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  1. My first stage of scroll completion is done!! I now have CB pairs of all the breedable dragons currently out (except gold and almandine) and ones I don't have CB, I have nice 2nd gens. The best I can get when I missed some holidays. Stage 2, frozen hatchlings- operation go! Kitty rainbow dance!!
  2. I would think that if you plan on biting AP eggs that it would not qualify for The Evil Project at all. TEP is about hatching unwanted eggs. If you bite AP eggs there is no guarantee that they won't die. If they do turn into vampires they are no longer an eligible egg breed so either way I don't think you would receive points for that. So, no. I don't think you will need to report any eggs you pick up for biting. edit to add: I want to give this to an evil person! Forum Name: Gypsydancer Giftee's Forum Name: ObsessedWithCats The Gift 2nd Gen PB Red Dorsal Point Cost: 20 Anything extra? Love it=no killing/biting/abandoning
  3. That is pretty! This Incubator is my most recent happy find.
  4. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Gypsydancer Forum Name: Gypsydancer Dragons releasing/released: Albino Hatchling - when hatched released Harvest Hatchling- keeping Albino Hatchling #2- keeping
  5. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Gypsydancer Forum Name: Gypsydancer Dragons releasing/released: Sunstone Hatchling edit it add: Lumina Hatchling
  6. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Gypsydancer Forum Name: Gypsydancer Dragons releasing/released: Pudgy Moonstone hatchling White hatchling I got a prize! Forum Name: Gypsydancer Gifter's Forum Name: SkyraTwilight812 The Gift (Include lineage link) CB Imperial Fleshcrowne Point Cost: 2 pts Anything extra? I'm gonna love it and comb it's hair and hug it so hard I may squish it. I got a prize! Forum Name: Gypsydancer Gifter's Forum Name: Chalkboard The Gift (Include lineage link) CB Imperial Fleshcrowne Point Cost: Anything extra? More squishiness and hair combing and perhaps dressing up in skirts and things. You guys, my scroll is almost complete now. Also, my red dorsals said poo-poo on making an egg. edit: if anyone else already has Imperial fleshies for me, please let me know. I will submit another prize request and accept them.
  7. It was very interesting trying to attract different mates but I'm not sure if there was an exact science to it. Perhaps I should have just stuck with decorating. Though, what I ended up with I still consider nice. My Seragamma ended up with a Nebula that was a *blink and you miss it* a few days ago. Not my ideal couple but at least it wasn't a dragon I did not care for. Sorry, brimstone lovers- my dragon won't be caught kissing that grisly mouth.
  8. Excuse me, I'd like to place an order. I am missing something from my scroll. Something that is eeeeeeVillllLLLL! I need a special reward for being evil! Scroll Name and Link: Gypsydancer Forum Name: Gypsydancer Request 1: CB Imperial Fleshcrowne 2 pts Request 2: CB Imperial Fleshcrowne 2 pts Total Cost of Points: 4 pts
  9. I just caught this little lady from the AP. Whoever threw it out, IT'S TOTALLY MINE NOW. Squeee!
  10. Oddly, I like the Nocturne with them. Both sprites for day/night look nice.
  11. It's fabulous!! Not sure how a crab could lose a claw without a shell cracker though... We'll just skip that part.
  12. Today with minor tweaking I have had visits from Imperial Fleshcrowne, Brimstone, Deep Sea, Copper and Desipis. Talk about mixed signals ladies!!
  13. I add more meat for the copper and the Desipis from day 1 & 2 shows up and takes a bite out of a penguin. RUDE MUCH!
  14. That about sums out how I feel. Had a copper for a blink of an eye. Moved something so it didn't sit on her head and she left. WHUT!?
  15. That tart. What is with these girls?! edit: and now I have a frostbite. I won't even bother taking the gold and penguin off her head. I don't want her to get comfortable.
  16. OMG these girls are fickle. My man just might swear off women after this charade. Imperial wants more sweets, I remove some misc. and meat to swing the ratio. Then a brimstone comes and demands more meat. Add more sweets for the Imperial (since she looks more kissable ) with a few meats and the Brimstone comes back. Remove 4 meats and the Imperial comes back!! COME ON!
  17. I had to unbury a Deep Sea today. Didn't even know I'd need a spot for another dragon to fit IN the cave. After I unburied and added now I have a Fleshcrowne. I guess she liked being buried? edit: For those who are complaining about dead carcasses covering your cave: not sure if it helps anyone but I used the little meats and hide them under stuff. A pile of mice blends nicely with shinies.
  18. OMG GUYS! I'm doing it wrong. I've grabbed 8 hatchlings from the AP today.
  19. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Gypsydancer Forum Name: Gypsydancer Dragons releasing/released: Neotropical Skywing I've not been very evil lately. I was gorging myself on Valentine's NOM NOM NOM. EAT MOAR DRAGGGUNS.
  20. I am totally confused. My cave looks different today than the last few. Whu How did I suddenly get MAGMA in my cave.
  21. I would like to keep 2 eggs out of a multi-clutch so I can keep one for myself and gift/trade the other.
  22. I was about to post about that one's sister that I caught! I LOVE IT!
  23. I think there is a small correction on the above. I think it should say "after" instead of before. Hellfires released before this date would not get points as they were not eligible at that time. and @Chalkboard- I've got a long way to go if I want to be an evil mad scientist hatchling releaser like you.
  24. The hatchling AP is the same as the regular AP, except hatchlings are much more appealing and don't stay there for long. You have to be there at the right time to grab one. Since all hatchlings are worth the same points to TEP, what would putting the breed next to the record accomplish? Are you looking to see what breed seems to be released the most?
  25. @Zeditha The purpose of The Evil Project is to grab eggs from the AP (those listed as approved) on the first page of this thread, hatch them and then release them back into the AP. These are not gifted, traded or anything else. These are just abandoned to the AP to be picked up by someone- anyone who wants them. Each hatchling released and documented gets you a point. When those points accrue, you can trade them in for a prize. Once you submit your requested gift on the thread someone can use the "looking for an evil gift" post to let the whole group know that they are working on your request. Where the gift comes from depends on what you have asked for. It can be bred for you, traded to get it for you, picked up off the AP or caveborn. There is currently no notice to anyone as to when hatchlings get released or enabling you to claim them other than just randomly picking them up from the AP like anyone else. The list of released hatchlings is just documented proof of people's points and activity. Because of this I don't think adding sprites to the list of released hatchlings serves any purpose. It may just make updates take longer for primary mods. If you have any other questions please read over the first few posts of this thread to see if they have been answered there. If you still have questions after that feel free to post here.