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  1. I've been interested in learning Sindarin for years now. But as is the nature of humanity, I keep getting involved with other things which take my concentration, and my intention to learn it is forgotten for several months before it reappears again.
  2. This. I don't use Dragon Cave outside of a laptop, but as someone who uses a screen reader to play, hunting through six descriptions instead of three would be a major pain for me. As it is, I have to hope my computer can read out the descs fast enough for me to nab an egg before someone else can. Three more eggs would make it very unlikely that I would be able to catch a rare or uncommon egg if it wasn't one of the first three, simply because it would take a few seconds more to have my program read that far down on the page. I would be in favour of shuffling the eggs more often or adding more biomes, personally. It would take me longer to switch between them, but at least I'd still have a fair chance at catching something I'm on the hunt for.
  3. I'm a bit bummed; I tried the zyumorph method and my egg didn't turn. It just went splat. Stolen on:Apr 22, 2020 Overall views: 159 Unique views: 45 Clicks:1 End result: Stolen on:Apr 22, 2020 Died on:Apr 29, 2020 Overall views: 1,044 Unique views: 137 Clicks:2
  4. Ooh grats on that!
  5. Man I need to get my Zyumorph catching luck back then if they're the best choice to use. Unless Suns can work, because they'll either hatch or die.
  6. It seems that every time I try biting a Sunstone it dies. I have pretty good luck with other breeds, though.
  7. *scoots back in* Don't mind me, I'm super excited. We just opened up applications to QA test our audiogame engine.
  8. I haven't had any sick dragons in years... Of course, now that I say it I'm probably gonna get one. Classycal. Usually animals, but I did a replica of Legolas' dagger from Lord of the Rings for a friend's Christmas present a few years ago.
  9. This discussion of crafts is making me want to dig out my soapstone. It's been years since I've made anything.
  10. Banned for not meeping in your post.
  11. It's a bit unfair for me to play this considering it doesn't matter whether or not my eyes are open, but hey what the heck. You're never too old to have fun. There's a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.
  12. The Elder Path, by Adrian von Ziegler. He's got a lot of amazing music.
  13. Ahh nods, fair. Good luck with the move.
  14. Thank you. I think that as long as teaching over Skype ends up working for me I'll do well, or at least not fail dismally. Why did you get rid of yours?
  15. Hahahahaha, can't have a bath. The drain won't retain enough water for that. It's showers only for me. I splurged a couple weeks ago and ordered an 88-key keyboard on Amazon. Hopefully that gets here soon. I've always wanted to learn piano.
  16. *scoots in* Meeeeeeeeeep! So … bored. I just finished a session of DND, but now I need to find something else with which to occupy all of this extra free time I suddenly have.
  17. Mew_1


    I'd love to play Minecraft. Unfortunately there's no accessible version, so I'm teaching myself to code with the hope that I'll be able to make my own Minecraft-esque type game in a couple years.
  18. *slips out of a shadow* Hello there, people.
  19. Kind of sad that I can't participate in this year's event... It would be nice if consideration would be given to those of us who have no sight... Oh well, I hope those who *can* participate enjoy it!