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  1. So the “flows like a current one” is only cb for today? Or is it a permanent cb? And the correct description I should be hunting is “mana courses throughout this glassy egg?”
  2. Thank you, TJ. Happy birthday, Dragon Cave.
  3. Oh no! I missed it to do taxes. Hopefully it’ll be back next year and I’ll be able to get that mint. :)
  4. The copy paste from an old name works eventually. I like my new tablet less now. Thank you for the help.
  5. I’ve been using Sa’rra as part of the name of my dragons since I first started in 2009. When I went to name one today, it said the ‘ wasn’t allowed. Is this a recent change or a glitch? I really don’t want to have to change the name pattern I’ve had for 9 years if I don’t have to.
  6. I've got 4 eggs at 2 days 3 hrs. I plan to hatch one in 5 hrs and see what it is.
  7. I wonder if the tiny glowing egg plays into the will o the wisp mythology.
  8. I think you're right. And the second part of the name may be a "th" word.
  9. Well, I think I'm going to miss finishing by 1. Mine have been dropping at a steady 5 min rate and I have 3 left, but only 2 drops remaining before it cuts out. But I had fun and I gave it a good showing. Thank you for the eggs everyone! I really enjoyed collecting them.
  10. Why are the other habitats coming up empty?I was going to try for one more of yesterday's release.
  11. Yay! I just got my last one. So many favorite eggs! Stargate, LotR, Sunsets, cherry blossoms, Dr. Who, dragons, Legend of Zelda. Just so many wonderful eggs. Thank you, artists! You all did an amazing job and thank you for crafting such a fun hunt TJ.
  12. The new eggs looks lovely! I can't wait to see the dragons.
  13. I'd like to join! Join Date: 9/24/12 Forum Name: Nightshadow_t2 Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Nightshadow_t2 PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=47923 Proof I read the Rules: May So does this mean I can catch as many moonstones as I want?
  14. Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas. Thanks, TJ and everyone who elped with the Holiday Madness.
  15. I think I have this right. I did each section in order of most wished, but I will be exceedingly happy no matter what. Rare: CB Silver CB Stripe chicken Uncommon: 4th even-gen red Glory Drake Dinos (would freeze a blue or green and would grow any other color to adulthood) Common: terrae ember harvest
  16. OT// The AP Monster..... Silently, the beast crouched on the outside edge of The Cave's territory. The watchers and guards that kept order for the Cave Master were busy settling in the new arrivals. They were so busy that the borders were left unguarded. Ignoring the crowded front of the cave where Keepers flocked to welcome and coo over the newest batch of young, the AP Monster krept through the shadows, little more than a shadow himself, until he reached the Abandoned hatchlings waiting for a home. The hatchlings huddled together, the youngest hiding under the wings of their elder kin as they shook and shivered in fear of this Great Unknown. The shells of the unhatched eggs grew cold and their colors dim as he drew closer and closer. Slinking out of the shadows the AP Monster swarmed over the huddled batch of unprotected young, enveloping them in the darkness he clung to and carried with him. Quickly before an alrm could sound both hatchlings and eggs disappeared from sight. All that remained was a single unclaimable egg. The Keepers soon noticed the silence left behind by the Hatchlings disappearance (eggs afterall are always silent) and swarmed over the area to poke and prod that single, mysterious egg. But not matter how hard they tried nor how many they could not dislodge the mimic of a true egg. It stayed, the only outward sign of the AP Monster as he held their unclaimed young captive.
  17. I love my little Nebula eggs(The second was an accident. i was going for a Speckled), but I really, really wanted to get a fellfire. I almost had one, but I souble clicked and didn't realise I'd gotten a CB Balloon and then I clicked a Fellfire. And it got swept away because I was locked. I suppose I can still try and catch my boss one. Yes, my actual RL job boss plays too. Which is cool. She adores the dragons. So do her grandkids. I just help catch them for her. It's just that I wanted one. !_!
  18. The Eggs themselves are so pretty I dearly wish we had an option to freeze them as well as the hatchlings. They're simply gorgeous. Even the newer re-vamped ones.
  19. I was wondering if anyone knows how long the drops will last? I've seen a few regular eggs pop up in it and I was wondering if its getting close to ending already. I hope not. I was hoping to get two of each.