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  1. Gawd, I joined in '09, so not the oldest of the bunch, but been here for a while at least! Congratulations DragCave!! ⭐🌟💝🐉💝🌟⭐
  2. So I'm getting a black screen doing Ion route, after day 4, reloading the browser does nothing! Help!
  3. I sent a message to TJ09. I tried cleaning my history/cache and it did nothing, I also tried different browsers. BUT I found something that will jump you out of the cave: Go to http://dragcave.net/valentines16/story/d3r1, "Heading into the Forest", from there you can continue on with today's play. You will have to use it again after going back if you wish to do the flower extra thing, if it's any like my play through!
  4. I'm currently stuck there as well, what can I do to move on? Could anyone please tell me?
  5. HELP! I crashed my game by going into the newly opened area to the north, then walking THROUGH the sign to the north of that where the road continues, there are 2 folks there. It will try to load the new area (that isn't open yet) and just be stuck on the loading screen. It does this automatically even after reloading the page and clicking the lower left "out of bounds" link on the page. ~~~~ UPDATE! If you click the debug link JUST as you start the game, it will restart the day!
  6. I'm on level 25 and I guess that is the max.. and at 98 exp points, I also that is the max as it won't go higher?
  7. Ok! I have a gold egg to give back as thanks! Do I just look up the list who hasn't been (presumably) gifted yet and send it to them? *So sorry for the noob questions*