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  1. "I, GreenDragonMama, resolve from killing dragons Only in desperation will I kill them so that the dragon population will grow"
  2. I prefer cb's so I can breed the way I want too. I do have several very long messy inbred dragons, that I picked up from the AP, a long time ago. These I'm keeping separated from the rest of my dragons and not breeding them. If I get eggs from the AP, I prefer ones that are very short generations, 2 or 3 at the most. Some people belong to groups who breed long messy inbred lineages, so I feel if that's what they want, then so be it. We all have our own opinions.
  3. I'm most proud of my very first dragon. She's a pebble dorkface, but inbred a little bit. The reason I'm most proud of her, is for an entire year she refused every mate I bred her with, then on my 1 anniversary Sept 8 this year, I bred her and she accepted. Seems like she was just waiting for her birthday to come up lol.
  4. Thank you very much for the terms, I've wondered what a lot of the codes I've seen mean. I'm adding your banner to my sig.
  5. My all time favorite is the Pebble, because it was my first dragon and because it's green, my favorite color. I also like the Embers, I hate the ridgewings, you can't tell what they are.
  6. Thank you TJ, now I can go add "dorkface" or "thuwed" to the ones I forgot when naming them. Thanks again TJ
  7. I have several to rename, because I named them before they gendered and too, I have several that I forgot to add dorkface or thuwed. I also want to put codes after the names of the ones that are inbred, so I know not to breed them.
  8. TJ said on the front page, that the time line was Dec 10-12, that makes it today thru Sunday. I want the renaming, as I've messed up on several names, because of gender
  9. I managed to get one vamp egg, but killed two others, so stopped, don't want too many dead eggs on my scroll
  10. I can't trade thru the chats, I prefer to use Yahoo Messanger. I lose fewer eggs with it.
  11. I lost an egg that I'd won from eggy give away the other day, because the person only used Chatz to transfer and I couldn't see his count down, so quit refreshing before he'd said "gone". So I'll be glad when the transport comes into effect too.
  12. I joined the forums the same day I joined DC. Sept 8, 2009 my membership number is 47,553, so I guess I'm in the starter pack, but at least I'm not in the bottom of the ranks lol.
  13. I had a very nice person grab 2 Halloween eggs for me. I only have 1 pink and it's male. Most of the eggs I have gotten in the last several months turn out to mostly be males. My one 2009 Halloween is male also, so am hopping for one male and one female this year. I'm glad TJ put out six Halloween eggs for the last few hours. I didn't try for any more than the two that had been caught for me, because I felt that others should get the chance to get at least one. I did manage to get 84 of the 94 ToT's in about 24 hours. I was catching those up until the last minute.
  14. I've still not caught any eggs. I'm having no problems with the ToT's though. But I click on an egg and get the message waiting, waiting, and it never goes away. I've cleaned my cache, run CCleaner, run spot and deleted a ton of stuff I'm not using any more and still ever thing is slow. I also have the fastest internet AT&T has. I can't find anybody to catch for me either.
  15. well I turned everything off and it didn't make any difference, the page still just sits there and spins. I've cleaned the cache again and used CCleaner, and still nothing. I've been trying for over 3 hours now.
  16. how do you turn all of that off in firefox
  17. I don't know how to take off "load images automatically" or how to "enable javascript"
  18. Well if I had the money, I would donate, but I live on less than $600 a month, so there's no way I can donate.
  19. Now I'm getting kicked off game, says site too busy. Dragon Cave is getting to where it's not much fun any more. When ever I try for eggs, even when not a holiday, the page freezes when I start clicking.
  20. the lag is so bad, that I can't even get anything when I click, everything just stays as is, nothing moves.
  21. I was only able to catch one pumpkin last year, so have nothing to breed. Hope to catch at least two of the halloweens this year.
  22. It took a while, but I finally got a hot one. It seems here are 2 hot ones for every heavy one. The lag is so bad, I can't do much at all.
  23. I'm glad there aren't 10 new ones, I've been trying for three or four days to catch eggs, in the cave, and I'll click on an egg an it just sits there and says waiting for DC, I"ve been in the cave trying for almost ten minutes and even refreshed and it's not moving
  24. I do not kill or freeze anything for any reason. I have accidently let a couple die, because I forgot to put them on the fansites, but lately have been watching very close so I don't do it again.
  25. I have noticed for a couple of months now I'm getting more males than females. Even using a pink to influence hasn't helped. It's pretty bad when you want to breed like dragons.