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    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    i think he forgot. or didnt have the time to get around to it before they all grew. it happens to all of us sometimes ;3
  2. i need 6 more.. now to only be able to grab them, since i wont be making it on much today >>;
  3. 26 now.. i have so many favorites.. i found most of mine so far: Umbreonage's, Iarsma's, Skinst's, Silverdrak's, and Jeredu's.. i still have yet to find TJ's
  4. 25/38 getting there! heee i get excited every time one pops up
  5. not that i know of.. at least.. there will be no easter -bunny- dragons anyway
  6. ive got 13 now.. my lucky numbered egg was the beautiful Iarsma's.. ive yet to pick up TJ's
  7. ive got five! i only just got started, though.. i hope its not possible to miss one, then never be able to grab it again >>;
  8. i understand that bit, but it still just too close to the line for comfort. her nose appears to be cut off by the leg, but i believe it just ends on the very, very edge. i'm glad she'll be getting around to fixing it, though
  9. D: i.. have a small issue with the #1 avatar on the first post, but i'm not quite sure who to PM about it. its rather inappropriate to post here, so could someone point me in the right direction? i'm really not trying to be immature, but ever since i've joined and have noticed this particular issue, its been bothering me
  10. my number is 47,898. interesting
  11. i have 75 dragons who ive named based on code. *punches friend-Sparrow who made me lose count *
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/n/Ekxoh%20Rcusb%20Thuwed <- now THAT is illogical. i can understand if this was made to be impossible after a certain point since this dragon was spawned in 08, but still. it is a funny thing to see, indeed. a CB -alt- black. (is this TJs thuwed? edit: it has to be. its code is lawl)
  13. if stones are 'the size of mountains', how do they breed with ANYthing but each other? much less not smash anyone?
  14. it can! its growth just freezes. but waterhorse eggs.. theyre slimy and gelatinous, yet they still get cracks and holes..
  15. *whispers* could we go ahead and close this please? its already extremely obvious that nobody supports this. im sure the OP could do without four pages of 'no'. *runs away*
  16. i have a green dino named after my first name and a male mint named after my last name, with two chilluns but there is no particlesoup dragon, lol
  17. i wish to restate my elaborated idea on the reconstruction of an egg again.. just because, to me, it seems inabuseable. you get to keep or abandon the hatchling that came from it and keep the shell. perhaps maybe if there was no limit on the time to reconstruct the egg, that would be better.. at least until the hatchie grows up or something. i would also like to add, that perhaps you should be able to smash the empty egg again if you no longer wanted to keep it. (this was major fun to do with those hollowed out easter egg shells i'd get as a kid sometimes. but they would be full of confetti most of the time) and again, the coding issue on empty eggs, i still think that simply adding a fifth digit to the hatchie-which-hatched-from-its code would solve other abuse issues(wouldnt be able to post empty eggs in self-serve hatcheries, etc.), and also make it easier to tell where the egg came from. i suspect the fifth digit could just be any other letter, or a specific letter pertaining to reconstructed eggs only. F/f, S/s, R/r, or E/e perhaps. say my egg hatches and i rebuild it.. the empty egg's new view page would then become, ...net/view/eKBH7 or something similar. im sure TJ would be able to figure something out. i suppose there could be a link to the dragon that came from it on the egg's page as well. on the issue of the effects that some babies give the eggs(suns, balloons, albinos, waterhorse).. lets just say, were so cool, that we can make an empty egg look alive again ... edit: we are wizards in there, after all. we cast spells on dead dragons to attempt to revive them, so i dont see why we wouldnt be able to cast a spell on egg shells to reassemble them, and to give them the illusion of life. perhaps the empty egg's description could mention the spell/illusion in some way, as well /end.
  18. nearly ALL of my dragons are named based off of their codes.. simply because i have such a hard time coming up with names, i use their codes for ideas feel free to have a look! i honestly dont want them to go unnoticed, lol
  19. yes, the extra digit coding would be a bit of work, but i think it'd at least be worth it
  20. ah yes.. the code/url issue. if.. the reconstruct shell option is used, what if the code for looking at the empty egg would be a duplicate of the dragon that came from it, but with a fifth letter added to the front of the code? like an E/e of F/f or S/s or something. the 'frozen' eggs would be the only ones with 5 digit codes(if im correct in thinking nothing else has them), and i imagine that they wouldnt show up on lineage pages.
  21. ^ this idea i like. perhaps it could be gotten through the hatchling's actions page, with maybe only a 24 hour period to put the shell back together(before the shell gets too smashed, just to be logical.) Action: - Reassemble: You have 24-0 hour(s) to reassemble this hatchling's egg. "You cast a spell upon this hatchling's discarded egg shells. The pieces come together to form a perfectly flawless, though very empty, egg." then on the description for the frozen egg i imagine it would have its original description(the only exception being the albino's which may have to become "You could once see a baby dragon curled up inside this translucent egg."), but would also say "It's hollow. There's nothing inside." or something. i figure on the scroll page, it should just have the snowflake beside it, but shouldn't say its frozen, because it technically isn't. i havent scrolled through the whole thread yet, to be honest, so i dont know if anyone alse has posted anything like this. i'd still like to know what people thought about it, though, whether its been mentioned or not, before. ; please dont kill meh
  22. i had a purple, a mint, a white, and an earth.. of coarse, theyre all dead but still on my scroll. my first four to hatch however are white striped, dorsal, sunrise, and an albino! im so happy for them! yay!
  23. well.. its not a name, because i found it in the wilderness.. but i found a gold dragon with the code "FAGS" and i wanted to share her awesomeness.