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  1. I'm having the same problem myself as well. Have the badge, 39/40 items, not showing up.
  2. I got 34 out of 40 items, and I'm completely stuck.... if anyone can give me a push in the right direction, that would be great.
  3. I like the BBW best so far, heh. Although on the travel mug, it seems parts of the picture are cut off. We need more different dragons in the shop, though. My favorites still aren't in there, heh.
  4. And here I am wondering "Huh, why is no one fighting me for this split/cheese/other semi rares I really want". Doh. Ah well.
  5. Been getting more of the new pygmies from the different areas, and desert/volcano always seems to be empty when I get there... so right now I'd have to say forest and alpine.
  6. Axiluvia

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    I lost about 12 easter eggs... but on the other hand, I hadn't finished with them when the event was over anyways, so at least I get to try to get them all again! And a 15 hour loss is NOTHING compared to what's happened in other games I've played. I'm just happy it wasn't more serious, and was fairly easy to fix. Thanks TJ!
  7. This sounds good. I've been doing this myself for the last week, and noticed the thread on here for it. I should also probably keep a list of the ones I've released as well
  8. Mine seems to have a similar error too, but it's also with layering. The red and gold tinsel stuff keeps showing up on top, even though I moved ornaments to be on top. It's like it's saving everything except the layering, and a couple other things. And now when I try to fix it, it's not saving it What I'm hoping is that 'Submit' means that 'Yes, I want my tree to be in the contest' versus 'My tree is done now', which would be why you can't submit it multiple times...
  9. Category:Breeders Title of Record: Most Terrae dragons Name of Submitant: Axiluvia Proof for Record: Scroll in Signature At last count, I have 54 adult Terrae Dragons
  10. Mother's *** friends + them working a job at a meat packing plant and taking bones home for the dogs + them being a bunch of potheads = finding a huge pile of maggots IN THEIR LIVING ROOM! D= Also, what I thought to be a bag of old clothes sitting in the garage turned out NOT to be a bag of old clothes sitting in the garage, but a bag of garbage no one had taken out. We figured this out when we noticed the maggots... Also, when I was a kid, I somehow managed to give myself a case of worms. I remember taking a dump one day, glancing at it, and seeing bits of it wriggling. Now I double check my BM's, even if it is gross. Non-maggot: I get motion sick really bad, and one time, as we were heading back to the plane, I got really sick, and tried to get my head out the window of the rental vehicle in time... I didn't get anything of ours, but I got vomit splattered all over the passenger's side of the vehicle. I felt so bad for the guy that was going to have to clean that...
  11. Horsez, by Ubisoft. Seriously, I like horses. I do not need a game where one of the minigames is shoveling horse s***, though. No, I Am Not Making This Up. I thought it would be like all the other Petz games they had, where you could raise them and breed them... not... that piece of crap. Oy.
  12. I have all the sims, and the first expansion for 3 Pros about Sims 3: You can be late to a job, and still go. Your job rating goes down, but you don't have to miss a full day. If you get your fishing/gardening high enough, you don't need a job, you can just sell your wares to the shops. You don't need a cheat to make sure your sims don't age, which is the only reason I ever used cheats. If you don't want a social sim, make them a loner. They're actually happier not going to parties and such. My brother in law had a loner character that went to the graveyard and made friends with the ghosts there. Cons about Sims 3: If you have it so your Sims don't age, babies and stuff don't either. I had a crying infant for a week before I figured this out. Your neighbors interact with your sims, so if you make two families to interact with each other, they can go off and do their own thing! There is a way to turn this option off, though. Rare seeds and such are difficult to find, and some of the help stuff doesn't 'help'. AROUND the graveyard does not equal IN the graveyard.
  13. Not me, but my husband. Was playing Doom 3, tried to make one of the simple jumps, and pulled out his PDA instead. Went falling into death with his PDA out.
  14. I love the description on these, and think these are amazing!
  15. Also, what worked for me in Firefox was leftclicking on eggs and pressing T (which opens them in a new tab) So Step 1: Go to cave Step 2: Left Click + T on about three eggs Step 3: Refresh Cave After a while, after it starts getting bogged down, close the tabs up and keep going. I got four of my eggs in about an hour and a half from doing this.
  16. My pumpkins made two eggs, so I get to keep one, and toss the other, yay. Already have two items >.>
  17. I managed to get two nebulas (which will finish me needing them), a BBW, and a Dusk/Dawn egg I just hope it goes for a few more days, so I can try catching more when they hatch...
  18. Cream cheese enchiladas sound good to me, especially with strawberries... On one wilderness page, I see a gold, a silver, a green dino, two male splits, and a bright pink. Poor wild dragons, I'd love to give them a home... And I'll join!
  19. Heh, I just abandoned a sunset I forgot to fog (wanted a sunrise) and noticed the trophy... I was like "I got a trophy for abandoning a hatchling? " But no, it's 50+ dragons *goes to catch more*
  20. Well, I have my four frills, so I'm good. I think it's kind of a good thing, since it'll be the first retired dragon I'll have on my scroll. On topic: My favorite one in my basket so far is the green glass one with the gold netting.
  21. I just need 10 more... 4 rows of seven in my basket.
  22. I clicked on your basket to see what eggs I didn't have... and got an egg! 9 eggs here!
  23. Yes, I like the day/night glory drakes too, but I like more sublter stuff at times, and those are a little too bright to have a hundred or more on my sroll. The Eastern seasonals are very beautiful, I can see why they'd be popular as an army... which is also why I didn't choose them, since there would be so many people fighting for them And I really like pygmies too, heh <.<
  24. As the title says: If you could make an army of any dragon, what would it be? This is assuming ALL of the dragons on the completed AND suggested thread are finished, and ready to go. Most likely, that will never happen, but I was wondering what everyone would want, and why. So post your top three army interests, and why you'd chose those over all the others! Mine: 1. Jade (on suggested ATM): It's very nice, and I really enjoy Eastern dragons. It flows really well, and I think Jade works extremely well for a Eastern style dragon in the first place. 2. Mercy (on the completed list): I really like the idea and story behind the dragon, and I do enjoy the way it looks. I like how they're neutral, although some people may not think so. 3. Lavender (on the completed list): Okay, I'm a sucker for cute as well. And my favorite colors are purple and green, so I'm sold on the color scheme.