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  1. Happy birthday Dragon cave. It's a teen now. I feel old now. Thanks for that.
  2. Oh damn, glad to catch this before I went to college. Thanks for the release TJ.
  3. Man those Ash Dragons look so awesome, amd the Boreal dragons look cool aswell (pun intended). GJ Spriters.
  4. Oh darn, I didn't expect a release alongside with the updates. Thanks for both.
  5. Oh, I actually didn't expect this. Erm, I'm off to catch then.
  6. Cool, a new release.Thanks TJ. Can't wait till they grow up.
  7. Oh yeah! These look awesome. Now it's time to get 10 of each… Oh this is going to take a while...
  8. I was so busy with Exams that I almost forgot that it was DC's B-Day. So a late Happy Birthday DC. The new Sprites look great. That market looks very tempting. I wonder if they're counted as CBs. That Trading Hub seems useful aswell. Can't wait to use them when I've finished my exams...
  9. Ooh, I like them both! Can't wait to get 10 of both of them. Well done to the artists.
  10. Almost thought that this was last month's release, interesting to see some more Pygmies. Glad I managed to catch this tho. And I already caught 2 of each. Can't wait to see what they'll grow up into.
  11. For some reason I had some space, so I'll get straight to catching. Thanks TJ.
  12. Alright! Time to catch back up with the Dragons that I missed in my absense.
  13. Happy Holidays everyone! Looking forward to seeing the grown up dragons.
  14. Holy balls, those Omen Wyrms look fricking amazing. They've instantly become my 2nd fav Halloween dragons (sorry Black Marrows). Whoever made those deserve all of the praise. I'm so glad I managed to get 8 of them.
  15. Happy Halloween everyone! Also those eggs look really interesting. I can't wait to see what they'll grow up as.
  16. That Halloween Biome sounds amazing I unfortunatly missed a couple of releases so being able to get some of those is, as I previously said, amazing. Also looking forward to collecting all of the "tricks and treats".
  17. Oh wow, I loved reading the previous ones. So I'm glad there are some more.
  18. Once again, a set of gorgious dragons. The Bauta Dragons look beautyful and the Spinel dragons look very elegant. I actually prever the red ones, but would like some of the green ones aswell. Has anyone got a clue on how to get those yet?
  19. I was suspecting a release around this time. Also managed to get 4 Reds and 2 Golds. And from the comments people have not yet figured out how to get the green ones yet? I guess they're either a rare one or a breedable only one.
  20. And once again the new dragons look amazing. The Carina's look beautifull and I like the Khusa dragons look fun.
  21. Again I almost missed this one. Luckily I've been expecting a drop.
  22. OMG the Bailaka's look like Mosasaurs/Ichtyosaurs! Welp, another one I want a lot of. Guess what I'm doing for the next couple of weeks. The Script Dragons look pretty great aswel. Overal I'd say I gotta get a lot of these...
  23. Ooh, the 2-Headed ones are also aquatic. Nice, I'll make sure to get some when I can.
  24. Argh! A new release and I've fully egglocked myself yesterday. Oh well, I can only just sit and hope they won't be rare. At least I'll be sure how to get all of them.
  25. Oh, I really like the Set/Risensongs, I like how they have 2 legs. It makes a lot of sense imo. The Dusk Pygmie looks pretty nice aswell. Still not sure why Rocks+Fire=Dusk tho.