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  1. Seems like everyone is after a Holly this year.
  2. Its smart to make a lot of dough.. because you use it a lot.^^
  3. Are you entered every time you make a star recipe, or just once after you make it and thats it?
  4. Wooo! your all gonna be awesomeness ^___^
  5. Xxandes

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    i love you TJ, your the best!.. the new dragons are so pretty
  6. Your amazing TJ thankx so much!
  7. "Whats this round black thing with a sparkler in it?"
  8. I'm with you all the way...... going off my other idea.. how about maybe we can break the lights down into different parts.. which, when you click they change colors.. that way you can have more then one color on the tree, or have color coordinated if desired.
  9. it would probably be to complicated.. but how about one strand of lights that cover the whole tree.. but you can change the color the the lights when you click them?
  10. TJ your my santa thank you for this gift
  11. your the best TJ thank you so much
  12. aww dang >.<.. so, eventually, we'll be able to catch 5 CB eggs?
  13. wow I have 5 eggs right now.. is the new limit change implied now?
  14. this is going to make things even more amazing! woohoo!! thanks TJ, your the best (as usual)
  15. personally I support it, because I find that emocons allow a person to express the way they feel, better.. however, I don't think their should be so many that you have to sit and choose which one you want you know?.. like basically saying, no duplicates.
  16. Finally got my eggs for the halloween season, all thanks to Eggy my hero from dragonbreederscave *shout out to eggy *
  17. Happy Hollween everyone.. and thank you TJ for the new release <3
  18. yea! just got some delicious looking candy!
  19. still need to get me a harvest egg.. any showing up in the Ap anymore?
  20. my soul is ready to be deprived
  21. ..... ok... I won't then... but we can expect it in the distant future.. thats all I'm going to say.. don't ask for details.. I have a reputation to keep with TJ.
  22. if I said.. that it was being considered.. and is somewhat underway... would people throw tomatoes at me?
  23. my name came from this FF character.. I was impressed with his name.. and changed it so I wasn't "stealing" it.. heheh http://www.finalfantasy500.com/500/xande.htm