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  1. Oh, thank you. And the new colors? Which day "gives" which color? Is it known?
  2. I was on the market, because I couldn't find any sapphire on the cave, and saw the new Floret eggs in gold and purple color O.o Also, does anyone knows if gemshard bought from market are folowing the new color scheme and the right time to get the new colors?
  3. Sapphire and Gems are not showing neither...and it is not fair to flood only from midnight to 4pm est, as other eggs flood 24h. I want the new eggs too!
  4. 😭 I accidentally clicked "start over". I'm sad now 😥
  5. I liked my round 5 XDD Does anyone know how many trick or treats there are this year?
  6. Completed with 15 items. I wanna do it again to get all itens :/
  7. I can't cross the brigde or go game trail :/ What do I do?
  8. Where is the ~Censor evasion Removed ~ dog???
  9. I've ALWAYS hated this game ¬¬ WHY, TJ????T-T
  10. 48/49 \o/ just one more to go!
  11. Finally my LOTR egg \o/ 44/49
  12. So are there 49 eggs now? Then...41/49 D
  13. 30/48...and still not LOTR egg ;_;
  14. yay! I've found all the 17 ingredients and made all the 33 recipes without red stars!! And I've found 2 red stars recipes!!Ok, more 38 to go XDDD
  15. I found the map on the "unlocked shop" ^-^
  16. yey!! I got 4/5!!!I just need the pearl one now...