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  1. I absolutely love Zumba! It's probably the only cardio (if you call Zumba cardio) I love doing. Also, I am secretly competitive. I like doing exercises in a group where I can compare myself to others. (My husband pointed out this side of me, actually.) I know "comparing" sounds bad, but watching someone else do the same exercise I'm doing helps me with form. It pushes me to do better, you could say. My school just started an 'adventure' through our insurance. You earn 'points' by doing a certain number of steps/cardio and strength workouts a week. You can also earn bonus steps by com
  2. Ha, the usb keyboard didn't even cross our minds. Funny how those simple solutions escape you until someone else points it out. Thanks for the suggestion That would definitely be the cheapest way to 'fix' our problem. And thank you, everyone, for your tablet input
  3. My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting a tablet to replace our laptops. My Macbook Pro's logic board died, and he accidentally spilled coffee on his laptop which caused the keyboard to die. You can still turn his on and get to the log-in screen, but you can no longer log on. Is it worth getting a tablet? Which one should we get? Also, how would we go about selling our laptops for parts (if it's worth it)?
  4. My boyfriend's family used to have a black German Shepherd mix before she died of old age. She was a sweet dog and kind of became a neighborhood dog. I think there was only one neighbor that didn't like her and that was because he wasn't an animal person (or a people-person, if I remember the stories right). I used to have a red Queensland Heeler (or Australian Cattle Dog, whichever you want to call it). Her name was Fidget, and she definitely lived up to her name. Very hyper active, loved to dig, and absolutely hated the rain. And I definitely think she had a crush on the dog across the
  5. My boyfriend's family has a Chocolate Lab. One of his dad's employees had a lab that gave birth to 12 pups, so they ended up buying Coco (original name for a chocolate lab, huh? The original owners named her, so the name stuck.) She's almost 2 years now and very energetic. She's also about as big as her brothers; her sister Zoe is about 35 pounds lighter than Coco. Her favorite thing, besides eating, is chewing on her orange and blue ball (and swimming). My future brother-in-law and his wife own a Boxer named Rigby. She is the sweetest thing. She has a deep bark, but her bark is worse tha
  6. I would like a penpal, too, please.
  7. I climbed up the face of Snake Mountain (Vermont), accidentally. While Snake Mountain is not very tall, it is pretty steep and I have a huge fear of heights. My boyfriend and I decided to hike this mountain last summer, and we accidentally went up the wrong way. So we ended up climbing over the rocky face. HUGE accomplishment for me. I'm proud of my move out to Vermont to be with my boyfriend, even though it didn't gain much of a vote with my family. My way of taking that step out of the nest, I guess you could say.
  8. I love that you said this. x3 I don't remember if I posted on this one or not, but definitely Pern. I wouldn't care if I get Searched and/or Impress a dragon. Just being on that planet would be amazing. Also, I would love to visit Mossflower Country and the Redwall mice. My mouth always waters when I read the delicious foods they cook up.
  9. No joke, I nearly tried to reach through my computer screen to huggle one of those puppies.
  10. In the house I'm in, we have a chocolate lab named Cocoa. My boyfriend's parents bought her from one of their employees. Her two labs' first (and I think only) litter consisted of 12 puppies: 8 chocolate, 2 black, and 2 yellow. Cocoa is just over a year old and just as rambunctious as ever. I don't know how big and tall other female labs can get, but Cocoa seems to be on the bigger side for a female. She's nearly 80 pounds, and her head can rest comfortably on the dining room table (when I first got here in August, she had to stretch her neck up to rest her nose on the table). She loves t
  11. A few months ago, I was waiting for my boyfriend to get done with a doctor's appointment. In the waiting room with another doctor was a man and his male fiance. When the man introduced his fiance without hesitation, I couldn't help but smile. I had just moved from the Bible belt where that kind of announcement might get you a sermon. But here in Vermont (gay marriage has been legalized for awhile here), it was just so wonderfully different to hear this man say "And this is my fiance." That story reminded me of this =3
  12. My favorite is in my signature, though I couldn't tell you why it's my favorite. "I left to find help, and I found you. Don't you understand? You're our only hope." - Nala Favorite motto heard elsewhere was from my sorority club in college: "Bye-bye, I love you, don't die." One of the alumni had gone off to boot camp after graduation and accidentally said that to her drill sergeant When asked to repeat herself, she said. "...don't die....sir?"
  13. So I have a taxes question. I received my W-2s (one from Oklahoma where I worked until I moved, and the second from Vermont where I currently live). When I was still in Oklahoma, I was a student, so I kept my California residency. So I have 3 different state W-2 forms. How would I do my taxes in this kind of situation?
  14. Bah, that's what I figured. My boyfriend and I tried every trick we could think of (including the battery trick), but nothing worked. He thinks it might have to do with the video card (I think that's what he said). But, thanks for the help anyway.
  15. Okay, so a few days ago, my MacBook Pro screen just went black. I thought it was sleeping because I had just taken the dog for a walk (and silly me for not shutting it down or closing the lid), so I moved the track pad to wake it up and nothing happened. I also tried adjusting the lighting, and that didn't work either. I forced the shut-down and waited awhile before turning it back on, but nothing happened there either. The indicator light turned on, and I could hear some whirring noise, but the fans didn't kick on nor did the screen come on. The battery was fully charged, too, according to th
  16. As my fitness instructor said, "When wanting to lose weight, go by inches lost, not by the numbers on the scale." One, weight fluctuates all the time. Two, muscles weighs more than fat. Anyway, I'm very much the average size when it comes to weight and height. For high school and most of college, I was was the same size (nearly 9 years). I have a friend back home who was always jealous of my size because I could find something in just about every store. (She's 4'11" so she's got her work cut out for her when it comes to clothes shopping.) Then, I got to college and became good friends wit
  17. Have you tried rebooting your computer? I know force shut-downs make me cringe, but when things like that happen on mine, rebooting it usually does the trick.
  18. http://notalwaysright.com/the-twilight-of-...cy-part-4/11821
  19. My friend posted this on facebook this other day. Simple, and it comes with pictures x3 http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/how-gay-rig...lizing-beastali
  20. Okay, I shipped a bunch of my stuff to my boyfriend when I decided I was moving in with him and his family. One of the last things I shipped was my movies (and a few CDs and games). Because this one package was worth so much more than everything else I had shipped, I insured this one. Of course, out of all my packages shipped, this was the only one to be 'lost' in the mail. It took awhile to convince the local post office that my package was truly lost, but eventually they gave me a set of papers for filing lost claims. Throughout this time, I had kept track of my receipt so I could claim the
  21. http://satwcomic.com/god-hates-sweden I love this comic =3 Sweden makes me laugh in that one. Plus, a little humor to add that's kind of on topic. satwcomic.com/satw-couples ~Link broken for language~ And I just love that one, especially Denmark/Norway.
  22. Mine is a scene from The Secret of Kells. It's the scene where Aisling is singing her song to transform Pangur Ban.
  23. Hmm, good question. I would be one of two: 1. A luck dragon (like Falcor) 2. A blue dragon of Pern. I know they're male, but I think they are the ones that can sense which kids will likely Impress on dragon hatchlings.
  24. I think a lore breaker is someone who goes against the well-known rules of a certain lore. I don't know if this counts, but when people started coming up with their fanfics and role plays of Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern, she set certain rules she expected to be followed. If fanfics or role plays were found that had broken those rules, they could be taken down from the website.