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  1. Just bred a Gold Dragon Egg with the code BOYs. Ironically, I REALLY need it to hatch as a girl. ><
  2. Found the Pac-Mac tree. Thought it was pretty cool. :3
  3. Thank you for this, TJ. It's going to be a lot of fun! If I were to win, I'd breed myself a full set then drop randomly for everyone else to have~ If I were to get an honorable mention, I'd so ask for a Holly. Everything else I want isn't as impossible, except for the Zombies and Neglected. :3
  4. Happy Christmas everyone! :'D Finally managed to snag one of the new Eggs, still need my second. I love the tree idea TJ! Thank you! <3
  5. Happy Almost Christmas everyone! May you all get the Egg you wish for. <3 Can't wait to see the new Christmas Dragons. Think it's safe to speculate that they'll be a all male species this year? My Yulebuck Egg should start hatching tomorrow, I hope. Can't wait for my little Christmas Dorkface~!
  6. I'm so trying this before I go to bed tonight. Wondering though, is it pointless to try it on a holiday dragon? Such as Vampires or Pumpkin?
  7. And~ locked. Two Flamingo's, both influenced different genders, and incubated. And two lavender Breezes. <3
  8. Yesss~! New dragons to collect. <3 This site makes me so happy inside. :'3
  9. I'm seeing plenty of the new ones, and lots of eggies I haven't seen in the cave for EVER. And! I freaking saw (and missed) a CB SILVER! -Has never even seen a Silver egg that wasn't on someone's scroll- ><
  10. Are there different egg sprites for the green ones? 'Cause the one I have is different than someone elses, so yeah.
  11. Thanks for the updates, TJ! Can not WAIT until the new releases come out. -Squee of excitement- x3
  12. So there is. Thank you. ^^
  13. DONE! I got them all~! So, question, who made which eggie? I'm curious. :'3
  14. Desunt Cetera

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    These dragons are absolutely GEORGOUS! Well done, spriters, very well done. :'D
  15. Desunt Cetera

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    -Debates over whether or not to abandon her new Paper eggie in hopes of sngging a hellfire- >>; -Pokes TJ's little hatchies- Grow up soon, please? I want to know what you look like! >:3
  16. Desunt Cetera

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Wah, I only need one more~! The red-brown eggie. -Nods- I hope I can get it, the hatchie is soo wicked! :'D
  17. Desunt Cetera

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Woo~! I nabbed the green one and the really pretty one that looks like a night sky. :'3 Beautiful eggs, and the hatchies too! I hope I can get the other two! ><