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    So anyways, about me. First of all, I am not heartbroken or emo. I am most definitely not heartbroken�or at least not completely. I�m pessimistic, but not emo. Despite the fact that I absolutely love to write about blood, I�m hemophobic and can�t stand the sight of blood. I freeze p every time I see blood. So don�t expect me to be cutting myself or anything.

    Obviously, I love to write, which is why I enjoy roleplaying so much. I also love to read, but lately, I�ve been writing more than I have been reading. As of now, I�m writing a novel that�s based off of my roleplay, and needless to say, I love it so far. <3 It�s fun torturing my characters. X3

    I enjoy reading manga, and I tend to fall for the hot male characters, especially if they�re overly optimistic or overly pessimistic to a fault. Don�t ask me why. X3 I really don�t know myself.

    I won�t deny that I�m a bit sadistic�or maybe a lot. I�ve had dreams in which certain manga characters or my own characters are getting beaten up/killed, and I�m just watching and enjoying the scene. If you ever want to know which of my characters is my most favorite, just find the one that gets tortured the most. That�s probably your answer. XD

    I have a taste for revenge and twisted romances. Therefore, if you ever read what I write, you may notice that most of characters are involved in one of those two things, if not both. It�s just that those characters are always in a lot of pain. /sadist

    My favorite flowers are dark red roses and white lilies. That�s why you�ll see me mentioning roses and lilies a lot in my writing, especially roses. To me, lilies usually represent something pure, chaste, and trustworthy. On the other hand, roses represent a lot of things � backstabbers; beautiful people with bitter souls; blood; etc. If you ever read something about giving roses to someone, I�m probably actually trying to write: �putting flowers on someone�s grave.�

    My worst fear is ghosts, namely the ones you always see in Asian movies. Yes, I believe in ghosts, and I�m terrified of them. :3 On the contrary, I also like to flip my hair in front of my face so that I look like the woman in the Grudge, and go around scaring people. It�s really fun to see their reaction. ^^ Of course, I refrain from looking into the mirror whenever I do so.

    Many, many thanks to xFlame990 for my lovely avatar. <3