I got two).