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  1. 😭 I accidentally clicked "start over". I'm sad now 😥
  2. I liked my round 5 XDD Does anyone know how many trick or treats there are this year?
  3. Completed with 15 items. I wanna do it again to get all itens :/
  4. I can't cross the brigde or go game trail :/ What do I do?
  5. Where is the ~Censor evasion Removed ~ dog???
  6. I've ALWAYS hated this game ¬¬ WHY, TJ????T-T
  7. 48/49 \o/ just one more to go!
  8. Finally my LOTR egg \o/ 44/49
  9. So are there 49 eggs now? Then...41/49 D
  10. 30/48...and still not LOTR egg ;_;
  11. yay! I've found all the 17 ingredients and made all the 33 recipes without red stars!! And I've found 2 red stars recipes!!Ok, more 38 to go XDDD
  12. I found the map on the "unlocked shop" ^-^
  13. yey!! I got 4/5!!!I just need the pearl one now...