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  1. Sapphire knew he wouldn't like this 'Astra' Yellow had called. He let a slight growl resonate. His temper usually overcame his shyness, causing him to get into some...interesting situations in the past. "So...you two are...friends?" He said to the new pygmy...who looked almost exactly like Yellow, except for the Red stripe on her wing. 'This could get bad...' His thoughts were not pleasant as he watched the Red pygmy 'talk'.
  2. Sapphire just stared at his new friend, wondering why this crazy dragon shouting her own name into an unknown forest. This one would probably get him into many life or death situations in the near future. He could tell that much, even with his bad intuition. "So...uh...mind telling me why you're shouting your own name into the forest?" The Royal Blue hybrid made circles around the pygmy's feet, distracting himself ever so easily.
  3. The hybrid raised an eyebrow at her, wondering if he'd ever be able to reach her level of happy. "O-Okay, Yellow it is. M-My name is Sapphire Rose." The Royal Blue hybrid blushed slightly at his name. It wasn't too girly, but he still got flak for it. "S-So, you alone out here? It doesn't seem dangerous, b-but first appearences can be deceiving." He was looking around, slightly nervous about the unfamiliar surroundings.
  4. The hybrid just stood staring at the pygmy, wondering what to say. He just stood there, staring at this new arrival. "I-I guess...if you mean lost as in...not knowing where I am then...y-yes." He sratched the ground with the claws on his feet, creating small hoes in the ground. "So...what's y-your name?" He felt something was strange about this dragon, but he couldn't quite tell what. Oh well, might aswell trust a random dragon you just met because you fear being alone right? Right. Now, back down to Earth before the dragon speaks again and you miss the name, smart guy.
  5. A lone figure lay face down in the middle of a small clearing, surrounded by lush trees, a gentle breeze blowing the leaves on their large branches. The figure's tail twitched slightly as it stirred, slowly opening it's eyes. Stretching, it sat up, taking in it's surroundings, contemplating what just happened. "W-where am I...?" The young male said to nobody in particular, standing up, bones cracking. He could have been mistaken for a human at a distance, but once you walked closer, his tall slender frame with draconic features, such as his tail and wings make him stand out. He began to wander the forest, searching for any signs of life that weren't the animals that ran around him. "Hello?!" He shouted to the emptiness that surrounded him, hoping that someone would hear him.
  6. If you could see me now I look like a cherry tomato X3 thank you :3
  7. We have a lot of good looking girls here. And here's me with my face and stuff. Being derpy. Me in 2011 Me in October of 2012
  8. The entire Zelda series, Okami (This game changed my life, I was going in the wrong diretion until I played this work of art.), Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the Ace Combat series, a game series I hold golden in my heart along with the others.
  9. Igneel couldn't help but raise a draconic eyebrow and smirk slightly. He sighed happily. "You haven't met many other dragons, if any others at all, have you? Judging by the look in your eyes and the time it took to answer, you're a bit nervous." He said, inquisitive look in his eyes, remembering a similar situation with the dragon hermits in Japan. Boy, they were feisty buggers, launch right at you at first sight and try to go straight for the jugular, no questions at all.
  10. Igneel, nodding half-mindedly, thought about his next plan of action. He could fly up again and look for some other dragons alone, or he could venture with Link and search for them together, if he wanted to that is. He remembered back to Ireland and Japan, places full of dragons, one in every city. But here? Hard to find it seems. "Hmm, well I think the best bet would be to find other dragons, it's easier to ward off predators with others." He didn't know how friendly dragons on this continent were, so he wouldn't know whether that would be a good idea or not, trying to cooperate with other dragons. But this meeting had gone smoothly, so why not others?
  11. Igneel nodded, the information processing itself in his calculating mind. He formulated the idea that Link would know the area and probably the location of other dragons if so. "Pleasure to meet you, Link. Now, if you're from around here, you must know the terrain and if there are any, the dragons that are around here?" He made an inquisitive look towards Link, hoping for atleast some information. He liked to know where he was, what was there, so he could get an idea of what to do.
  12. Igneel watched with slight curiosity as he dragged the deer to the tree. He stretched his his wings, causing them to click in places. "I am Igneel Jericho, born in Ireland." He said, his face proud at the mention of Ireland. He may long for the country, but he wouldn't return, not after the incident that forced him to leave was still fresh in his mind after all this time. "What is your name?" He asked, curiosity peaked. He wasn't too sure about how to talk proper in conversations, but he atleast had some manners.
  13. Igneel nodded, raising a draconic eyebrow at the Blue. He wondered why he didn't eat, might it be weird for other dragons to offer food? It was the way he was taught to greet others in the far east. "Aye, only other dragon I seen around here is you, although I've seen others at the edge of the park." He looke skyward at an eagle which was gliding peacefully overhead, probably searching for it's newest prey. His mind wandered as he thought of the forest from above and it's creatures, full of life. He snapped back to attention. "You might want to eat that before the ants get a hold of it." He said with a slight smirk, tail flicking in the cool air.
  14. Igneel looked up at Link, eyeing him and thinking about what his next move would be. What he did was smile awkwardly. "Yeah, sorry, I find it hard to control my speed of descent when I land." He thought momentarliy, looking at the deer and then back at Link. "If you're hungry, you can eat the rest, I ate earlier and was hunting for a snack." He stepped to the side and lay down next to a tree. His thoughts were jumbled, he hadn't expected to find another dragon within a 500 kilometre radius. Maybe he should stick with this dragon, he wasn't as feral and aggresive as the ones he'd met before.
  15. The land breathed as the wind glided softly through the tall trees, the birds chirping as the flew from their nests to the skies above. A shadow flew low over the land, it's black shape standing out against the land, causing all the woodland animals to flee under it's menacing shape and speed. The shadow dived in to a clearing and landed with a loud boom, it's speed transfering in to the poor deer it had landed on. The shape was a dragon, a nebula infact. He was proud of the quality of deer he had caught and instead of taking it to a safe spot, decided to eat it right there. 'Igneel, you've outdone yourself yet again.' Igneel thought, savouring the flavour of the freshly caught deer, all the while being alert for any threats that might come his way.
  16. Eragon, it resembled nothing of the book, I had to stop watching the movie when it showed Saphira with feathers, I just couldn't handle it after that.
  17. Rishin faceplanted into the ground, electricity shocking and keeping him from moving. "This will be harder than I thought" He slowly got up and turned around, seeing Lita looking at him. "You are strong, I give you that, but are you strong enough?" Rishin started running, zipping from side to side at an extraordinary speed.
  18. Rishin slowly walked out of his cage, smiling slightly, a fang jutting out from under his lip. "This should be easy... His voice was a hiss, like a snake. He extended his wings and pounced at Lita, laughing crazilly as he flew through the air.
  19. Doom and Nightmare just watched silently, Nightmare returning to Doom after Niomi attacked. "It seems she is heading in the same direction as..." Doom severed the connection so he didn't have to hear it. He walked over, moved her wings out of the way and picked her up, looking at her face. "If you don't stop crying, I'm going to spank you so hard, the tears won't be able to come out, GOT IT?!" He yelled, leaving his normal, pacific nature behind to eat some oatmeal. "Now listen to me, after 200 hundred years, maybe longer, of not talking, these things tend to happen, now get ahold of yourself, Fusion, crying ain't gonna solve anything." He hugged her and said to her. "We were at our peak, but that doesn't mean we can't get there again, does it?" Nightmare sniffled, holding back his tears. "Damnit Doom I'm an evil spirit, I'm not supposed to cry." Nightmare got his revenge by squeezing Doom's tail from the inside. He didn't flinch, but his tail visible flexed.
  20. Doom put a paw on Fusion's shoulder. "Fusion...He might be stronger, but so are we. We beat him at the peak of his reign, we can beat him if we all work together." Nightmare would look really surprised if anyone could see him...Infact... "That has got to be the smartest thing you've said since I appeared in your head, Doom." Nightmare had exited Doom's body and was now an exact replica, except he was pitch black and with purple eyes.
  21. Doom resisted at first but gave up knowing Fusion could slap him into next week. He just stared at Niomi dumbly, his mind trying to process what was transpiring. "Combustible lemons..." He muttered, thinking about something random Nightmare had shoved into his mind. He shook his head when Fusion asked him the question to rid himself of the lemons. "Well...I think we didn't REALLY destroy him, I think that when we destroyed the castle, his spirit got trapped in the rubble and only recently did his body regenerate..." He groaned to the sky in frustration, all those pain filled memories of what his dad did to him before he met Fusion and Niomi flooding into his mind. Nightmare cringed as he saw the things that were inflicted. "You...You really had it rough huh?" Nightmare said quietly. Even if he was a type of evil spirit, that made him want to hurl. "You have no idea, my friend." Doom muttered to his mindly friend.
  22. Argorok only grinned as Niomi held her back and calmed her down. "I admire courage in ones so young and weak...I should keep you both, Niomi and Fusion, you would make good slaves." His smile vanished as he rose up higher and started to slow back up. "That will have to wait until another time, unfortunatley...I only came to deliver a warning. If you wish to continue in the world of the living, come farther south and join me, or perish in the battles to come." His voice reverberated throughout the grounds, reaching far and wide. He turned and flew off into the sky. Doom's growling grew louder as his father left. He turned Nightmare and got ready to pounce into flight.
  23. Doom sighed, looking up at the sky, it was getting slightly darker...It would happen soon... "I would have gone with you." His gaze drifted to her for a moment before he looked back to the horizon. "And for the record, I never slowed down because I couldn't, always past my limit." He jumped up as he heard a roar in the distance. "Oh no..." Doom looked at Fusion with fear in his eyes. Argorok flew up above the horizon and looked towards his destination and roared. He flew down towards it. He hovered above the lake and looked towards Doom and Fusion. "Look at this, that brat Fusion and the very dragon who I'd never thought would betray me, my son, Doom." He smiled an evil smile and flew over next to them. He was three times the size of an average adult dragon.
  24. Doom never averted his gaze from the horizon. "Yeah, it's been quite a while...Especially since we got out of two hundred years of imprisonment." He let a small smile creep up on his face as he remembered what he had done throughout the whole time. "Know what I did the whole time?" He said, looking at her, grinning. "Count the amount of combustible lemons it would take to blow up a duck that was physically enhanced." He chuckled, reuturning his gaze to the horizon. Nightmare burst out laughing in Doom's head as he looked through Doom's memories. "You kept getting your head stuck in a wall?" Doom snorted in his head and defended himself furiously. "I WAS YOUNG AND STUPID, NOW I'M NOT YOUNG AND STUPID, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!" He said, earning a chuckle from Nightmare.